September in Review - 18 Board Games Ranked -

September in Review – 18 Board Games Ranked

Chairman of the Board
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I talk about all of the new board games I played in September 2022 and rank them from least favourite to most favourite.




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Rankings correct at time of recording.


  1. Whoa you’re dressed as a real chairman.

  2. I can never not read 'CotB' as Castles of the Burgundy 🙈

  3. We're immensely pleased to have found your channel and noticed a ranking of sorts on the game images during the vid. Where can your general rankings be found?

  4. I preordered Brazil, looking forward to it.

  5. The last edition of Acquire has changed the rules to the worse.

  6. Have you tried Spectaculum by Dr. Knizia. I think you would like it.

  7. Any colorblind issues with The Magnificent. I'm a big fan of the always interested in what they put out.

  8. In your SOS video I commented that you probably would love the Magnificent. And I am very happy to see that you do 😃

  9. I have not seen any of your top 3 yet – I will check them out as they look rather interesting.

  10. I haven’t played any of those games, but of them Magnificent is the one am most keen to try.

  11. I will be interested to see your Nippon review. I have played this only once, on board game arena. It seems like a game that I should like a lot, but I found it to be extremely unforgiving and I had dived in against experienced players without properly learning the rules. It's one I suspect I should revisit at some point but, as I say, will await your review with interest.

  12. did you see the news that Bruxelles will get a big box edition next year? Can't wait

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