Slay the Spire: The Board Game | Overview -

Slay the Spire: The Board Game | Overview

The Brothers Murph
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This is a quick rules overview for Slay the Spire: The Board Game by Contention Games based on the video game by MegaCrit! We love STS and we have each put 100’s of hours into it! We have been so excited from the moment we heard about this game! Hope you enjoy! And make sure to like and subscibe!

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  1. Ahhh mental math when the video game goes brrr

  2. This looks sick! Thank you for the great explanation!!

  3. muy bueno pero si tengo que pensar todo eso me muero
    imaginate que me quemo el cerebro con el virtual sjdjsdjs

  4. I find it odd that the Silent's playmat is different than the other 3.

    It would be nice if the digital game had a coop mode. Maybe in StS2, if it ever comes out.

  5. Thanks for the review. The board game is indeed similar to the PC version but I am afraid it also means that the game will be too complicated for anyone who is not already a fan of the PC game. I guess I won't be getting this game as my board game friends don't play video games.

  6. omg when on retail?
    please don't put it on KS f that…

  7. hmm so basically just port from pc to tabletop.. was hoping there is a different flavor that would distinguish it from the original game.. the good thing about the pc game was resources were automated so youre focus on strategy.. the good thing about tabletop is the player interaction and tension.. both of which this game lacks

  8. DAMN brothers murph on a roll man. Happy for you guys

  9. When I saw Zoo Tycoon the board game, it wasn't anywhere close to what I personally wanted from that IP. This is exactly the opposite and I'm kinda hype to be able to multiplayer Slay The Spire with my brother. My only concern is it being fiddly with all the Slay The Spire mechanics. Great video!

  10. Love how this video was produced. All preview videos need to be like this!

  11. Double sided cards? Guess sleeves will be mandatory :x. Can already see the add-on section. Sleeves for 15 and play mats for 20/25 lol. Still going to be throwing money at the screen though. Would be great if the stretch goals include a new character, new act bosses and some new enemies/items/relics. Looking forward to it regardless. thanks for the quick overview, Cant wait to play with the wife as we both love some STS!

  12. What should be the motivation to buy this board game if it seems to be no different from the video game in its mechanics?
    The digital version is perfect

  13. can't wait for you to play this game… i love the pc one and cant wait to see the bord game, hope you like the game and it seem like a lot of fun.

  14. This may be dumb, but what is a spire? I looked it up and the dictionary said church tower so I don't think that is right.

  15. Honestly, when I heard this game announced I was skeptical. While yes the game is a card game, there's a lot of minor things that make it more suited for a computer game – especially for the latter two characters.

    I think they executed the main premise pretty well and evoked the feeling of the original game. I think I'll still pass, but it definitely seems better than I had anticipated

    And I'm also surprised they didn't make 800 minis for it.

  16. I've been waiting so long for this moment. The digital version is amazing but I'd love to have the board game.

  17. Thank you brothers for checking out Slay the Spire!! I hope you enjoyed it ❤

  18. Just like playing the video game but with Tom’s of upkeep . No thanks

    This was a great overview vide ! More like this .

  19. Incredible overview that answers all the questions I had about the game, and no fluff! Production value is insane. Great work guys. I'm sold on the game

  20. as a fan of the video game, it seems they have adapted the game to a tabletop pretty well. Hope the multiplayer works fine too!

  21. Nice overview guys! This got me really excited and my wallet really scared! 😉

  22. Great video but this is literally the video game but we have to do all the math. Yikes.

  23. Do you feel like doing the upkeep was pretty manageable? One concern I had was that I'll have to do all the calculations that the video game automatically does for you, but it seems like they simplified the system to make that easier.

  24. This looks great and was a very well done overview. Double-sided cards + sleeves for upgrading is really neat but I'm hoping for different sleeve options. Of all the awesome art for Slay the Spire it's a shame that the sleeve back is currently just the name of the game

  25. Extremely hyped for this! The video game is great but co-op board games are my favorite, so this is exactly what I've wanted for years!

  26. Hex yes been playing this on the switch!

  27. My only concern is how much power they can give to the player. Each class has a few ways to play them and with the right cards and relics, stacks of de-buffs are common. So I'm wondering what they'll do with having a stack of like 45+ of one status effect on one enemy if it's based on the tokens. As well as health for the player. I'm still super pumped for this game!

  28. As a big StS fan, I'm amazed at how similar this is to the video game. Im excited to play it in the future

  29. Finally some exact information about this game!!! Thanks! Can't wait to play it next year xD

  30. My only concern is playing solo this boardgame it will be posible?

  31. While the miniatures look great, do they add any gameplay value? They seem to just be standing there?

  32. wow talk about a faithful adaptation. take my money now!

  33. For the first time I can think of, I need an expansion for a game to tip me over. The digital game is just too perfect as it is.

    “Victory has defeated you, StS.”

  34. I am obsessed with Slay the Spire and have high hopes for this game. The preview is fantastic, and I see you just posted a playthrough I will be checking out. I still worry about fiddlyness – the game has so much going on/general upkeep it's hard to imagine that translating to a tabletop game. BUT, I am very hopeful!

  35. I am still confused how the co-op works, is it 2vs enemies?

  36. Me with triple catalyst and nightmare filling the board with thousands of poison chips

  37. it looks extremly well done. But whats the point of playing it if we have the Pc game?

  38. So decided that it is not worth it, good to see the product and all but meh I'll stick to the pc

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