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Deepraj Singh –
Thomas Ridgewell-
Chloë Dungate –

Narrator –
Animations –

Director of Photography – Ciaran O’Brien
Assistant Camera & Colour Grade – Rachael Hutchings
Gaffer – Richard Scott
Sound Recordist – Tom Bartlett
Sound Design – Dan Pugsley
Edited by – Sammy Paul
Assistant Editor – Edith Windle

The Chameleon clues explained
(some of these are more obvious than others):

Sammy – OCTOPUS – The other eight legged creature.

Deeps – SPIDER – Apparently you can milk a spider for its web to make silk. Horrible.

Tom – MOSS – Our friend Dan Moss has a phobia of spiders.

Chloë – PASTA – The Chameleon. Cleverly implying creepypasta.

Chris – QUICK – Spiders are quick.

Reb – FOREST – All those spiders that live in the Forbidden Forest.


  1. Just the fact that Tom refuses to elaborate any further on his word and everyone is just ok with that despite not getting it is wild

  2. I got deeps' immediately when I first watched this

  3. it’s been two years and still “sonic….GROOMING” is the only thing keeping me alive

  4. When he said milk. I thought he was talking about the goat that lactates spider web

  5. Oh, btw – Sammy choice of Library Card, can be interpreted as if he were in Castlevania Symphony of the Night, which means he would use Library card, to teleport to a Library shop in Draculas Castle, which is Genius strategy, since Sammy would no longer be in a Balloon.

  6. Can we just talk about how scary good chloe is at being the chameleon

  7. I thought milk was supposed to be a reference to silk.

  8. 100k of the views on this video are people coming back to rewatch reb's cutting man-with-a-brain joke

  9. please can you do another one of these?? maybe with dodie again?

  10. This series will forever remain my favourite comfort videos. The day these disappear, I do too lmao

  11. Am I the only one siding with Deeps on milk!? Milk is white just like spider web lol

  12. Aw. I was hoping for a couple Chameleon rounds

  13. I think we're ready for the next one, Sammy

  14. Legit only thought of "Hot Choccy Milk" spider in regards to Deep's lmao

  15. Ok I was going to defend spider milk, because that's how you get their venom, but… No, nevermind.

  16. Believe it or not, people do indeed Milk spiders for venom and its web.

  17. i dont think ill ever get over Chris' delivery of "im going to space!" impeccable

  18. 14:46
    If anyone even thinks that The First Notepad's Description actually correctly describes The Drawing's Intended Meaning. Chris's Face's Expression would've corrected them instantly

  19. My favorite moment from scrawl was when I got something that looked like someone flipping off a model house, so I wrote “fuck your tiny house”. The problem began when my friend read it as “fuck your tiny horse” so the rest of the group alternated between describing people fucking horses and drawing people fucking horses

  20. If you kept making these after covid it would be lovely. I nesrly died several times

  21. Fun fact:

    There’s a spider that does make silk! When “milked”

  22. i am genuinely crying full on tears after reb loudly announced “that’s rare!”

  23. If only he had said you milk a spider for it's venom they may have believes him. Because that's what the procedure for extracting spider venom to make an anti-venom is called. Nobody milks a spider for its silk….. that's just not a thing.

  24. Chloe and Tom have the same laugh, it's amazing.

  25. I burst out laughing every time I watch this series, even knowing what's coming. Outrageously funny people and insanely contagious laughter.

  26. im supposed to be sleeping, but this made me laugh out loud and now im scared lmao

  27. I want a tshirt that just says OH FUCK OH SHIT I AM HERE

  28. The fact that you quite literally do milk a spider is one of the subtly funny things about this video

  29. The fact that "Milk" could have been milking a spider OR Silk Almond Milk and STILL nobody was on his side

  30. Ok this video is 2 years old… But why is no one talking about the fact that you don't milk spiders for their web in milk spiders for their venom… 😳🤣

  31. Deeps is correct to use the verb "milk" in that context (you also "milk" a snake's venom from its fangs) – but also, "milk" was a tremendously poor clue, and I love that both of these things are true.

  32. All of the little men drawings all look like Dream Minecraft

  33. "That's rare!" Made me speed from TikTok to watch this

  34. Scrawl was so funny I want it so badly but I uh need friends first xD

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