Sniper Elite: The Board Game Review - with Tom Vasel -

Sniper Elite: The Board Game Review – with Tom Vasel

The Dice Tower
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Tom Vasel takes a look at Sniper Elite!

Intro 0:00
Overview 1:00
Final Thoughts 8:22

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  1. They nailed the vibe of everything that made the video game great 👍🏻

  2. Wait I'm sure Tom said the same thing oh MInd Management. So which is the top of the line?

  3. Another classic: 'Clue: The Great Museum Caper', it's great to.

  4. Great review. I’m beginning to suspect that David Thompson is incapable of designing a bad game.

  5. I thought you said Mind MGMT Was your favorite hidden movement game, Tom?

  6. I'm surprised you didn't compare it to Specter Ops, which seems incredibly similar.

  7. Thank you for the review. This was an instant purchase after watching your playthroughs. Looks like an absolute blast.

  8. Mind MGMT is pretty great too and the components in that game are better in my opinion and I LOVE Sniper Elite. Solo is pretty good with Sniper Elite too but Mind MGMT’s app is better there too. Very close. I love this theme though. That’s a major win for Sniper Elite.

  9. Seems cool, but every time I see another hidden movement game it just makes me want to play Whitehall Mystery because it’s so streamlined.

  10. Gives me Specter Ops vibes lol not sure I need both games but Sniper Elite looks interesting and fun nonetheless.

  11. This looks good, I may have to check it out. I'm a big fan of the videogames.

    I'm glad hidden movement games are getting such a wealth of quality games, it's a fantastic mechanism. Really looking forward to Beast coming out later this year, too. Scandinavian folklore, big monsters, and hidden movement. Should be grand stuff.

  12. Tom would never touch the video game. The amount of in your face graphic realistic violence is not for the faint hearted.

  13. Watched another playthrough and wasn’t sold on it because of the line of sight rules which are too convoluted for me.
    I’d rather play the video game.

  14. The only problem I have with this game is it seems like that usually when the Sniper shoots a target, he's using a handgun in close quarters rather than a rifle from afar. Sort of detaches the gameplay from the game's title.

  15. I am psyched to try this. David Thompson has been batting 1000!

  16. Now I want to watch TOP10 hidden movement games from Tom and Zee. Looks like there is no such top? I could only find top 10 hidden role which is different.

  17. I enjoyed playing this. My only gripe was that the bad guy movement felt very limited, so often on player’s pieces are nowhere near the action and it’s very hard to get them across the map to where they need to be, so that player isn’t really involved

  18. I always air drum at the end of your reviews

  19. That seems really interesting, especially that shooting mechanic.

  20. Wow I almost did not watch the video because I assumed it was going to be a bad board game attempt. I am super intrigued now. Thanks Tom!

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