Season 1: My Musical World of Board Games Episode 1: AZUL -

Season 1: My Musical World of Board Games Episode 1: AZUL

Preeti Sanghani
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I started playing board games from 2-3 years of age. All along, I have loved playing board games (and winning most of them😂) and getting exposure to many new ones, which keep popping up, where ever I go. So, now when I am 9, I thought, why not get others to enjoy this beautiful part of life, a thing called “board games”.

I am going to be creating a few seasons of these games and each season has 5 episodes, and a topic.

Season 1 : My Musical World Of Board Games

Season 2 : My Musical World Of Card Games

Season 3 : … Not thought…

And so on……

For Season 1 – Episode 1 – Azul! is released!

Written and Sung by Mishti
Performed by Mishti

DOP and Edit by Preeti & Pranav

AZUL game Demistified by Mishti in Lyrics below:

Today I’m gonna tell how to play a game called Azul
You might think it boring but actually it’s pretty cool

It’s a 2 – 4 player game,
Age is just an excuse, don’t be lame
So we start with setting up all the 9 rings
Put them in a circle, just like this.
Now if you lookie.. You see a white rookie, so plain in the ocean of colors
Take it out of the mess of tiles and decide the lucky guy.
The chosen 1 gets to start, put the white tile on the minus
Then close your eyes and pick out 4 random tiles and put them on any random ring and.
Do the same for the rest of the 8 of them
Then try to find small tile, it’s a black gem
Its smaller than the others, place it on the zero
The zero on the board, at the top whoo hoo

The games about, getting the most points
1 sleeping line, 2, 1 standing like line, 7
And five of same tiles get you ten
The starter can take any tile that he/or she wants
But they gotta take all of them in that type
Let’s say – you wanna take red, you gotta take all 3,
The rest discarded in the center, you see
But remember a few things..
Once put on the board, it won’t go till row is complete
Now set them on your board, as you wish,
Slide it on çolour pattern, but when all the tiles finish

So now let’s see, how to count the points.
Here I’ve made 3, but i get 2
Cause I have a minus one, too!
The ones that aren’t complete they spill to the next round
Just in that same place, bound
Now let’s count for him, it’s four
And then we put the rest back cause we play more!

Now the next person starts, fresh round, gets the minus 1
Everyone continues to play, until there’s a sleeping line, then the games done
Now it’s time to know some special points
one row, can’t have more than 1 color at a time
If you’re forced to take tiles , which don’t suit your flow,
You gotta keep it in the negatives, down below

Here, in this case, im forced to take a black
And this is the only row, to take the attack
I can either put it down or put it in this row
But if i make it, the points of it won’t show

Se, someone made a sleeping line, now the game ends
So let’s count the final points
Here, i got two vertical lines, 7 each
Which makes a total of fourteen
And then there’s 1 color, which adds 10 . totaly 37, and i win again.
I hope you understood, i hope it was good
I hope it you can play it now, without asking how

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