Solo Board Games 2022 (Top 10) -

Solo Board Games 2022 (Top 10)

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My Top 10 Solo Board Games for 2022

This is all just my opinion and I REALLY want to know your thoughts on these entries and what you would add or remove.

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00:00 – Intro
01:11 – Hero Realms
02:45 – Bad Bones
04:14 – Chronicles of Crime
06:05 – Marvel Champions
07:54 – Under Falling Skies
09:26 – Destines
10:47 – Unlock
11:49 – Samurai Spirit
13:19 – MicroMacro: Crime City
14:45 – Marvel United
16:10 – Outro


  1. I never considered the Marvel Champions to be the best of LCG's. Personally i think it's not bad, mechanics are OK, but just emotions and fun factor aren't there for me (and i'm sayin this as a Marvel fan). For some reasons Lord of the Rings LCG gave me much more pleasure, satisfaction and fun, and MC just feel like an empty shell with a lot of rules.

  2. None of these a solo games just milti games that are play-'able' solo. This video is just I lpve this game with other people but you CAN play it by yourself

  3. Great video! I’m disgusted with myself they I had your #1 in hand to purchase but did not because I wasn’t sure it was a good game. If only I had watched this video first…..

  4. Solo recommendations: Mage Knight with expansions…. Gloomhaven or Spirit Island or Aeon's End two-handed, Gaia Project solo mode, Kanban EV solo mode. Too Many Bones was good, but had some broken/unpolished aspects. Escape room or detective board games. Friday by Friedemann Friese. Oniverse games.

  5. My favorite solo game is Bullet Heart/Star; it's a timed puzzle game where you play one of 8 (per box) characters with asymmetrical playing styles which you use to clear incoming tokens. Its solo mode let's you go for a high score OR you can face off against a Boss version of a character. If you combine both boxes you have something like 240 combinations, which is a lot of content.

  6. Interesting list. A lot of games I've heard about but never looked into. Thanks.

  7. So nice to see Samurai Spirit getting some love. It is one of my favorite games. Sorrily overlooked.

  8. My favourite and one that I don't see on many people's solo games list is Clank! played with the companion app. Others I like are One Deck Dungeon, Lost Ruins of Arnak against the AI deck, Mansions of Madness and Legacy of Dragonholt. I've tried Destinies solo but it definitely works better as 2 or 3 players so that there is some challenge.

  9. Nice list. But I really wanna see that shirt you're wearing and where to get it. Is that for the cover of the old Pc version of Rogue?

  10. I mean it might not have a proper solo mode but Legendary Marvel is great solo, I just play it two-handed ☺️

  11. Hate Apps.
    There are so many board games with solo mode so why Apps here ?

  12. Thank you for this video.
    Oh, and… 11:47..?
    (..Even if not at Unlocked..)
    You('re) awesome.

  13. Interesting list! I think you should try Burgle Bros 😉 my favourite co op to play solo

  14. Thank you for showcasing a few that are lesser known.

  15. My favorite board game/ TTRPG is D100 DUNGEON MAPPING GAME with its books!

  16. Nice to see United on the top! Love to play that one solo and with my kids! Punisher paired up with Captain America has so far beat all villains from season 1.

    Here are my top solo games:

    1. Lord of the Rings LCG
    2. Star Trek Frontiers
    3. Dune Imperium
    4. X-Men United/Marvel United
    5. Marvel Legendary
    6. Aliens Legendary
    7. Marvel Champions
    8. Imperial Assault
    9. Outer Rim
    10. Gloomhaven/JOTL

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