Robot Chicken Does... Board Games (Part 3) | Adult Swim UK 🇬🇧 -

Robot Chicken Does… Board Games (Part 3) | Adult Swim UK 🇬🇧

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  1. I like how he grew feet just to squeeze in those red heels.

  2. King kick ass LOL 😆😂🤣🤪😜😅😆

  3. Sorry ladies, this is now a loser club~ you are welcome to stay tho~

  4. I love the realistic harassment of older siblings

  5. I would buy a robot chicken owl bear plush

  6. The only one of these I know is real is the owlbear

  7. How does Munson know how to play "Dungeons & Dragons"?

  8. I was always really happy that the nerd girl ended up with Munson. Good for her.

  9. I like the DnD characters playing 'Offices and Excels' 😀

  10. The moral of the story – no matter how nerdy a girl pretends to be – if she is getting the chance of a real bang, she’s gonna leave. That means she’s only hang out with the other nerds, because she assumes not to be layed by anyone else. Nature sucks.

  11. I love how the bully brother learned the game just to mess with him lol.

  12. I love how the D&D skit is at that point where it’s so stereotypical you know these guys play D&D often

  13. The nerd's DMPC totally stole the party's thunder…

  14. 0:16 well . . . I guess this is where God has taken me. One minute, I’m browsing the web, then I end up here.

    Worth it

  15. This is a very poor stereotype of the D&D comunity

  16. They should do one about Clue/Cluedo. So much material for a sketch.

  17. Eso RL!!!! Saludos y que Dios los bendiga. Pegando Al 💯 la Rosita👍🇲🇽

  18. 0:04 But Billy is our ♂️Dungeon Master♂️ !

  19. 3:54 "Well I get paid whether you pass go or not pal." That line had me rolling. 😀

  20. The monopoly one the best monopoly one I've seen

  21. "Losers Anonymous"
    "Uhh, this is a knitting club."
    "Did I stutter?"

  22. When disco bear like the game

  23. AM I the only one that's impressed with thimbles tears? It's incredibly realistic considering that it was animated on a character smaller than the sub button.

  24. these are unrealistic. the dungeon master isn't the one who stands people up, it's the players who stand the dungeon master up. that's not how the game is played at all.

  25. Did you see the Holly O creal that jesus made in trash? 🤣

  26. King kickass says "everyone who plays in squid games has 2 [Deleted]" but this was released in 2020,Squid game was in 2021. How?

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