Sooooo Many Kickstarters - 9 Board Games That Just Launched That You Should Know About -

Sooooo Many Kickstarters – 9 Board Games That Just Launched That You Should Know About

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It’s March Madness! But not the sports kind. The Kickstarter kind. 9 Kickstarters launching yesterday and time to keep you up to date on what they are.

0:00:00 – Introduction
0:00:34 – Tidal Blades 2
0:01:37 – Fire For Light
0:02:26 – Casting Shadows
0:03:35 – Ares Expedition Expansions
0:04:47 – Kingdoms Rise & Fall Dorian
0:05:32 – Jurassic World: Legacy of Isla Nubar
0:06:33 – DragonQuest
0:07:07 – Mercurial
0:08:05 – Okko Chronicles
0:09:00 – Wrapping Up


  1. Mercurial; it's my only packing at the moment.

  2. Can't wait for Fire for Light to relaunch in May!!

  3. Thanks for this highly useful overview.

  4. I do like the Jurassic Park franchise and I do love legacy games, but a real reason I'm interested in the Jurassic World game is that I feel Prospero Hall as a design studio has been knocking it out of the park in the last couple years. Horrified, Pan Am, Godzilla, Wonder Woman et al. They've shown they can take a licensed property and get a really good game out of it and not just a cash grab.

  5. I'm not backing any of them. I'm interested in Fire for Light, but after one look at the price tag I decided maybe I can wait and see if there is a retail release for it.

  6. Sir, have you changed your camera settings perhaps?
    I've noticed in your last video that the frame rate went higher than before, and the video quality is just soooo smooth!
    I'm glad that you are evolving, can't wait to hit the special FX BoardGameCo stage! 😜

  7. Mercurial is the only one that has my interest, but I think I’ll pass

  8. I backed Casting Shadows at the highest tier. It is expensive, but the vinyl figures are so cute.

  9. Is this going to be a new regular feature on this channel?

  10. So far this week all I'm interested in is: Casting Shadows and Encyclopedia.

    Casting Shadows is a little pricy for the all-in at almost $250 and all the extra content is not really for me. At most I want the vinyl minis because they're so cute! Here's to hoping the add-on price for those is reasonable. If not, base game or retail will be a choice I need to make.

  11. I might be tempted to back Ares full pledge, but I can skip the others with confidence… might not be so lucky next week 😉

  12. I'm really excited by Tidal Blades 2. Maybe Jurassic World: Legacy of Isla Nubar and Okko Chronicles as well.

  13. Casting Shadows is a back for me. Honestly, my wife and I love the vinyl figures they showed off, but… I’m hoping they will be available outside of the $250 level. Fine with paying an extra $100 for them, I just don’t want most of everything else in the $150 pledge.

    Area Expedition is a maybe. Dollar for right now while I make up my mind for KS vs retail.

    Tidal Blades looks good, but I’m not sure if I need another campaign game.

    Jurassic Park is a pass, unless something significant happens to change my mind.

    The rest are generally hard passes, but I may need to take a second glance at Fire for Light, but the previous comment of campaign games still stands.

  14. I like “Casting Shadows” so far but when I added a comment on the KS project, about (1) Not having a BGG page and (2) Not having any gameplay videos……and they said they have not “gotten around to it.” I mean…in this day and age, not putting up a BGG page before your launch seems like a red flag. It doesn’t mean the game is bad, but it means they don’t understand how to optimize marketing of their project. Then again, they are doing great (funding wise), so maybe I am way off base. Take wha I say with a grain of salt.  
    They said for (1) and (2), that I can just look at the pages/game play videos for their other games like Unstable Unicorns to get a feel for how good their games are. Um….if I was purchasing those other games….then yeah, that would be looking at those pages. Game looks really good and has a Pokémon-esque vibe to it, but I got to tell you…I was highly disappointed by their response and I am contemplating dropping my pledge.

  15. I'm in for Tidal Blades 2. Watched the playthrough of Jurassic Park on the Dice Tower and found the gameplay entirely uninteresting, so passing on that one.

  16. I saw "DragonQuest" and I was hoping that it was a game based on the JRPG video game series, but it wasn't, so my interest evaporated.

  17. Really interesting games, but I won't be backing any of them ! Currently backing Malhya and Tamashi. Ares expedition is cool but I'm gonna wait retail for that one.

  18. I'm actually not interested in single one of these. Suffering from KS fatigue I suppse.

  19. Jurassic World will be around 180 Dollar including shipping and taxes so there has to be some serious stuff to keep me interested.

  20. I'll be honest, I don't see the value in Fire For Light, what am I missing? Will you be doing a video on it?

  21. Definitely backing Tidal Blades. Really interested in Fire for Light, but there are a few too many pledge levels, and I either need to spend a lot of time looking through them, or just pass on it.

  22. Weird, i had subscribed to you and Quakalope, and this is the first time Quak&Co showed up as a recommendation. Lol, this spinoff channel has been out for a while and never even knew.

  23. backing Mercurial so far, looking at a few others. Mercurial is relatively inexpensive for a KS and the art really is fantastic. I don't usually go for dice games but controlling the RNG through deck building looks like a nice balance of strategy and luck.

  24. After skimming through Ares Expedition, Jurassic World, and Tidal Blades, I actually re-visited a game I originally passed on — Hexplore It: Domain of Mirza Noctis.

    I was on the fence for this game and after looking through the new KS campaigns, I realized I would rather play that instead. And it’s a good thing I looked because the Late Pledge closes at the end of the month. I skipped on the new games, went all-in on Hexplore It and it’s set to deliver in June of this year. (Late Pledge has been open for forever.)

    I feel like I made the correct decision.

    Edit: That might be a good video series for you? Highlighting when Late Pledges for popular games are closing, especially for campaigns where Late Pledge is open for a long time? Some of the games will be delivered in months instead of years and may already have some reviews or more info.

  25. Personally not backing any of them. Tamashii is the only one I think fits in my collection. I'm bummed the new Jurassic Park game didn't come with more KS exclusives; although, they are scrambling to listen to unhappy backers.

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