So Many Big New Games Coming Soon! | Board Game News -

So Many Big New Games Coming Soon! | Board Game News

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This episode: all the latest board game news for February 2023.

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00:00 Intro
00:14 Imperial Miners
01:24 AireCon is Next Month!
02:17 Tanis
03:00 Colorado
04:05 Nautilus Island
05:11 Tipperary
05:49 Expedition…s
07:00 7 Wonders: Edifice
07:53 Andromeda’s Edge
09:12 Sail
10:08 Disney Lorcana – Trading Card Game


  1. LOL! Why can’t Nautilus Island be cooperative? I’m not leaving everyone else behind on the island to get eaten by dinosaurs…or mosquitoes!

  2. Colorado sounds like a really fun game that I’d really enjoy, but I can’t help but feel they missed a trick in not naming it CALLorado. Right?

  3. I'd spend so much money on Lorcana if they provided a digital version on day 1……

  4. Great video! Love the news 🗞️ 📰

  5. I have no interest in any TCGs, but I see that Brave Little Tailor artwork, and I'm like, Ooooh…

  6. You are NOT making it easy for me to resist the Disney game! XD I'm gonna need a second job!!! 🙂

  7. Any chance you’ll be doing a Lorcana tutorial when it releases??

  8. Letterkenny is great! Pitter patter, let's get at 'er!

  9. Always excited for something new from Phil Walker-Harding.

  10. I love so many board games but I have no one to play with… no places that play them anymore.

  11. So much tea will be drunk in March… the Aire will be dry after we’ve finished. Very excited to see you all there again.

  12. Wait, Nat Geo's Expedition game from the website was a Wolfgang Kramer??? 🤯

  13. Tanis is epic. And the board game looks good.

  14. that Tanis reference has me wanting a good game with a Letterkenny setting… imagine a Letterkenny retheme of Bang! The Dice Game except instead of the Sheriff+Deputies vs Outlaws vs the Renegade in a shootout, it's The citizens of Letterkenny vs Upcountry Degens vs Hard Right Jay all having a donnybrook?

  15. I did a YouTube double take when I heard you say "a long way to Tipperary." I really did skip back to make sure I heard what I thought I heard! I was born and raised in Tipp, before moving out to Canada in adulthood. AND I got your Tanis reference. Despite Letterkenny also being a place in Ireland, you're actually referring to the hilarious Canadian comedy series.

    [EDIT] Wait, wait, wait… There's a BOARD GAME called TIPPERARY coming out?!?! I MUST HAVE IT!!!

  16. That's a Texas size 10-4 on the Tanis reference.

  17. 12:08 I don’t see why over-sized cards are a thing. I haven’t followed Pokemon TCG since gen 1 but I presume they came out with the jumbo cards first somewhere down the line. Either way I know you can’t use them in actual tournament game play (probably could in casual play have the basic card and when you play it “swap” it out for the over-sized one, but again casual play). Monetarily speaking they aren’t more valuable right, because they can’t be effective cards in tournament play? It’s a silly gimmick to me personally. If anyone has helpful insight I’d like to know.

  18. 11:20 In regards to 10:44 I’m guessing the ‘inks’ amethyst, emerald, amber etc and ‘First Chapter’ are linked via story, writing down and creating the whole thing. Not sure how that thematically plays out but at least a connection point.

  19. Was this recorded before Stonemaier's Expeditions announcement? Because that's a big board game news!

  20. So, buy a Trove, see which 2 Deck Boxes you get; then buy the 1 Deck Box you’re missing; then buy boosters. Wonder the distribution of cards per booster and on average how many boosters you need to get all 200 cards.
    Some baseball cards are nice in that you can buy a whole box of all the cards in a set.
    We most certainly will get a list announced right?

  21. I want to love Lorcana but need to find a friend first lol

  22. As someone from Colorado, the box art confuses me. I mean… some of it looks like that?

  23. Matthew says "Tanis", and I immediately think Letterkenny. She's only the BEST CHARACTER on the show!

  24. Ooo Letterkenny reference, rare but nice to see.

  25. How many games called Expedition(s) are we going to get this year?
    There's this Super Meeple one, the Stonemaier one, and the Korea Boardgames one.
    I think perhaps they need better titles.

  26. So there's TWO games coming out this year called "Expeditions"?? Because that's the name of the new sequel to Scythe that was just announced two days ago!

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