Rodney & Quinns: 10 Years in Board Games | AwSHUX 2021 -

Rodney & Quinns: 10 Years in Board Games | AwSHUX 2021

Shut Up & Sit Down
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A massive thank you to Rodney Smith for joining us for this AwSHUX Special Feature. Find Rodney at



  1. Amazing content from both of you, kudos on everything you've accomplished so far!

  2. The movement of the cardboard, wood, and plastic chits on the table are the physical manifestation of the thoughts, strategy, and tactics of the person you’re playing with or against as you all set your collective wits to a homogenous task. That’s the intrigue. I haven’t found another place where that happens.

  3. It's finally here!

    Btw 16:00 explains why SU&SD's recommendations switched from "gamers' games" to "beginner-friendly midweights" ever since that Innovation review

  4. My two favourite people in the industry. Loved every second!

  5. Wonderful conversation! Two of my favorite guys to watch.

  6. This is amazing. Thank you for having this conversation!

  7. Hey Rodney. I’m one of those silly people who loves to read rule books, so I don’t watch your videos often. But I’m grateful for what you’re doing for the accessibility of board games for those who don’t enjoy rule books.
    Great conversation. You two fit each other well!

  8. My life is now complete. My two favorite channels have come together. Such a great double interview

  9. Your reviews helped me find Hive Pocket, and the family has been better for it ever since!

  10. First video on Youtube I've wanted to press the thumbs up icon 1000 times. A prime example of the passion, joy and energy found within board gaming, by two of the best in the community. Here's to another 10 years, you wonderful humans. Cheers lads 🙂

  11. Why is this not a regular podcast/whatever

  12. If I could give this all the likes, I would. Really miss Rodney's non-boardgame vlog

  13. More than anything right now, I want Rodney to make a list of incorrect rules as written.

  14. I'm 35 minutes in and I'm starting to appreciate just how much excellence and institutional knowledge underpins both these people's professional work. I've admired (as a teacher) Rodney's elegance in explaining a game, the little details he probably spent a long time on that show up for a few seconds on screen but make a difficult concept seem obvious. I've been moved (as a performer and musician) by Quintin's ability to make me feel like I'm discovering a new 'magic circle' that I can't wait to reveal to my friends if only I can get this new game to the table. I agree with the Smiths (not the band, the… never mind) that what keeps you in the hobby is the advent of the new, but it's not crass consumerism or the cheap dopamine hit every 90 seconds of a video game, it's the sense that here is a fresh revelation of the human experience, that I can share. I'm sure that sounds cheesy but there it is. Thanks for this!

  15. This video brought me so much joy! Thanks both and have an amazing festive season 🎄

  16. So nice to see 2 fellas geek over the hobby for 2 straight hours love both these guys

  17. To quote my 4-year-old daughter, "This makes my heart so happy!"

  18. These board game cross overs are so entertaining and awesome.

  19. I'm really, really happy you decided to join each other in this, from the heart kind of video! I love your content and hope you you continue doing it for long time! ❤

  20. What I like about these two guys is that they teach nerdy stuff without being too nerdy. One of my fears when talking to people dipping their toes into boardgames, is to scare em off being too nerdy. For me to make a connection over games, I first have to feel that we are both having fun with the game… and THEN I can start on the human connection. Teaching boardgames is such an investment, and sometimes you fail to create value for other people, if outright not pushing them away… but when you connect over boardgames, it is so easy to transition into knowing each other, and find out if there is a basic for friendship.

  21. Loved listening to this great conversation! Thank you both for sharing your thoughts and experiences. And congratulations on such amazing milestones

  22. Loved watching this… perhaps one of the best videos of the year. And while it is obvious that Rodney and Quintin are two very intelligent voices in (and for) this hobby, it is also obvious they are two of the most unassuming persons you will ever find… and that is why they stand out from the rest.

  23. I wish Rodney was my Dad. My Dad got upset at the rules for TTR at Thanksgiving

  24. It’s also VERY weird to watch this without wondering why Quintin has a merkin around his neck if you missed the beginning of the video.

  25. I resonate with of the things said. Thanks for an open and fun conversation of people liking silly games

  26. This was an emotionally touching video; very relatable. I found it interesting as someone who's about 20 years older than these two and desperately trying to burn my cult of the new membership card and go more in to depth with the games I have (while also trying to prune & curate the collection down to a manageable size). I'd like to go back in time and tell my younger self there's something as satisfying about playing that one game ten times as there is playing those ten games one time. And both of those beat not playing those 99 other games in the collection at all. I'm still working on how best to eliminate the fear of missing out.

    A majority of my closest friends are gamers. Either I met them gaming and bonded over the shared experience or I met them and discovered they were gamers. It's a strange, obsessive hobby. It was fun to see two people passionate about something get the chance to let that passion run with someone that could appreciate it. Thanks Smiths.

  27. Quinns guantlet of emtions when Rodney quotes a line from his first video review were just way too good.

  28. Great, really awesome and interesting video.

  29. I’ve had the pleasure of running into both of you on the GenCon floor and enjoyed both encounters immensely. Thanks for a decade of advice, instruction and fun in the hobby!

  30. My two favorite board game channels.
    Shut Up & Sit Down: the best reviews
    Watch It Played: the best how to plays

  31. Two incredibly decent guys, but enough contrast between them to make the conversation rich and intriguing. Can’t get enough.

  32. Not sure I agree with Quentin speaking for me about why we liked that one Tom video so much. It's not me being used to him, it's him finding his own and not just trying too hard to be Q, M or P. Now the boi has his own style and it shows.

  33. Amazing content. Love you both! Thanks for the excellent entertainment!

  34. 16:16 – that’s me, basically. I find that I enjoy learning and playing new games. I may play a game 3 times and love it, but find myself not wanting to play it because I’ve done it. I keep seeking out new experiences; which becomes very costly.

    I rarely play a game enough times to form deep strategies or understandings of the game; I tend to want to move on and learn something else.

    The new person on the channel part hit home, too. I actually Unsubscribed from Watch it Played because of the additions; there’s that one guy I can’t stand (with the hat and the over-hyper YouTube cliche personality with all the cutting and what not) and what I always loved about watch it played was the rules and play throughs with his kids (which obviously bad to stop) and Pep (no idea what happened to him). I didn’t like the addition of hot lists and other things that started up. I rarely watch Rodney now, but I’m forever grateful for his channel because he and Wheaton really got me into modern board games.

    Tom I liked from the beginning. Ava, I’m not sure about. She doesn’t have that energy the others do; I watched the live podcast the other day and she said like 4 words and mostly just sat there.

    I also don’t want this to be a negative take – just my thoughts on listening to you talk about that. Felt like sharing them.

    And on another note – you should do talks like these as normal content and not just special shux content.

  35. Just really enjoyed watching this, thank you both of you

  36. This is such an amazing conversation! Rodney taught me my first heavier game which was Zombicide, and Quinns introduced me to a whole new world of board games, and taught me that big plastic miniatures do NOT always equal fun.

  37. These two guys here are what got me into the hobby! Fantastic convo!! Rodney’s original play through of Mansions of Madness 1st edition introduced me to the Lovecraft universe.

  38. SU&SD introduced me to two of my favourite games; Under Falling Skies, and Unmatched. And Rodney taught me how to play Unmatched. The rulebook for Under Falling Skies I actually found really good. 😃

  39. The most positive and uplifting comment section I've seen in ages ♥

  40. I did not plan on watching this whole thing in one go and did anyway and find myself wishing it was ten times as long. This was immensely enjoyable. Rodney lovable as ever and Quinns is a fantastic interviewer.

  41. My two favourite board gamers!!! I love this. Going to check out con games

  42. Does anyone know the game Rodney showed? He mentioned ‘coin’ games? Not sure what they were

  43. Rodney rocks! He's taught me so many games. And yes, SU&SD is pretty cool, too.

  44. How many people wanted to be a part of this conversation?

    Raises hand super high!

    Geeking out and sharing the love of our hobby…. Priceless.

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