So Many BIG Board Game Announcements! & MORE Board Game News! -

So Many BIG Board Game Announcements! & MORE Board Game News!

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The latest official card, board, and tabletop game news for June 2023.

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00:00 Intro
00:17 Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game IS BACK!!
01:45 Let’s Party In PEI
02:17 Star Trek Discovery: Black Alert
03:07 Star Trek: Cryptic
03:48 Spectral: A Deduction Game
04:46 Jokkmokk: The Winter Market
05:40 War Of The Ring: Against The Shadow
06:12 New Games on Board Game Arena (sponsor)
07:00 Spiel Des Jahres nominees
08:08 Neotopia
09:08 It’s happening! IT’S HAPPENING!! Ticket To Ride: Legacy


  1. What???! The while team in PEI?! For realz?! How can i meet y’all?

  2. I heard the legacy game of Ticket to Ride is competitive, not cooperative.

  3. Jokkmokk looks fun! Hoping Planet Unknown wins the Spiel

  4. I'm really curious about a legacy TTR as is just about everyone, I think!!!

  5. First! always a great day when Watch It Played posts a video..

  6. I think I’m with you on that Ticket to Ride🤞🏻

  7. I'm hoping that between TTR and My City, I can start tricking my friends into playing Legacy games. Did I say tricking? I meant encouraging.

  8. When I call "Black Alert!" I'm gonna flip that board several times, components be damned.

  9. I see you corrected your invitation to Rodney's place to only be on YouTube and Twitch now.
    Guess all us internet weirdos aren't invited to show up in person. 🙂

  10. I love the cover of Spectral. Very curious to see the gameplay.

  11. You wonder why IDW games decided not to produce Metal Gear. It might have something to do with the fact IDW Games went bankrupt.

  12. I put my money on "the most exciting announcement of the year" to be the Gloomhaven second addition. It prolly just missed the cut, right?

  13. Love these vids! Neotopia is def on my radar now.

  14. Matthew's manic merriment makes these videos veritable geysers of game goodness! Or something like that… Take it from here Chaz.

  15. I wonder if they'll include the original missions for Metal Gear Solid, apparently the developers designed them to be a challenge but forgot that as the developers they had a lot of insight into the game and for ormal people they were practically unbeatable so they toned down the difficulty.
    Rumour/hope was that they were going to release the original missions as European Extreme Difficulty.

  16. Instead of a legacy game, maybe it's a pandemic ticket to ride, where the trains ar multiplying and you must contain the train outbreaks before they take over the world… One route at a time.

  17. Great video! Love the news 🗞️ especially ticket to ride legacy.

  18. Jokkmokk: The Winter Market is original !! i want this 🙂 thank for the video 🙂

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