Season 1: My Musical World of Board Games Episode 2: SPLENDOR -

Season 1: My Musical World of Board Games Episode 2: SPLENDOR

Preeti Sanghani
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I started playing board games from 2-3 years of age. All along, I have loved playing board games (and winning most of them😂) and getting exposure to many new ones, which keep popping up, where ever I go. So, now when I am 9, I thought, why not get others to enjoy this beautiful part of life, a thing called “board games”.

I am going to be creating a few seasons of these games and each season has 5 episodes, and a topic.

Season 1 : My Musical World Of Board Games

Season 2 : My Musical World Of Card Games

Season 3 : … Not thought…

And so on……

For Season 1 – Episode 2 – Splendor! is released!

Written and Sung by Mishti
Music composed by Mishti
Performed by Mishti

DOP and Edit by Preeti & Pranav

Splendor game Demistified by Mishti in Lyrics below:

Have you heard about splendor? It’s a game of decisions and choice
Its a game of having your own voice.
It can be played by 2,3,or 4
Not less and not more

There are 3 colors of cards
Gold, blue and green
Put them like this,
And open four each

Now if you look, you see diamonds , rubies, sapphire, emerald, onyx and gold,
So put them into pile, they are the games, core

Then, there are some cards
With people printed on them,
Those are nobles, keep them at the top end
Shuffle the nobles and put as many as
players, plus one.

There are some gold coins, which are kinda like a joker coin
you will understand them, right now, set up the game and join!

See, now the cards have a certain value
It can be 0,1,2,3,4,5 points.
But to get those points, you gotta earn it
And you can only earn by getting the coins

But, you can’t have more than 10 coins at a time, so plan what you buy,and try to get as many points.

Look, there are prices for the cards – sone can be more than just 10, so, you need to buy the ones that have whatever bonus you .

The cards have one type of gem at the top right corner,
Which is a discount, you can call it a bonus
Anything you buy, if it has that type, than you get that much free.

There are 5 types of chances, you can do
Take 2 coins of any one type, except the gold
Or you can take 3 of any types, 1 of each, not 1 – 2
Or you can take a golden coin, and reserve a card, to keep with you, a card only you can buy now,
Or you can buy a card, your reserved or one of the cards in the open
Or you can take one of the noble, but only with the card bonuses, the coins won’t count.

The game ends
When someone makes 15 or more points.
Then, after the “someone” , the other 1,or 2 or 3 people get 1 chance each.
If anyone else makes more than 15,
then you see who has minimal development cards and whoever has lesser wins

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