ROASTING your Board Game Shelves! -

ROASTING your Board Game Shelves!

The Brothers Murph
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Prepare to get ROASTED ya butts! Y’all thought you were safe, that your shelves were perfect. Well you were wrong! We out here roasting people’s board games shelves!

If you want your shelf to get roasted, picture of your shelf to this email!:
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  1. These videos are so fun! Love these types of videos. Loved it when the Board Game Hangover guys did it, and this is a great fit for you guys to do, too! So good!

  2. Great video guys! There is no way you can fit Underwater Cities and the expansion in one box, though

  3. That was real fun, I should share mine at some point, but I've still got so much empty space that needs filling. Ooh, maybe I do one now, and one in a few years when I have padded out the collection some more.

  4. OMG… Hysterical… I was screaming laughing!!!! The printers! the printers!!!

  5. I very much appreciate that people bravely sent “real” pictures of their collection and that you so thoughtfully personalized your rating system for everyone. 11/10 judgy eyebrows for not shaming the golem in thigh highs kink!

  6. WOOT! Thanks for roasting my shelf… and my guitar pedals! lol. I have too many to call one my favorite, but the craziest or wackiest pedal I have is the "Colour Theory" by Alexander pedals. Oh, and I have Underwater Cities in one box now!

  7. Was that hate for Splendor? Interesting. Please expound.

  8. @ 4:32 Those multi colored silicone muffin trays are perfect for holding board game tokens as they bend when you reach your hands in for stuff.

  9. The cupcake things may be for holding boardgame components.

  10. I am afraid to share my shelfie 😅 it’s chaotic

  11. Roast my totes. 🤣 But I'm not going to lie, my printer is right next to my shelf.

  12. I want to know what Maziar with the guitar used for that middle table shelf. We love it!!! Great island and so useful.

  13. This was fantastic, I giggled so much from start to finish. The doll?? Haunting. Absolutely wonderful video, awarding 87/20 pineapples 🍍

  14. This was fun! Would love a top shelf, shelf's review, opposite of the roast!

  15. Been waiting for this to land, and as usual, zero dissapointment. Thanks to all who shared and thanks to TBM for cajoling and criticizing these shelves and collections with their trademark classiness. Keep up the good work, gents!

  16. After watching this, I'm ashamed of my board game storage…. Hap hazard, horizontal storage, mixed in with movie binders, and individual movie cases…and magazines…. pretty pathetic. They are built in shelves that came with the house. I'll have to rethink my "system" now…. I don't like vertical storage because of the jumble factor… My shelving pics would scream, "intervention needed…NOW." But not as bad as Tommy L. That doll…speechless.

  17. Love love love the video! You two are bananas! I laughed so much. Your rating system was awesome! Actually, it was 5 crockpot carnitas out of two dutch oven chicken and dumplings. And the printer set-up is totally a boardgame shelf staple, Lol.

  18. You guys are adorable and genetically incapable of being mean, love this series and the very logical ratings❤

  19. This video makes me realize I am not the only one with acquisition disorder, with still shrinked games. It's good to be among friends haha

  20. Silicone cupcake liners are good piece containers, it's what I use too.

  21. Gotta have a bag full of bags.😁

    Oh, in case nobody else said it that's Dungeon Degenerates the Hand of Doom.

  22. Heading home right now to snap some shelfies…..

  23. I like the first Crew better. But we play with both – while one person shuffles one deck, the next person sets up the next game.

  24. I think Jake G. Can hack the bed and convert it to a game shelf that folds downs into a bed at night.

  25. I would give a 10/10 for that healthy spider plant by David R.

  26. 99/100 for Ruel’s Jolibee Funko figure! Ugh now I want one!

  27. Hot dang! I've been looking forward to this one! Good stuff, please do another thankyouloveyoubye

  28. LOVED this – great shelves, fantastic commentary/roasts, and the editing is perfect for this type of video. 20 out of 13 bad dice rolls ggwp

  29. That cook book isn't just for MOMS (though I did get mine FROM my Mom…) Also those cupcake tins are obviously for holding game components!

  30. This was hilarious. Please do more!!! Nicks uncontrolled laughter at Mike’s headless doll monologue… priceless 😂

  31. I rate this video a 12 out of 4 “Pick a direction”

  32. this is the best idea. i will be sending my shelves to get roasted!

  33. Game packaging can sometimes dictate the preferred orientation.

    Components can go all over the place if stored vertically.

  34. I want get my shelf roasted that just means i need to get all the games in one spot

  35. our games are literally stored in the closet lmao

    we're just not ready to come out yet

  36. Not sure you done something like this but a video on games where the expansions don't go in the same box, mine would be memior 44 just faster to play if not mixed, all the tile sorting.

  37. "You know what's down here? Chaos. [And no pants.]" I give this video 5 out of 4 pajama pants.

  38. Haven’t laughed at a YouTube video this much in a longggg time. Thanks for always being yourself and keeping the channel fresh and fun

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