Sniper Elite: The Board Game - Everything You Need To Know | Preview / Unboxing -

Sniper Elite: The Board Game – Everything You Need To Know | Preview / Unboxing

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00:00 Hello, Hello
01:17 What is Sniper Elite?
04:25 The Core of the Video Game vs the Board Game
06:28 Object of the Game
07:06 Eagle’s Nest Expansion
08:15 Deluxe Upgrade Pack
09:20 Exciting things with the Board Game

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Sniper Elite: The Board Game is a hidden movement game based on the iconic video game series.

In the game, one player takes the role of the sniper, who is trying to make their way past the German guards by stealth or violence. Up to three other players control squads of German soldiers, striking a balance between defending their objectives and hunting the sniper.

Sniper Elite features a bag-manipulation element. The sniper draws chits from a bag to target the defenders, though canny defense can decrease the sniper’s likelihood of making their shot…

—description from the publisher

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  1. The fact that you didn't highlight the issues with balance in eagles nest proves to me that you never actually played it. You shouldn't shill for something that you have no idea about. Sniper elite base game is fantastic, the expansion eagles nest is a dumpster fire.

  2. Not done with video yet. But that epic intro edit with one of y’all about to eat a miniature was hilarious 😂

  3. In Hunt of the Ring the sneaker is Frodo

  4. I have only got the base game so far but if I enjoy playing as much as suspect will I absolutely have to fork out the extra for the delux and map expansions.

  5. If I ever have anyone over to play a game that starts putting components in their mouth; I'm blaming all of you.

  6. I would like to see a video with nut shot Adolf. So Devon is a component connoisseur, too…at least the minies are unpainted.

  7. This game looks great! Nice B-roll on the unboxing too! 🙂

  8. Hope you're paying Devon enough for those sexy B roll unboxing shots lol

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