Solo board game recommendations at different price points! | $25 or less, $25-$45, etc. -

Solo board game recommendations at different price points! | $25 or less, $25-$45, etc.

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Hey friends and welcome back to another Board Game Garden solo video! Today I will be giving you all recommendations for solo games at different price points! I also asked The Board Game Garden Patreon members to give some of their recommendations as well! Hope you all enjoy the video!

00:00 intro
02:39 $25 or less
13:52 $25 – $45
27:29 $45 – $65
35:54 $65 or more
43:22 outro

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  1. "Café" is the Portuguese spelling, which I assume is why you have "expresso" which is Portuguese spelling for the Italian "espresso"Espresso is still what would make more sense in English as it's the original, though Expresso wouldn't be wrong, just based on another language

  2. 7 Wonders Duel has an official Solo that I would recommend and Onirim

  3. Today I learned that The Dresden Files got a board game adaptation… It's one of the my favourite fantasy series of all time !!
    Definitely getting that one

  4. Great video! Eila and something shiny I like it's a solo only game. If you can find it

  5. So glad Genotype is on here! Great solo mode by Steve Schlepphorst.

  6. My recommendation, to play your first "TINY EPIC" game is Tiny Epic Galaxies!

  7. Congratulations on 1 year! I really enjoyed your content which is drama free and light hearted compared to other YouTube channels.Right now the highest game on my list is Quacks of Quedlinburg. I haven’t tried it yet and my game group tends to trend on the lighter weight end of the spectrum. I think they would get a kick out of it!

  8. Appreciate the info! For the record, Pythagoras pronounced "pie-THAG-or-us" with emphasis on the thag.

  9. Cafe is one of my favorites, especially solo… highly recommend the Expresso expansion, just for some juiced up scoring/engine building type things.

  10. A Price-categorized review of games like this is really helpful especially for those who still new to boardgames like me.. I hope I can find more videos like this in your channel

  11. Which do you prefer the most? rolling realms or Explorers? Is Miyabi a difficult one?

  12. Could you please recommend a beginner solo game for someone who will be in the hospital for 10-14 days? Would have to fit on hospital tray table…. Thanks!

  13. Final Girl YESSSSSS! So good. I'm really glad it's becoming widely available now too. Great list Jenna!!!

  14. I read a lot of people with bad reviews about the WSBG. Things were chaotic and not ran well. Have they learned from their mistakes?

  15. Great video, Jenna. I struck gold today while visiting a local used book store. We went in to sell a bundle of old books only to discover the store also sells used boardgames. Imagine my surprise when I came across an unopened Kickstarter version of Isle of Cats Explore and Draw for just $15!!! Happy to add this heck of a deal to my collection.

  16. for the 65 and up, Too many bones, either true solo or 2-handed, is a fantastic solo game!

  17. My top 3 would be "under falling skies", "warps edge" and "nemos war". Another great Video 👍🏻

  18. I second Sleeping God's. My girlfriend and I have been playing it together. There are few differences in gameplay from coop to solo.

  19. Thanks, as always Jenna! I can vouch for Dune: Imperium in solo mode, it’s my top favorite game and I’ve only played solo so far. You go against two AIs and simply flip a card from their deck that tells you what each one does. It’s so easy, and super fun. It’s difficult, but achievable, which is not always the case with solo modes. At least in my experience 😢 haha. Look forward to checking some of these out and playing some of them more!

  20. Great video! I'm looking for more games I can play solo. Didn't realize how many games these days come with solo variants!

    I would add Marvel Champions to the list. Similar game to the Arkham LCG (in the same line of games) but feels more solo friendly and also quicker to set up.
    Also strongly recommend the Oniverse games.

  21. Enjoyed this. I enjoy the games you present. Thank you.

  22. My humble recommandations :

    Street masters
    Power plants
    After Us
    Guild of merchant explorers
    Warp's edge
    Sentinels of the multiverse Definitive edition.

    And then other already listed, such as, Cascadia, Bullet ❤, Astro knights / Aeon's end, etc..

  23. scythe is very good solo. You can get a full multiplayer experience and even run multiple AIs. Raiders of the North Sea is great as well.

  24. The ones that play solo the most are Black Sonata, Too Many Bones, and Palm Island, although I just got For Northwood!

  25. Dune Imperium was maybe the first solo that I tried, and it was also my first time playing this game in general. I played it at a friend's house (who has the game) while pet sitting for them. I enjoyed the solo mode so much that I got my own copy to play with friends. I really liked the mix of mechanics in general, and what impressed me about the solo mode is that the automated players added a great level of tension in terms of "what locations to go to first before others take those spots" and the uncertainty of opponents total combat strength (like when they have Intrigue cards). It felt in many ways like I was playing against dynamic human players instead of static automated players.

  26. I'm surprised Hadrian's Wall or Everdell weren't on the list at all! Do you just recommend those games multiplayer instead?

  27. As a Canadian, not pronouncing Maquis as Ma-KEY?? You better watch at least 17 hours of hockey to get your Canadian card back! 😂😂 Now to be serious, Maquis is an excellent solo only worker placement game with a fantastic theme. It is easy to table, easy to learn and difficult to win- all the things that make solo gaming fun! Thanks for a great video. As a solo gamer, really appreciate the list and the ideas for new ones as well! Take care!

  28. Such a great video Jenna! So many great ones! I have recently been playing Dog Park, Lacrimosa, and Earth! All so great! I would love to try Concordia, Feast for Odin, and Hallertau – I Just love solo gaming so much; it has gotten me through some very dark days lately <3 Thanks for the great content, I love all of it! 🙂

  29. Your solo vids are some of my favorites ^_^

  30. As a solo gamer this is an amazing video! Thanks for all the ideas and for showing a variety of price points. Adding some things to my list!

  31. If you are into dungeon style games, Set A Watch is EXCELLENT, i play it mainly solo at work or just whenever, and the expansion adds a nice twist, also has a new expansion coming soon. And its on the lower end around 30 bucks for the standard edition.

  32. It's a beautiful day, be sure to stop by #dupbags and treat yourself to a nice bag

  33. Cool I didn’t know about the solo campaign in It’s A Wonderful World.

  34. For Arnak, I thought in the rulebook that we were sort of befriending the forest spirit things, but looking at what you need to clear them, it is more “defeat” or “beat down” or “conquer”.

  35. Aquagarden would go into the most expensive bracket and I would get it if only it wasn’t so darn expensive.

  36. You've really been a big reason I have tried more solo! I love IaWW but did not even know it had solo, and I think I have to try FInal Girl at some point, it just gets so much praise.

  37. It's a Wonderful World is a great game. The solo challenges can be tough!

    Dune Imperium is also terrific solo. The automa is easy to run, and gives a good challenge.

  38. I've never heard of Final Girl before but it seems to be right up my alley, unfortunately only the Core Box is available where I live. Would probably get the Alien inspired expansion if I got the chance

    Also thank you for these types of reviews, perfect length, great variety in genres and nice touch with the patron recommendations as well. As someone who wants to expand their Solo Board Game Collection this is so much helpful 🎲😃

  39. Every single game was a solid recommendation. We have them all and they are all part of my solo games rotation. Tranquility is really fun to play with 2 (non-talking/sharing) players.

  40. Surprised the $25 and under (primary or patreon recommendations) didn’t include any Oniverse games, especially Onirim.

    Glad to see a lot of Stonemaier games, Automa Factory/Morten does amazing solo designs.

  41. Hi Friend! I hope you are having a great weekend.

  42. Pythagoras as in Pythagorean theorem. From geometry. It was fun watching you try to use phonics on it.

  43. This sounds definitely interesting. I'm so happy you showed up in my recommendation. A new subject I haven't even thought about at all! Thank you.

  44. How come our man Hadrian didn't make it to the list?! 😅
    Thank you for the recommendations, I'm taking notes on what to try on BGA.

  45. What version of bloom is the one recommend as there's a few games with the name bloom

  46. Great video!
    When I saw the title for the video, I immediately thought of Obsession. I learned of the game through your videos, and it is an amazing game to play solo.
    You definitely need to try Hoplomachus Victorum, another awesome game for solo play.
    Take care

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