some lovely board games 5 CRACK -

some lovely board games 5 CRACK

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i’ve upgraded from imovie and it shows

as usual, credits to sammy paul and the gang, i just put stupid captions on it


  1. Unfortunately my main account is restricted from commenting by merit of the student accommodation wifi (yes it's stupid) but I've subscribed to you and liked this video on both. I sobbed for hours when I found out they were doing the final episodes and it's by far my favourite comfort series. Please make crack for the other episodes.

  2. Reb is the star of every episode she's been in.


  3. i love how happy reb is to hear the discount code it's so precious

  4. everytime i watch the SLBG series i have a bit of a giggle
    this has given me more of a giggle

  5. The fact that it’s mostly Reb ahahahahhahahha what a legend

  6. thank you for this. gutted this series is ending. damn you sammy

  7. reb day is always my fave in these vids like she spits out things out of NOWHERE and still be the funniest person in the room

  8. i think that the one and only Rebecca Day, may be the funniest person alive right now

  9. other honorable mentions: 
    "hey guys what game do you want to play next"
    nego and dottie's handshake
    "birds can be wacky"

  10. tom's absolute outrage at the chameleon brings me great joy

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