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The Chameleon

Sounds Fishy


Even more games

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Outtakes/ bonus rounds for the entire series

Thomas Ridgewell –
Chloë Dungate –
Reb Day –
Liam Wallace –
Bertie Gilbert –

Director of Photography & Colour Grade – Ciaran O’Brien
Camera Operator – Bryn Williams
Second Assistant Camera – Izzy Page
Sound Recordist – Tom Bartlett
Edited by – Elliot Gough
Sound Design – Dan Pugsley
End Credit Song – Benjamin Squires & Reb Day
End Credit Visual – Kai Newton
End Credits Directed by – Thomas Ridgewell
Production Assistant & Narrator – Edith Windle
Second Unit Sound Recordist – Pheobe Spencer
DIT – Aaron Wheeler

Artwork by
Matt Ley

Special thanks
Cambria Bailey-Jones
Jamie MacLeod
Matt Amys
Matt Ley
Daniel J Layton
Nazim Isma Benjamin
Big Potato Lily
Big Potato Em
Big Potato Nat
Big Potato Becky (sorry about the chair)

Liam’s shamelessly plugged (but wonderful) short film

The Chameleon clues explained

Round One – Technology

Tom – FAILED – The Chameleon

Chloë – CONNECTION – Technology connects people

Sammy – STEVE – Steve Jobs

Reb – SHARP – There are sharp objects in DT class

Liam – MOON – We used technology to get to the moon

Bertie – DESTRUCTION – Technology has irreparably destroyed what little humanity we had

Round Two – Documentary

Tom – JIGGLE – “Jiggle Jiggle” a song by documentarian Louis Theroux

Chloë – STAIRCASE – True crime documentary The Staircase

Sammy – CANON – All documentaries are canon

Reb – BORING – Reb believes documentaries are boring but she’s wrong don’t worry documentarians I got you

Liam – TRAVEL – Travel vlogging

Bertie – DESTINY – The Chameleon


  1. What a great series it was, and what a great Finale there is. Thank you <3

  2. I thought Liam was referencing despicable me 🤖

  3. lmao tom’s instagram links to tom scott’s lmfoaooaaoa

  4. "Brian" had me almost falling over in my kitchen, I am in pain (27:58)

  5. The outro genuinely made me tear up 😭😭

  6. Chloe saluting for the entirity of Reb's song was the PERFECT reaction. Couldn't imagine a better end


    Aww I'm gonna miss these videos they're so much fun 😭❤️❤️❤️ whenever I need a good soul-wracking laugh I'll rewatch these lmao ❤

  8. I'm glad Tom is still listed as Tom Scott in the description

  9. I’m tearing up about the end of a prolonged advertisement
    thank you for all the laughs 🙂

  10. went from crying from laughter to crying from it being over. what a fantastic finale

  11. the best ending to a series! that end-credit scene is like a Some Lovely Board Games crack of some sort. Loved it!

  12. Tom being referenced to as Tom Scott in the description is great

  13. ultimate comfort content. sad to see it go. happy to see it here in the first place.

  14. Exceptional credits sequence. Sad this series has ended, but we'll always have Reb Day's powerful and heartening ballads

  15. this made me laugh so hard. sad this is coming to an end <3

  16. The video is really funny but nothing compared to the discount code being THATSRARE

  17. I did not expect that kind of ending! Love it. 😂

  18. THAT "BRIAN" MOMENT LMAOOO PLSSSSS I can't stop laughing

  19. indeed an end to an era that never failed to make me smile :))))

  20. The ending made me actually quite emotional. Thanks for all these lovely episodes, sammy. It was so much fun.

  21. ok I didn't expect to get so emotional during the end credits damn…

  22. I feel so emotional over fucking board games im litteramy crying

  23. maybe the real big potato games were the friends we made a long the way… i can’t believe it’s been 4 years since the first one and now here we are… i’m really gonna miss this series :’))

  24. these videos GIVE ME LIFE. genuinely in my 13 years of youtube, never have a set of videos made me piss myself laughing like these. im praying for a 2024 christmas special!!

  25. Loved this series! Sad to see it go but glad we got it in the first place

  26. Wow I was not expecting to laugh-sob at those credits

  27. "It's not about the stink. It's about the velocity."

  28. Thank you so much for this series. It will be dearly missed. I have bought the Chameleon for Christmas to play with my family because you guys make it look like so much fun x

  29. the ending credits are incredible, this series will be sorely missed

  30. aw i love this series so much, i come back to it whenever im upset and it never fails to cheer me up

  31. Is there a way we can still use the code if we're not in the UK?

  32. It just occurred to me that Sammy’s word references Steve Jobs, and not in fact Minecraft Steve, as I had presumed

  33. genuinely don't understand why you would want to stop making these 🙁

  34. “…she punched a kid” might just be the best thing reb has ever said in one of these

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