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The Chameleon


20 Second Showdown

Even more games

Code THATSRARE for 20% off.

Taha Khan –
Reb Day –
Nego True –
Dottie James –
Thomas Ridgewell –

Director of Photography & Colour Grade – Ciaran O’Brien
Camera Operator – Bryn Williams
Second Assistant Camera – Adeeb Waren
Sound Recordist – Tom Bartlett
Edited by – Elliot Gough
Sound Design – Dan Pugsley
Production Assistant & Narrator – Edith Windle
Second Unit Sound Recordist – Pheobe Spencer

Special thanks
Cambria Bailey-Jones
Jamie MacLeod
Matt Amys
Matt Ley
Daniel J Layton
Nazim Isma Benjamin
Big Potato Lily
Big Potato Em
Big Potato Nat
Big Potato Becky (‘boujee house’ provider)

The Chameleon clues explained

Sammy – JENKINS – The Chameleon

Nego – WINGS – Buffalo wings

Dottie – WATER – Water buffalo

Tom – HUNTED – Buffalo are hunted, I guess

Taha – BILL – Buffalo Bill

Reb – COWBOY? – Cowboys hunted buffalo


  1. you better have everyone who's been on this show for the last one

  2. has anyone else noticed that sammy has linked tomscottgo as tom's channel in the description😭

  3. these videos are so much fun. best promotion of the games i can think of!

  4. Nego is really wonderful. His sense of humour is so deadpan.

  5. Tom's "link" in the description leading to Tom Scott's channel is very funny.

  6. "Three things less than a dollar"

    Pulls out three pennies

  7. this is honest to god the best series on this website 😭

  8. Im so happy to see more of these videos <3<3<3<3<3

  9. I love how Christian Bale doing stand up is less believable than Daniel Radcliffe juggling knives

  10. Man I finally checked out Tom's channel in the description and I've never seen anyone as interested in etimologi as him! He dyed his hair though

  11. as someone getting a biology master's in Colorado this blatant misuse of "buffalo" when they mean "bison" is driving me up the wall

  12. Not surprised Tom screamed “GIMME THAT COKE, WHERES THE COKE THIS IS MY COKE NOW!”

  13. this series has always been genuinely helpful in figuring out what to get my brother for Christmas I have been Influenced

  14. Omg the way they dug their graves SOOOO DEEEP in the first one without the chameleon even having to lift a finger during discussion made me almost click off this video, jfc

  15. I think Reb should be mongoose in all future game of snakesss she may take part in

  16. I thought buffalo Jenkins at the start god was I wrong 😂😂😂😂

  17. this is so weird i watched this like last week and now i’m at the zoo and they’re doing a presentation on screaming hairy armadillos

  18. I'm proud of myself for knowing Bruce Willis played the harmonica

  19. One of my favourite underrated lines in this one is when Dottie just goes ‘oh, it’s a basement’, unironically makes me wheeze. 32:14

  20. Tom "It would have been an insane play is Sammy just threw in a random name"

    Sammy: 🤫

  21. if there was ever a ‘third impostor’ in board games, tom might just be it. who hasn’t heard of buffalo bill???

  22. 15:49 Tom's joke went underappreciated… don't worry Tom, I loved it.

  23. Im glad its back, im sad its the penultimate episode

  24. Done in by a boujee house is honestly one hell of a game to lose a game

  25. I love the fact Tom's link in the description is to Tom scott

  26. Reb says stop me from talking made me choke on my hot chocolate

  27. cant believe these people have never heard the water buffalo song from veggietales. i will never forget about the existence of water buffalo

  28. The way everyone jumps back at 24:18 makes me think Reb’s “stop me from talking!” acted as a psychic shotgun blast of hilarity for that side of the table

  29. “WHERE’S THE COKE!!!!”

    I’ve definitely heard that shouted before, in very different circumstances

  30. "For the NHS" is honestly one of the most underrated SLBG lines

  31. The code being THATSRARE is an incredible throwback. We love reb day

  32. I'm still sobbing over the fact this series is over, please why can't some of these people get together and make more comfort content for us, without a sponsor? It doesn't have to look studio quality like this does, obviously that would cost too much

  33. Sammy's Jenkins play was such a long shot and it worked so incredibly well holy shit

  34. i've just realised that Sammy has put the link to the wrong Tom's channel in the description and not knowing whether it was an accident or intentional is freaking me out

  35. Reb saying "stop me from talking" after just talking so it isn't silent is something I relate to on so many levels

  36. 25:14 made me HOWL the absolute sincerity in taha’s voice and the immediate cut are just perfect

  37. i love reb day and i’m not afraid to admit it ‼️

  38. editing the timers for twenty second showdown must have been PAINFUL. elliot, i am so sorry.

  39. I find it funny how Tom’s channel link in the description links to Tom Scott

  40. The Chameleon round, the Snakes round with Reb as the Mongoose of truth, Reb's "stop me from talking".. this episode is just full of comedic GOLD ⭐

  41. Blim blim blim, PIANO
    Blim blim blim, GUITAR

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