Single player/solo board games I LOVE! Board games you can play by yourself -

Single player/solo board games I LOVE! Board games you can play by yourself

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Single player/solo board games I LOVE! These are fantastic board games you can play by yourself!
In this video, I share 5 of the BEST board games to play solo! All of these games are designed to be played by yourself or have a sperate mode if there is no one around to join in the fun! The last one is my favorite game of all time, so make sure you watch the whole video, cause I am so excited to share it with you guys!

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  1. Love all of these games!

    Just wondering, do you all have a Mage Knight tips video? I recently watched the Spirit Island 7 tips video and it really helped! Would really like to see a Mage knight tips video!

  2. I've bought gloomhaven expecting it to be my favorite of all time, but it isn't until now…and I see a lot of people talking about mage knight. Is it really that good and worth it, or will I regret buying it? Can someone help me with that decision? PS: I love narrative type of games, and lord of the rings journeys in the middle earth is one of favorite. I'm sharing this just to fit as an example

  3. I'm systematically disliking every video which recommends Spirit Island. Tell your boss, gangs…

  4. I must be one of the only people who thinks mage knight is okay but can’t stand it being number 1 on peoples list. It’s okay but not great.

  5. LOTR: The Card Game would be my favorite solos game.

  6. This channel deserves more subs then it has! Very impressive production! Keep it up!

  7. Why are there so many cuts in your video? You're giving me a seizure

  8. Great and solid list ! One other great solo game that has not been mentioned here is Marvel Champions: The Card Game. Constructive critique: The cutter/editor did not do you a favour, as the barrage of fast cuts makes it look as if you can't say a single sentence without editing — sometimes a cut literally involves one single word. ;D Hope that – did not – sound – too – harsh … 😉 PS: Thanks for your 7 tips video on Spirit Island !

  9. Just grabbed Mage Knight. However, it wasn't on this video and if you're a bird or animal lover. I highly recommend Wingspan.

  10. New subscriber here! My favorite solo game is Heroes of Terrinoth! Interesting lore and it reminds me of when I play video game RPGs and I can take control of multiple characters at a time. However, your video makes me want to get all of your recommendations especially Spirit Island and Mage Knight Ultimate Edition. Both look excellent! Looking forward to seeing more of your content!

  11. I'm a huge Mage Knight fan but another great solo game that is less known is Renegade. It really deserves more recognition.

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  13. OK, these might be good reviews, but it's a really badly edited video. If you'd taken a bit more time to edit it properly I would have watched it.

  14. Any well known games you can play by yourself? Could you play any board game by yourself.

  15. My solo games list:

    1. The Castles of Burgundy
    2. Cartógrafos
    3. Carcassonne
    4. Plenus
    5. Star Trek Dice Game

  16. Thanks for this list! Which do you think would be most enjoyed by kids? My son is 8 and he loves Battlelore 2edition, 7 Wonders Duel, The Alpha, etc.

  17. I wanted board game recommendations. I don't give a damn what your Instagram followers say.🙄

  18. Will the base mage knight be ok? I checked amazon and ultimate edition is $270!! Oh wait it’s op in amazon it seems.
    If not just a base game, which one expansion would you recommend

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  20. I’m just getting into board games and after a whole weekend of research I decided to get the ultimate edition of mage knight….as my first board game. I hope I don’t regret that. This video was very validating though!

  21. I have mage knight ultimate edition, but haven't really gotten My Head around it. I remember a confusing hunt through the rule book trying to figgire out what to do.
    I'm thinking of getting into it solo, learning to play and actually experience it. Because it sure isn't doing much good on the shelf, not being played.

  22. Such a good list! Spirit Island and Mage Knight are up there for me (except I think Spirit Island only plays well solo if you control two gods – synergy is the most fun).

    Two other games that I've sunk a lot of time into solo are Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective and The 7th Continent. The latter I've probably played over 100 hours solo and have enjoyed every minute.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your vids!

  23. Dude, can you last like 5 seconds without making a cut? Seriously its like watching a labradoodle with no attention span 😀 otherwise, good list video

  24. Watching through your content right now I really have to say I like you editing style; it's funny, it brings things to the point while maintaining that 'rambling speech' style many boardgame youtubers do with 1 shot videos (and which I like). Really confused why you only have <2000 subscribers atm 🙂

  25. I still need to pick up Friday (they only sell "Vrijdag" here; the Dutch translation).
    Besides possibly that one, here's my top 5:
    5: Onirim
    4: One Deck Dungeon
    3: Aeon's End
    2: Robinson Crusoe (especially with the new nightmare mode!)
    1: Mage Knight (hands down my favorite; especially with the Lost Legion expansion)

  26. You should do a playthrough and or a review of Mage Knight. I have been thinking about getting the ultimate edition but would love to hear your thoughts! I love Gloomhaven and have Frosthaven on the way from the Kickstarter all in bundle so I don't mind long games. Thanks for the content!

  27. Anyone searched solo board games because no one wants to play board games with you 😢

  28. Pov: you clicked on this video because you have no friends

  29. I mean, I have friends but I don’t have a drivers license or a car and I’m not walking 19 miles.

  30. I find Friday very frustrating because there's so much luck involved. But I like how it plays, the mechanic is really cool.

  31. No mention of Mage Knight dragon dude missing his head?!

  32. Me searching for best solo games while crying in tears

  33. hey subscruber or anyone that can answer i saw a board game of mage knight for 23 dlls on amazon is that a cool game too?

  34. Have you ever played Gloomhaven? I’m wondering because you’re such a Mage Knight fan.

  35. Burgle Bros and Undertow from the Too Many Bones series are my favorite solo games! They are easy to play solo by playing two characters, and replay ability is endless.

  36. I'm trying to stop my phone addiction. I'm going to play solo board games as an alternative to mobile games!

  37. video games have been turning me off for a while now. with all of the online only and microtransactions and toxic gamers. cant wait to get into board games.

  38. Really great list but wtf is that editing? Is there single sentence that is not cut somewhere? You do know that more is not always better..
    But your picks are great but a small warning both spirit island and mage knight are not for people new to the hobby.

  39. Great video! Mage Knight is fantastic. It blew me away.

  40. My top five favorite solo board games (In no particular order)

    Tiny Towns
    Don't Let It Die
    (It's not out yet but:) Mythic Mischief
    Fallout The Board Game

  41. Pavlov’s house is a solo historic WW2 game that is awesome.

  42. My husband loves Mage Knight Solo. Right now I do not have much time for gaming because of writing and working on my thesis. So my husband has time to game and play board games

  43. Sorry… couldn’t finish the video, i hope you got better editing skills down the road.

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