Shira's Top 10 Board Games of all time! -

Shira’s Top 10 Board Games of all time!

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Shira’s Top 10
00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:17 #10 Code Names
00:02:18 #9 Root
00:04:31 #8 Age of Steam
00:06:36 #7 Cyclades
00:09:02 #6 The Castles of Burgundy
00:11:15 #5 Inis
00:13:35 #4 Kemet: Blood ad Sand
00:16:05 #3 Zombiecide: Black Plague
00:18:39 #2 Kingdom Death Monster
00:20:57 #1 Terraforming Mars

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  1. Great list Shira, though only one of them appears on my shelves! The transitions were amazing, Jesse. That was a ton of extra work, but the quality and effort shows.

  2. Great picks, Shira! I'm not a fan of area control but you named a few that seemed pretty cool.
    Side note: Great job on the edits! They were so fun! Keep up the great work! I'm eager to see some Crimson Scales game play!
    Edit: Ey Kingdom Death! Heck yeah!

  3. These transitions are awesome! So fun.

    I wanted to thank you guys for getting me into Kingdom Death. I got it 2 weeks ago and have been playing/painting non-stop!

  4. I lost it when you head-butted the camera 😅

  5. If you like Kemet, you have to play Ankh a little more espacially with the Pharao Expansion, you will love it for me it is the better game 😊
    Great list!
    Greetings from germany 😎

  6. Amazing job SQUEAK. How long did it take you?

  7. What are the chances you could do a “Game design books recommendation” video?

  8. Shira, where did you get those extra minis for Cyclades? 5 come in the base. Were the rest from expansions?

  9. +1 for Shira's Top 20 video! Her honest passion really shines through her reviews of her favourite games, and quite frankly, it is contagious!
    Go, Shira, Go! 😘

  10. Oh, and I'm so glad that you keep experimenting with the cuts, Jesse! You already mastered it, so keep us (and yourself) entertained by them! 😎

  11. What a masterpiece of a top 10 list! The energy the drama the editing the joy! Thank you!😊

  12. Yes, descent list. I would love to see your next ten. I know everyone has a different opinion, but I’m curious where my top ten fit into your top 💯

  13. Hey! What a great video with great content. As an editor I can see all the effort and prep for this video and I really appreciate it. If I can give a piece of advice is just be careful with the background song volume. In a few parts I felt it was a bit too high and distracting. The Intro was great, the transitions pretty seem less and smooth, sfx on spot, nice and clean cuts. Great job. Content wise, yes I would definitely be interested in top 20, but what about adding some spice to it. What if you do something that you could have some argument over it. Like top games for specific mechanics and than you give arguments over why your pick is better. Idk just an idea.

  14. Love your list! Definitely thinking of adding KDM to my collection!

  15. Love all of the fun transitions and camera tricks, haha. I had to rewind and watch them a couple of times.

    As for Shira's picks! Man I was so hyped by all of the Matagot love, that trilogy is also in my top 15, in the same order, so great! Then… you lost me with the top 3, haha. All good though! Great video!

  16. Definitely a good watch! Appreciative of your time and effort and intrigued to hear what the other 10 would have been!

  17. I don’t know why but the transition to Zombicide made me happy. So fun!

  18. Nooo shira 😭😭😭 in gameplay of Scarface you told “it is in my top 10 “ 😭😭

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