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Reb Day

Steven Bridges


Animations – Elliot Gough

Narrator – Daniel J. Layton

Director of Photography – Ciaran O’Brien
Assistant Camera – Jamie MacLeod
Sound Recordist – Tom Bartlett
Sound Editor – Dan Pugsley


The Chameleon clues explained
(some of these are more obvious than others):


Tom – MODERN – Referring to modern architecture.

Reb – MATHS – Maths is a key element of architecture.

Sammy – BLUE – Referring to blueprints. Which was immediately given away right at the worst moment.

Dodie – TALL – Buildings are tall. You’re welcome.

Steven – TIMELY – The Chameleon.


Sammy – BLOOD – Unicorn blood grants eternal life.

Dodie – PURPLE – Unicorns are often purple, I guess?

Steven – FAST – Unicorns are fast, I guess?

Tom – LAST – Referring to the film The Last Unicorn.

Reb – WIGGLY – The Chameleon, obviously.


  1. 2 years later and I still cry with laughter every time!

  2. this series will always be my favourite videos on this webiste. they never fail to make me laugh and i always feel 100x better after watching them.

  3. but the thing is!!! timely is so accurate!!! bc architecture is so characteristic and indicative of the time period in which a building was built!!! timely is so accurate!!!!

  4. 4:34 Something about the way Tom says "cause you're mad!" makes me really happy

  5. *reb peenching shirt and smiling uneasily*


    everyone: *silence*

    everyone: *hysteria*

  6. So the joy that is Youtube led me from Tom Scott's Game Garage to this and I can't breathe for laughing. Much needed as I am planning on meeting friends for games soon.

  7. I’ve crying laughing every time I’ve watched this, and I’ve watched this at least 4 times over the years

  8. perfect. quarantine. content.

    this has kept me going

  9. Stephen was fucking good at acting innocent even though everyone was already voting for him like HOW

  10. They really asked a bisexual to make a decision

  11. sammy's reaction when tom realized the word is priceless

  12. Dodie's interpretation of "touching cloth" looks like a dainty tattoo someone would get

  13. Tom is just laughing his butt off in the corner

  14. This video never fails to take make me suffocate from laughing.

  15. dodie's drawing of touching cloth never fails to make me laugh so hard that I cry

  16. ive rewatched this now for probably the 10th time and reb's drawing still kills me

  17. I come back to this video every time I'm feeling down cause I just know I'll spend the whole time laughing

  18. Did anyone else notice the little potato guy in the background?

  19. I don’t see how they didn’t get blue 🤦‍♂️

  20. After years I still never understood Tom’s ‘last! For unicorn

  21. this video never fails to make me cry laugh

  22. Reb was a top tier chameleon, idc what anyone says, she was here for a good time not a long time 😂

  23. back for another re-binge of this series
    it never gets less funny, i'm still perpetually cracking up from big heat, sluts

  24. I wish I could watch this video for the first time again, just to hear the shambles of blue without knowing what was going on once more.

  25. So scrawl is just telestrations, but dirty? I can get used to this 😂

  26. They had to have smoked a fat doobie right before this recording, haven't they?

  27. im rewatching this for fun and its only now that i realised that this is why someone wrote “big heat, sluts!” on a sign and gave it to dodie at one of her shows lmaooooo that confused me for ages

  28. What was Sammy going on about blue? I still don't get it lol

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