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  1. I wanna see a video of the sml crews scariest storys and moments

  2. Lance boss man I love your vidoes and sml I like u playing jeffy love you lsnce

  3. I loveeeeeee video that involve Brooklyn guy

  4. I loved this series they were always so funny

  5. Lance Can you give the voice of Tyler a try on voicing Jeffy. Because maybe you need a break from voicing Jeffy. Look at how much damage the voice has done to your voice

  6. miss the lance vlogs where you all just goof off n shit

  7. Can you'll do a sml movie titled duggie's youtube channel and make it be the return of brooklyn guy's YouTube police job and make it the return of Booger the dinosaur and Booger (brooklyn guy's imaginary friend) and make the video mark a rare instance where marvin appears without jeffy and rose and make it have a blue's clues reference where a character ask the audience a question and. Make it be similar to jeffy breaks kis helmet where pooby says boo this sucks in brooklyn guy's voice

  8. Not trying to be offensive or anything, but I saw a "How Rare is Your Body" video and it says that a few people have a gap between their teeth. Sep of which, for the past few years, I noticed that you have a gap between your teeth. Why is that?

  9. SML idea: jeffy finally likes green beans

  10. This video was so Pee pee 🎉🎉🏆🏆

  11. Lance! LANCE SML IDEA Mr.Good man’s new butler: basically the plot is that Goodman comes for Marvin’s house and rings the door bell while this is happen they would be upstairs while Jeffy is being shady on the computer and Marvin asks him what he’s doing only to be stopped by the door bell ringing and leaves to greet Goodman because he wants his house payment but of course he doesn’t have it, so Goodman has enough and forces Marvin to be his butler as a punishment making Marvin do things like clean his entire mansion,gives Goodman a crappy massage do Richards Homework clean dishes and just do hard work as Goodman makes things harder for him until Goodman just isn’t satisfied and threatens to take Marvin’s nutt sack. This happens Marvin is given 5 minutes until he has to give Goodman his nut sack so he runs to the bathroom and panicks ending up finding money in toilet from Richard wiping with 50,000$ so Marvin takes it and runs to Goodman telling that he has the money he wanted, when this happens Goodman gets mad because he wasn’t able to take his ball sack again so he lets Marvin go getting all sad, Marvin then leaves back home and tell Rose about what happen only for Jeffy to have 50,000 dollars for selling Cat Nip on the black market

  12. never stop making videos we all love your vidoes

  13. You played greedy granny wrong if it spins in purple you only press it

  14. Being able to provide all my needs without the help of the Government is really a dream come through and I’m getting $20,000 returns from my $7,600 investment

  15. Yall should Bring back maldasa, chef peepee quits, playtime and luigis mansion (idk if the Pokémon series can be brought back tho)

  16. I love Brooklin T guy and I also love Bowser Junior‘s playtime

  17. Can you make a spider wrapper SML movie?

  18. Hey Lance tell Logan I have 2 vid ideas Cody's mom turns into a pig and Brooklyn guys car problem

  19. I love how Brooklyn guy just hates Karen and wants her to die

  20. You guys should do a playtime remake series

  21. You guys should do Jeffy loses his teeth remake

  22. You should bring back the fnaf video again I missed that

  23. This time its with his boydeeeee insted his daugter

  24. I’m going try watching every single sml video until I get to new videos and I watch your video every single day 😃

  25. Wheres the bts for the jeffy gets hanted or whatever

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