Rodney & Quinns: 10 Years in Board Games | AwSHUX 2021 -

Rodney & Quinns: 10 Years in Board Games | AwSHUX 2021

Shut Up & Sit Down
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A massive thank you to Rodney Smith for joining us for this AwSHUX Special Feature. Find Rodney at



  1. The final conversation piece is so appreciated. Thanks for the amazing work gentlemen, you’re both awesome and I hope you have a wonderful holiday

  2. 18:30 I love playing and discovering new games, however I've played TI probably at least 11 times that I can think of (mostly TI4 and probably about half POK). It definitely conflicts with playing new games but man, I still get excited to play it. It also really helps with a game like that to have a thorough understanding of the rules.

    Edit: 21:35 Also, back to TI I don't think I've ever been salty about a TI loss. I've definitely been salty DURING after a massive defeat or betrayal, but it is such a thrilling ride watching conflicts unfold and hatching your master plan.

  3. Alright, you made me finally give Thousand Year Old Vampire a try. Then I spent the rest of the day role playing alone with a Google Doc. But at least my vampire found peace, right? Even making nice with his oldest enemy. Who then killed him, as the fates had ordained. sigh

  4. Wow. I did not expect to have my channel name dropped at the end there. But that shed a good tear in my eye.

    Both of you are so insightful and this conversation was inspiring. The work you both put into your craft shows. I loved the bit about how we all at the end of the day just want to share how much we love boardgames, it’s so true.

    Also funny how my name is Sam Smith… this could be a trend?

  5. When I was just getting into hobby games I bought Mice and Mystics to play with my young children. It was like jumping into the deep end of the tidal wave pool 😮 I ended up literally in tears trying to work out how to play this game that relied on so many concepts I had never heard of before and didn't explain any of them!
    I ended up finding Rodney's video and after watching it, later that same day my kids and I played through the first chapter and had a ton of fun. Without Rodney I would have been so discouraged I may have given up entirely on playing anything more complicated than Forbidden Island.
    Rodney provides something to the board game world that no one else does….he opens the door and says "come on in, let me introduce you to everyone and break the ice for you all night". Rodney, you are a gem.
    Of course I love watching SU&SD too, for pure board game entertainment and game reviews on games I don't see discussed much elsewhere.
    Great discussion guys. 👍

  6. Two of my favourite channels. When I first got into the hobby a few years ago I picked up Dead of Winter on a whim. I remember opening the box and being overwhelmed until I googled “how to play dead of winter”- I found one of Rodney’s videos and I was just so impressed. From there I found SUSD and love their style. Well done all!

  7. I love that moment when I see the group get into it. I'm pretty new to this and I'm the board game guy. And I'll admit I have a lot of anxiety before I set out the game or go through the teach, but that moment where there is like this buy-in from the group really gets me.

    I love this hobby. I love the games from a design point of view. Like how can some person across the world get me and my friends care so much about their specific cardboards and follow their rules and all that.

    Thank you to both Smiths (among others) for guiding me through this

  8. This is really great, and I didn't know I wanted this!

  9. 'Has "Rodney" been difficult for you?' – Quintin

  10. Gosh, a thoroughly enjoyed this conversation and honestly found a lot of inspiration from it. I'm a game design student at university, and everything Quins and Rodney discussed in terms of the growth of their passion over board gaming for the past decade really hit home. It reminded me so much of my path falling in love with video games, and I just wanted to say thank you for caring so vibrantly and colorfully about this medium in front of us. Have a good one boys 👍

  11. So now Watch it Played is canon, Dice Tower is canon… Are we heading for a Crisis on Infinite Earth situation?

    oh the possibilities…

  12. Yo this guy this has crazy ginger chest hair

  13. Rodney Smith. The nicest man in board gaming.

  14. Favourite reviewer and favourite teacher! I'm a grumpy 52 year old Scotsman and got into the hobby more seriously about 3 years ago. We buy games that we fancy (sometimes based on SUSD) and then instantly I look to Rodney to see if he has a vid on it as I am our groups 'teacher'. You guys are responsible for more laughs and joyous moments in my friends and families lives than you will ever know. My sincere thanks.

  15. Thanks so much for this video. I have a board game channel, but I've had a real tough time of it lately (personal stuff) and been really down. Although my passion for board games wasn't diminished, my desire to work on the channel wasn't there any more as I've been constantly sad and apathetic. Watching you two and hearing you speak about how much you love what you do and why you do it really helped pull me out of that pit. It was a really inspiring video that just shook me out of my slump and energized me. Soon as I finished watching I just felt that drive again for the first time in weeks. Thanks again!

  16. Where I'm from, they expect you to play the 30hrs of an MMO and then write a 2000 word article. Then you don't get paid…

  17. Happy Holidays. Based on your conversation, it seems you actually read the comments, so here are just a few positive things for you (ego presents for the holidays):

    Rodney – Your smile and positive atitude are infectious and pleasing to watch. Your game explanations are so good I no longer read rule books, and I always watch your videos before buying to glean whether I will like a game.

    Quinns (and Matt with no offense to Ava or Tom but I have less exposure to them) – Your particular strength is your understanding of psychology and why a game tickles a particular itch. By using this as the basis of your reviews, the audience understands why you like a game and whether they might too. For example, this helps me know that you like Chinatown because of the negotiation, but I hate this style of game and will not buy it, To provide such insight while still remaining funny with some of the funniest one liners in board games, your channel is a must watch.

  18. Thank you for sharing your story, wish you all the best 🙂

  19. For Rodney to quote from Quinn's first video shows what a person Rodney is. Great conversation and we are happy to have both of you in this hobby. Cheers for many years to come.

  20. Absolutely love this! So wonderful to hear two people that I've watched for so long have a chat about everything I love about gaming.

  21. 100% agree, games developers dont use condensed rulebooks it sucks. If you want to condense things, have 2, one for learn to play thats like 2 pages and then a book that has all the rules but make that detailed. One for me lately was the hunger, great game but the rulebook was awful and overly shortened for literally no reason.

  22. I watched the first 20 minutes, but am saving the rest for when I need my spirits lifted. This was so utterly wonderful!

  23. On the point of Rodney pointing out that people complaining that he smiles too much. I'd love to see him do just one video without smiling once, just act completely miserable the entire time. I think it would be hilarious.

  24. What a great video 🙂 you guys are great 🙂

  25. I would play board games online, but I need someone to teach the game. I don't already know people online. I don't want to sit at an online table and be the guy that's like, "I don't know this game."

    Any advice?

  26. Man, I can see listening to the two of you talking about the fun and fundamentals of board gaming for hours. Right on!

  27. Loved watching this. Two great content creators that have introduced me to so many wonderful adventures. Thank you for all you have created and will in the future.

  28. Okay this does need to happen more often. This was absolutely incredible. Please do a podcast and release episodes every 6 months 😉

  29. If Rodney could come on the podcast, I’d pog out of my gourd for it

  30. Great chat! Big respect for what both of you do for the board game industry. Watch it played is not usually my go to channel when it comes to learning how to play new games but what Rodney mentioned about correcting the rulebook happened once to me. I watched one of his videos and commented that a rule was different from the rulebook and he kindly replied saying that he reached out to the publisher and the rulebook was wrong. Solid work! That definitely makes his channel the most reliable one on YouTube

  31. At the risk of sounding trite, this was absolutely wonderful. Thank you to both Mr. Smiths for fostering my love of board games.

  32. Dude that's so deep. If Im a 10 page game I want to have a 10 page rulebook

  33. Yo I love how the affects of their careers come through in how they carry a conversation.
    Quinns: longwinded yet articulate emotions oriented response

    Rodney: direct responses with specific examples building to finish

    Love both these guys!

  34. I really enjoyed this video, thank you, you are both awesome 🙂 (clapping sounds at the marathon)

  35. Rodney: How long have we got?

    Quinns: At least another 10-15 minutes.

    Timer: 30 minutes remaining.

    Love to see two people enjoying their conversation so much!

  36. great collab mr. smiths! so entertaining and congrats on the 10 years

  37. Board gamers are systems analysts at their core. The logic, mechanics, emergent story, etc. are all pieces of every board game, and the fascination board gamers have is, often, in how different designers can take these common pieces and create entirely new systems, which, in turn, provide entirely new experiences.

    Board gaming, as a genre, is easier to maintain (as opposed to video gaming) because anyone can create a board game; you don't need a team of people. Every board game is distilled down to a system, however complex–but a prototype can be easily built, the mechanics tested, the creativity engaged. It's just so much easier to design a board game than a computer game, because there are few limitations. This, in turn, means that board games will ALWAYS be deeper, and more profound, especially now, thanks to channels like these, board game geek, kickstarter, etc. Pure design and/or thought, refined and built "for the table"–it's easier, and more immediately 'human', than any video game can every hope to be, in spite of graphics, etc.

  38. I'm with you Rodney! I'm always the only Rodney around. In fact everytime Quinns said Rodney I looked over at the monitor, like "what?"😃

  39. The Cult of the New: Interesting comments and reflections. I definitely had that at first, but I am now finding that I really want to deep dive into what I have. At our game group I am beginning to dread the "new game" and just want to get good at a few I know I really like: Brass Birmingham, for example.

    My wife and I are now in September of Season 2 of Pandemic Legacy, and there is so much fun to be had in playing this over and over. Yes, the story evolves, but we are also getting a lot better at it and that keeps it fun.

  40. These two have been instrumental in building my board game collection and my love of the hobby. SU&SD introduces me to amazing games and amazing experiences, and Rodney teaches me how to play them, and gives me the confidence to teach my friends to play them. I love these guys, and seeing them on screen together is delight.

  41. If they don't make a joke about their shared last name, I will be disappointed.

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