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Slay the Spire: The Board Game Playthrough | The Game Haus

The Brothers Murph
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Oh man we have been so excited to try this game! We both have hundreds of hours into the video game! This analog version feels a lot like the video game, but changed slightly to make it work like this. Make sure to check out the campaign for it here!:

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  1. Would love to watch a full three part playthrough! Unlikely to happen I'd imagine, but a slay the spire fan can dream 🙂 Great to see such a fun and knowledgeable playthrough of the game, well before it comes out; makes me want to buy it that much more!

  2. This video made me buy the digital version! The kickstart is a little out of my budget right before the holidays, but def on my wish list for retail!!

  3. You cheated in the 2nd encounter you gained block once and used damage twice

  4. waith form is very strong, but just because you cant die (and it gives you another turn for 1 hp cost), your teammate can die

  5. yeeeep I 100% would've said something if you picked wraith form as your first card reward lol. but I cannot be more excited to get my hands on this game. Been messing around with it on TableTop Simulator and it has been a blast.

  6. it seems to me that it would be cheaper and better to just add multiplayer to the spire or release a new character . but as the developers want .

  7. What a shame this is locked behind a kickstarter.

  8. Cools awesome but…. I have never liked this "all at onces" thing… Kinda makes me feel it really just ment for a single player game 🙁

  9. Really good playthrough 🙂 All of them should look like your's!

  10. 1:14:14 late to the party but fun fact: body slam scales with strength even if you have no block, so you could have still played body slam for 1 damage in this scenario, as well as +1 damage any time you play it with block.

  11. I find it a bit odd that relics that are usually character-specific or event-specific aren't like that here in the tabletop version (we saw that here with both Mutagens and Nuclear Battery). Unless some mistake was made here.

  12. J'ai cliqué en pensant voir Fred et Seb sur la chaîne Bazar Du Grenier

  13. one more mistake found on the video by the way fyi. In early game ironclad gets "weakened". He cleaves, but the minus 1 damage from the weaken is not counted. This changes that combat significantly as the enemies would not die and play their turn. Its insane how easy it is to do mistakes in this board game variation. I think it might need a type of organizer/coach player to check through all the stuff that no mistakes are made when playing with a group for sure.

  14. It's cool to see a popular digital card game translate into a physical board game. Just feel it's a chore manage all the monsters and tokens.

  15. Can't believe I haven't subbed. Anyways. Take my sub gents

  16. Why all the “they” for a singular monster? Where’s the groups????

  17. I love the video game. It's interesting to see the changes made to adapt to table. I would love to get this some day

  18. Youtube finally recommended something interesting. LOVE the content, already subscribed with notifications, and liked the video!!!! Keep making this awesome content.

  19. are you supposed to be fighting all 3 slimes at one time? I feel like once the big one dies it spawns the next like the game?

  20. In the second encounter, you forgot to factor in the weak. He had his cleave do 3 damage (2 base +1 strength), but it should have been 2 (2 base +1 strength -1 weak).

  21. I am so excited for my copy! I got the 210 one and it looks awesome!

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