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Adam’s back for another deep-dive review/how to play that spotlights a shining example of board game excellence. This time he’s looking at the gorgeous modern classic… SHŌBU

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  1. Loving the t-shirt. C B DUB! C B DUB!

  2. NRB is well on its way to being the best board game channel on YouTube.
    More content from Adam is exactly what my life needs, and it needs it NOW!!!

  3. If we’re taking Masterpieces, I submit Ticket To Ride. The world’s most accessible Eurogame, and a gateway drug for millions of board game players

  4. picking up stones from a beach and taking them home is absolutely un-tory

  5. You are very good at that thing you do Adam and Co.

    Id take a game of Shobu now, and join a cult if youre starting one.

  6. I love it because it looks like I could build my own for about 10 bucks, including some fancy oil to make the rope smell good.

    Question: what happens if you knock a piece that isn't on an edge? Is any collision a 'take'? Or do you just nudge them one square over?

  7. Love it. Bought it! Thank you Adam for these videos!

  8. Love this episode! Shout out to the rope sniffing edit at 4:37

  9. Adam is the High Hefner of board games. No I don't know what that means, but that robe certainly does

  10. Hoping Adam’s t-shirt is a BTE-esque Easter egg for a certain RPG coming back to our screens…

  11. No Adam stop it. I already want to buy too many games. My wallet cant take much more

  12. If I ever travel back in time, I'm bringing Shobu with me and I'll make the current world 0.00001% happier thanks to it.

  13. 8:50 Just move the Light b2 stone to b4, then KO on the dark board, still with a threat to win next move?

  14. One Punch Man and Miazaki references in the same video I am spoiled.

  15. would love to see a "Lets Play: ShoBu" with Laurie. I need gameplay!!!

  16. So glad to see you covering this game! It’s hovering really close to my top 10 favorite games!

  17. I made a proto type / demo version with checkers pieces and printed grids to see if my dad liked it, he LOVED IT!!! So bought a copy for his birthday , great find, cheers guys haha

  18. "would it be racist not to….?" Made me laugh out loud. Great video guys.

  19. I'm sold. Ordering now. Great review. This is exactly what I was looking for.

    Also, please destroy that kimono thing. 😁😁😁

  20. Thank you for this video. This game caughty attention in the thumbnail but you brought it to the next level.
    As I was watching I was like "I know this voice. I've heard it before but about wrestling." I'm glad to know I was right 😀

  21. Not sure what the intention was but Go is Chinese

  22. I loved everything about this video. The humour is so amazing and British!

  23. i thought Cao Cao played this game in Three Kingdoms

  24. "I can explain this in two minutes" *takes five minutes to waffle before he tries

  25. I wasn't into board games but thanks to this channel and Adam i am now thanks

  26. Is anyone else bothered that the closing haiku is off by one syllable lol? Despite that, awesome video!

  27. Great review! You have captured the spirit, challenge and beauty of the game perfectly.

  28. I just received this game for Christmas. I’m excited to play it, but the rope is far less aromatic than I was lead to expect.

  29. A white stone going super saiyan is one of the best thing i saw on youtube. Give your editor a promotion adam!

  30. This seems fun, but would never buy it. I mean it’s made of stones and wood. I have stones. I have wood. For free.

  31. Any communities of people that actually play this game out there??

  32. Very good explanation about the beauty of the game. Thank you.

  33. It’s slightly easier to grok if you lay the boards out correctly.

  34. 9:27 But now they've lost a stone because you move 1 to the right on a passive move (white board) knocking a stone off of the black board.

  35. "Push the child" really caught me off guard. Needed that laugh

  36. You are so funny, I now listen even when not caring about the game ^^

  37. It is literally impossible to watch this channel in public 😂

  38. Mmmm, the hemp rope smells so good and somehow familiar….Also explains the "oh, I throw a stone by accident" comment.

  39. Did I just see まっくろくろすけ?

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