Scythe board game - Playthrough & Review -

Scythe board game – Playthrough & Review

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Filmed a 2-player board game playthrough and review of “Scythe” designed by Jamey Stegmaier and published by Stonemaier Games. The video includes a”Scythe” board game rules overview. Let us know what you think about the game in the comments section below!


00:00 – 05:56 – Overview
05:57 – 059:12 – Gameplay
59:13 – 1:02:49 – Scoring
1:02:50 – end – Review

Crimean player mat –
with engineering –
Polania player mat –
with industrial –

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  1. Really well made video! It's not easy to play and explain so well 🙌🏼. Scythe is such an awesome game

  2. Superb explanation in the beginning of the video. Most other videos try and explain far too much of this game at once, but that was an excellent and concise description of everything going on.

  3. Alright, after watching this video, I’ve finally decided to get the game and try it out 👍🏻

  4. Got Scythe delivered today after watching yours and some other playthroughs: love the dieselpunk aesthetic and artwork is glorious. Got totally destroyed by Autometta on my first go, made plenty of mistakes but had lots of fun doing it. The Automa was way more intimidating than to actually use.

  5. I appreciate how you guys keep the pace quick

  6. I finally got this game after years of circling it, but I've been too intimidated to try it out. What if it was too complicated? What if I didn't like it? What the hell are all these symbols??? I've seen roughly three hours of how-to videos, and yours is the one that made me finally confident enough to tackle the game; not just because you explained it very clearly, but also because you described it in a way that showed me that I would definitely enjoy it. Great job! Now for the real challenge: waiting until it's safe enough to go out for Game Night. (Ugh.)

  7. Did Naveen mean to match the factions? Hahaha!

  8. Very illustrative and well explained. Thanks guys. I just bought it and I feel I am ready to play it with my peeps.

  9. This is my favorite game of all time. Top 1 since it came out, its hard to describe, no other game is like this one. What a nice design.

  10. Thank you for making the play through and review. Extremely helpful!

  11. Found this video on the day it was uploaded completely by accident while trying to figure out how to play scythe, great informative entertaining video, thanks a bunch!!

  12. Another Excellent play through 👍 Are you going to do another play through of Scythe with the Expansions?

  13. I love this game; but a few minor points:
    It's 1-5 players, it goes up to 7 with the 'Invaders from Afar' expansion.
    There's no banned factions, just faction-player mat combos, namely Crimea/Patriotic and Rusviet/Industrial.

  14. Love this game, played with 3 others for 7 hours once. We did skip the 6 star instant end tho just for fun

  15. Scythe is my number 1 favorite game of all time :). I own pretty much all available gameplay content. There came a time when we only played this with my main gaming group and I will always try to get people to play it LOL. I also own the digital version often playing any downtime I have. It really is a masterpiece in my book.

    Also its so awesome Monique compared this game to chess. I thought I was the only person that felt this game had a chess like pacing in terms of taking turns and strategizing 🙂

  16. Great walk through guys ,I've just got the rise of fenris can't wait to try it

  17. @44:51, you controlled Farms, and not Villages! You couldn't complete that objective.

  18. This is a very frustrating game for me. I still cant land a win, and my wife is always so rich with coins.

  19. You earned my sub today. Great job with this playthrough. I am about to start playing it! Owned it from Kickstarter and have never started playing it.

  20. Didn’t like this game. Felt like once a player knows the best strategy it becomes very repetitive. I really dislike this type of art work. Engine building and combat system was really good.

  21. Naveen's secret objective said he needs to control three village territories. He then counts up the number of farm territories he controls. This is at 44:30 ish. What am I missing?

  22. I am really late to this party, but there seems to be a major mistake with movement on the part of Monique at 32:00 where she moves with Riverwalk and uses a mine to go across the board without having built her mine. Her faction ability lets her move to unused faction bases, not to mines.

  23. Seems like a great game, but we are only 2. How long (in average) takes to play with 2p? Is it worth to buy for only 2p?

  24. @17:15 Is it legal to move the character to the adjance territory even has a river in front of ?

  25. Been enjoying your videos today! Subscribed <3

  26. I'm going to go ahead and like this video for Naveen

  27. Thanks, guys! Super helpful. Excited to play with friends and family!

  28. I have avoiding Scythe for years now. The theme didnt appeal to me, so I just looked elsewhere. But I recently learned that the theme ties into the idea of Scythe being a combo of Euro (farms, worker placement) and Ameritrash (dudes on a map, combat). And then this video cinched it for me! I needed to know how it plays with two people. I purchased while watching this! Thanks for the video—liked & subbed. Keep up the awesome wotk!

  29. You k ow what I hate about Scythe?

    It's not as popular as warhammer

  30. Got this and played it with a group of friends recently after watching you two! You guys are so wholesome!

  31. This is a really great play through. Great job, very informative.
    I don't like the idea of the tunnels and the water tunnels, thematically, I can certainly go as far as mechs in the 1920s but a massive underground tunnel system? Any thoughts on that?

  32. "Steer the mechs away from the electric lines" "Trying to be a good person yeah"

  33. remembering that time I played for the first time against my friend and her family, most of whom had played before and came second

  34. A little bit latem but: What do you think about the Modular map (a little shorter) for lower player accounts?

  35. "Rusviet sounds like it should be over powered but it's not"… yes it is! I basically don't lose if I get red…

  36. great video, but i really wish it was in 4K. There is sooo much detail its really hard to see everything. Thanks though, very helpful

  37. The quality of this video is amazing! Very well explained, easy to follow along! Great job!

  38. Thank you for doing this video. I am very new to the game and did not realize you could do all 3 actions on the encounter cards!! I do realize you have to have the required resources but I have no idea why I thought you only got to do one lol.

  39. Nice video! I really enjoyed seeing this game in action before I buy it, though I think that you made a mistake around the 44 minute mark, you claim to occupy 3 village territories but I think you mixed them up with farmlands. Minor detail xd

  40. Is this the original board that came with the game or is it the modular board for 2 players?

  41. I highly recommend the Modular Board for 2-3 player especially.

  42. Well played both great demo and presentation of game!

  43. I've been intimidated to play this game. After watching this play through, I have a little more confidence. Super helpful to see things in action. It seems intuitive once you start playing it.

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