Sniper Elite: The Board Game - How To Play -

Sniper Elite: The Board Game – How To Play

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In this video, we’re going to learn how to play Sniper Elite: The Board Game! If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to post them in the YouTube comments below, ensuring you abide by our Code of Conduct: .

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  1. OMG I must have this. I have every version of SE including the VR versions. I'm old enough to have played all at release too lol. I'll have to wait after getting SE5. Kinda out of pocket on that now.

  2. Does the Eagles Nest extension worth buying or not?

  3. So when shooting before moving; should it be obvious this was the order of things? Especially if you're moving through the space of the enemy you've just killed? Because if your movement depends on the outcome of the shot, the opponent will clearly see you marking your movement after you've made the shot.

    Also, the same question in reverse. Do you notify defenders of your noisy movement immediately after moving and before taking any possible shot after that move?

  4. So what you are saying, if I understand correctly, is that the Sniper figure does not ordinarily go on the board. Got it :).

  5. Cool game. Works very similarly to Act I of the "Jaws" Board Game.

  6. I love the fact that each sector is a color on the german flag

  7. Those box spins are so clean. I've always wondered how many times you drop it when filming. You even caught it right side up! Nicely done!

  8. When the sniper completes their first objective, wouldnt they get only 9 more rounds because their turn would end when they complete a quest as you only get 1 action? So when the sliders get reset to 10, the non sniper team then go, which moves the markers down to 9. So sniper actually starts their turn with only 9 more rounds to complete the 2nd objective. Or does the sniper get an extra turn after completing their objective and it resetting!

  9. This may be a stupid question, but where did you get your game shelves or were they made custom. You’re awesome! Great videos! Thank you!!!

  10. Great video Rodney, thank you. I got my Kickstarter deluxe edition a few weeks back. A friend and I played it the weekend for the first time with your video to hand. It is such a great game. Although a few beers in and we started acting out the bullet time! Great fun. I'm meeting some friends this evening at a local pub in Staffordshire to play it again. Thank you so much! As a university lecturer in Games Programming, I also see members of Rebellion regularly, they too are super pleased with the game, both analogue and digital. Thanks again, Shaun.

  11. As always Rodney here with another banger video. I often misinterpret what rulebooks are trying to explain to me. Your videos with clear enunciation and visual guidance help out so much. Really appreciate all the hard work you do. I first found you through your small world video and have been watching ever since.

  12. Just bought the game today, thanks for the video, I never would have known it existed if I wasn’t a subscriber! You’re the best Rodney!

  13. Thanks. Much easier to understand the rules when its visualized

  14. if the snipper begins the turn adjacent to a defender and runs away 3 spaces without passing any other defender, must the snipper indicate that he was next to a defender at the start?

  15. A board game based on a somewhat niche IP has no business being this interesting. Seems like all squads using Gather Intel at the start of the game is a powerful move. A+ explanation as always.

  16. Thanks for the great vid and clear instructions. I've been a fan for awhile. Keep up those perfect spins!

  17. when drawing shot tokens do you draw them in front of defenders? like you say you draw 5 do you show them the 5 you draw

  18. I’m sure you get asked this all the time but were you ever a teacher, speaker, or actor professionally before you created this channel? You just present so well it’s hard not to imagine you didn’t have significant experience in one of those fields prior.

  19. When you determine the least number of spaces for a shot, does that have to be in a straight line from your space to the targets space? I've been watching a few playthroughs and I can't quite understand how people arrive at some of the numbers for a hit , especially when the shot is taken at an angle that crosses a bunch of corners of spaces.

  20. Just got this today, can't wait for our next game night!
    I'm confused with the line of sight on the train carriage example, I thought because the shot would go from an enclosed space through an outdoor space then back in to an enclosed space line of sight wouldn't count?

  21. 'I'll cover the solo later in the video.'' Later in the video: 'There is a solo and rules. I'll let you discover it on your own'" Thanks 😉 Next time just please don't mention you'll cover it later lol I think it would be great to declare if there's a solo at the start but that it won't be covered here.

  22. I think you explained a part of the kennel master incorrectly. The way I interpret the rules I think you should be able to move out of the dogs space without alerting it. So really only going through or into the space will alert it. Meaning you can move out of the space silently if the kennel master places a dog in your current space, or alternatively you can move out of the space with the dog silently if you moved onto the dogs space in your previous turn.

    Clip for reference:
    (The only part that is wrong is the last sentence in that clip)

  23. How many times did you shoot the flip box opener? I love it!

  24. When shooting, I would announce how many tokens I would draw… but draw them one at a time… mimicking the bullit flying in slow-mo, like in the videogame.
    Great job as always. 👌🏻

  25. Got my Kickstarter copy last week. Been enjoying it so much. Nice to watch and double check I’ve been playing with the correct rules 🤙🏻

  26. Excellent as always Rodney 🙂 reminds me of Spector Ops. I wonder if this will get covered on table for one?

  27. Rodney I’m loving how many historical/war games I’m seeing on those shelves!

  28. I am quite new to table top games, despite always being interested and just pick this up as I'm a big fan of the series, plus being forced to isolate still due to being extremely vulnerable to Covid-19 the solo mode is going to pass many hour.

    Gotta say the price shocked me a bit, especially the extentions but having looked at other similar games it seems about on par so must just cost more than when I was a kid playing with my parents!

  29. 15:46 So it takes an entire enclosed space to block line of sight? This segment really changed how I was understanding line of sight.

  30. I have been looking forward to this ever since you mentioned it in the MomenTen duel video 😂

  31. Thanks for making this video! 
    I got my copy of the game last week and although the instructions are great at explaining the rules, I struggled to understand the line of sight rules (I am a purely visual learner). After watching this I now understand them crystal clear. Really appreciated the informative and fun way you presented the rules 🙂

  32. This game looks great! It doesnt look like its for sale retail yet though. 🙁

  33. Wow, just received my Kickstarter pledge a few minutes ago :O
    Guess I won't need to study the rulebook tonight 😀

  34. I was not even aware this game existed, but this video really piqued my interest! Plus a solo mode too? Not an overly produced game with hundreds of miniatures? An All-In bundle that's affordable and reasonably priced? Sign me in! Thanks, Rodney, I have kinda lost interest in most Kickstarter board game adaptations for the reasons above but this one seems worth supporting, thankfully it's still on preorder, so I truly appreciate you giving it more visibility, especially since it's a fun thematic.

  35. Nice instructions Rodney. 😁
    Do you know anything if they going to make expansion in the future?

  36. You do a great job explaining a game AND as a salesman! Darn you! Looks like I have to buy ANOTHER game!

  37. Glad to see the clarification on difficult terrain and noise made it 🙂 (It was one of the points I advocated to update/edit in the rulebook).

  38. Great video! What a fun game looking game!

  39. I’ve been looking for this game forever!!! Where can I get it?!?!

  40. the amount of times i heard the word space in this video, i feel like I'm spacing out in my space! but i did understood it 100%. i just find it hilarious 🤣

  41. Looking forward to getting my copy this month! Could you clarify if you're supposed to have the sniper model on the board all the time? 😉

  42. I wish there was a modern day theme for this game. Did you know that a Canadian 🇨🇦 special forces operator holds the world record for longest range sniper kill?

  43. The submarine is in the yellow section. Does that make it a yellow submarine? Yellow submarine? Yellow submarine?

  44. Rebellion… If you're reading this… Rodney is the reason I just preordered the Sniper Elite Bundle package (Among other games as well).

  45. beautiful game and best reviewer ,
    please review dwellings of eldenvale .

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