Robot Chicken Does... Board Games (Part 3) | Adult Swim UK 🇬🇧 -

Robot Chicken Does… Board Games (Part 3) | Adult Swim UK 🇬🇧

Adult Swim UK
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  1. Robot chicken needs to do a Star Wars for the sequel trilogy

  2. I'm really glad things worked out for thimble in the end.

  3. God damn Robot Chicken what happened to your quality dark humor

  4. It gets funnier when you realize thimble is voiced by doctor octopus from spiderman 2

  5. An ad for chess played before the video started.

  6. I didn’t know the Nerd knew Daniel! (aka Gyro Robo)

  7. Boy if you don't ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  8. King Kickass is absolutely gonna be my next D&D character

  9. Is this still stop motion animated?

  10. Hilarious 🤣🤣😀😝🤣😀🤣😀🤣🤣

  11. King kickass…. Now why haven't I thought of that

  12. This is why I’ll never be a dungeon master.

  13. Wow well that's very intense homies 🤟🤟🏻🤟🏿🤟🏿

  14. I heard 'Gru' and got PTSD from playing Zork in my Video Game Design class…

  15. Munsen probably knows how to play but doesnt want to

  16. Damn, even the internets is full of repeats now. Oh well, YAY! NOSTALGIA FOR TV INTENSIFIES!!!

  17. Don’t think we didn’t notice the red skeleton painting in the background of the nerds

  18. I lost so many brain cells watching this

  19. It sounds like this thing is made in the 90s I can’t believe they’re still people who Say stuff like oh you’re such a nerd you play DND some people can have a hobby

  20. at the start… is that clayface on the table?

  21. I love how monila was the one to voice the can

  22. Did you see the box of holy O's in the dumpster

  23. Wait, Thimble worked as a nipple cover for Nicki Minaj?

    W O W

    Also, wtf is a thimble anyway?

  24. “barry is on a date or something” Me: yea with himself xD

  25. Was Thimble voiced by Alfred Molina?

  26. "You got swapped out for a pile of smiling feces."

    That's somehow less funny than thimble being replaced in the actual game with a rubber duck. No seriously. Look it up.

  27. Typical, girl throws herself at some jerk bully that is probably like 15 years older then them. Like Chet in Weird Science.

  28. I love how it made up the monkeybees but the owl bears are real

  29. For real though, we all know the nerd is real life Seth Green right? As much as he wants the character to be the 'nerd'. Why else does it come of so real?.. yea, thats why.

  30. A normal owlbear can't command any armies they're no more intelligent than cats. And that environment is way too bright for a ghru! Which, also, would 100% run away from any fire based evocations! Literally unwatchable

  31. The thimble returned to his music career as a nipple cover for Nicki Minaj 😂

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