Slay The Spire The Board Game Review: Is It Worth Your Investment? -

Slay The Spire The Board Game Review: Is It Worth Your Investment?

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In this video I will be letting you know my thoughts about Slay the Spire The Board Game . I will let you know if I think it is a good back or not.

Hey, Welcome to my channel My Name Is Clayton And I hope you enjoy the video about Slay the Spire the board game that is On kickstarter

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  1. 100% the draw of it for me is the co-op aspect. Playing it solo is just a watered down version of the video game with more maintenance, playing with a group I found it to be really enjoyable giving each other block, eliminating threats in each others lane, and strategizing damage breakpoints together.

  2. I rather play the video game. Going through and remembering all of rules doesn't sound fun. Only selling point would be if you have friends who would want to play it often.

  3. I swooped in during the last 48 hours and pulled the trigger on the collector's version.

  4. sorry im late but they said it was $115 retail so the kickstarter was cheaper

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