Space Marine The Board Game Unboxing and Review -

Space Marine The Board Game Unboxing and Review

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Did you know you can now add Lieutenant Titus to your tabletop games? I managed to get a copy of Space Marines The Board Game from America(it’s a Target exclusive!) and I will admit while I only wanted it for the Titus model…this set is kinda crazy good value for either Space Marine or Tyranid fans! Highly recommend picking up a set if you can, or wrangling a set over from the States if you don’t live there!

As stated in the video, this set was purchased by myself and as with any review I do on the channel, I was not forced to say anything nice about the product!

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  1. I bought 4 boxes. Now I've got 80 Termagants, 4 Lieutenants, 24 dices, 4 ruler and 4 terrainboard for approx 100 bucks. Because retailer gave a discount :DDDDD

  2. Just went to target for a jacket and saw this. Had never seen it before so looked at the back and saw the units and INSTANTLY picked it up. Never painted nids but always wanted to, and Titus is just the cherry on top

  3. I can’t believe I live five minutes away from a Target store and had to find out from someone outside of the United States, that this is being sold there! I’m on my way to pick one up😊

  4. To me, that pose looks like Titus is drunk and belligerent, stumbling out of the space bar at last call. "What are you lookin' at?"

  5. When a friend told me the price my jaw dropped, they only charged for a character model but you get so much it's crazyI can't wait to see you paint him upGreat video as always Andy

  6. For anyone outside of the US, maybe "Ship7" is an option?

    They take in domestic only packages from stores and transfer them to international carriers…

    We can use this for buying from the UK in the US to dodge the 'Merica tax.

  7. The only other places I find Target exclusives are on eBay, or Taget online but It is a great value for the noney.

  8. It appears that these are the Termagant sprues from the Leviathan box, which are push-fit and only come with the 1 weapon option; therefore, not the "10 model box" now being sold which will have multiple weapon options. Last I checked, ebay prices for 10-model termagants parted out from the Leviathan box were going for about $2 per model so $40 would get you 20 "leviathan" termagants (+rippers). This Target game box retails for about $40? So you can either focus on the $40 Titus model with a 20 free Termagants/dice/game board/rules or the other way around, $40 worth of Leviathan Termagants and get a free Titus model/dice/game board/rules… At the end of the day I don't play Ultramarines and it wasn't worth converting (removing all the Ultramarines logos) it to make a model that is so similar to an existing Assault Intercessor pose.

  9. Game is crap though. Absolute total after thought. For the model value, I think though remember now that nid gaunts get special weapons for free so this nids only build sub par units.

  10. reminds me of 'Queens Gambit : The board game' So… chess?

  11. sigh I just got home and now I have to go back out to Target

  12. I'm going to save this one for tomorrow, I will get too envious and I need to mentally prepare. We couldn't get it here in Spain.

  13. A detail on the Titus mini I thought was weird, is that the left shoulder doesn't have the sculpted ultramarine emblem on it like in the upgrade sprue; it's already plastered all over the little guy, why not add it there too?

  14. Hey Andy – are the Tyranids the Push Fit ones from Leviathan or the ones with the Weapon Options from the Termagant Box Set?

  15. How is this crazy value if it's available only in America?
    I will definitely not be supporting it. Probably just buy Titus from recaster and that's it. One big 👎🖕 for GW yet again.

  16. I remember when Woolworths used to get Target exclusive stuff in. Back in the early 2000s, I grabbed the Target exclusive Ultra Magnus vs. Skywarp Transformers set. Good Times.

    I don't see myself getting the box, IF I did I would definitely do like you've done and cut the pegs off Titus and assemble him with a little more direction to his pose, might even swap his arms with some from the Assault Intercessors kit.

    I'd also consider buying the box of 10 Termagants that come with the new weapon sprue so you can vary up the equipment they have. Certainly something I'd do.

    The only place that might get it is GAME, I remember they got the chance to sell the Space Marine Adventures boardgames.

    Nice video, though. I'm trying to move away from unboxings as I'm currently getting a lot of interest for rpg coverage and paint guides, which I've always wanted to do anyway.

  17. No. Just no. The Titus model is horrible, he looks like his is stumbling around drunk and is in the middle of falling over. At least your way of assembly made it look a bit better than GW did.
    Then we have the poorly sculpted face and silly expression, the old Sternguard kit had a great Titus head in it and Dakka Dakka got a great alternative. Then we have the sad chain sword that doesn’t look at all like it does in the games, it’s just a regular chain sword :/

  18. So a pointless waste of time as we can't get hold of it!!!

  19. I want to grab this but I hear that the Titus model has been getting stolen from the boxes.

  20. Ahhh, this takes me back to the original 'Space Marine' board game where you were fighting with 'Epic' sized minifigures. This one seems more similar to the old 'Space Hulk' board game where you were fighting genestealers. Memories…

  21. I’d prefer the chain sword and the pistol switched over to the opposite hands so more like the game artwork!

  22. I picked this up a few weeks back, for the Titus model. The Tyranids should add nicely to the Leviathan box to have a tyranid army started, too.

  23. Outstanding box and I hope it comes across the pond very soon, especially for that price. Hope you do more unboxing and review videos, I always value your opinions. Thanks again!

  24. The price is amazing, but apparently the game is awful. Video i watched of it, they had played it 3 times and there was no way for them to play it that Titus would survive…
    Would love to get my hands on it though!

  25. So, start thinking about GW usually taking 130$ for 40$ worth of minis instead of "this gets you 130$ worth of minis for 40$".

  26. Great value if you want more termagants and that one particular marine.

  27. Soace Marine 26 models: color book and mounted board $40. WarCry intro box: color book, paper map, 6 models + 100.

  28. Fair with the ETB criticism I have noticed the Newest ETB models are better than the earlier versions with the difficulty of putting them together. Especially the Termagaunts.

  29. I just ordered this from their website. My local Target rarely ever has anything in stock, especially exclusives. Looking forward to painting Lt Titus.

  30. Love the channel man. Definitely subscribed!

  31. Got mine on launch day.. the savings on Nids is crazy!

  32. The head position makes so much difference

  33. Target toy exclusives are common in action figure world. The figures sometimes roll around packaged in other exclusives later on, but it is not guaranteed. Common exclusives are gift packs with lots of repacks of regular release figures with one or two unique 'chase' figures.

  34. I’m sure I saw on warcom that it’s coming to other countries… Japan and Germany maybe? Hopefully it comes out worldwide eventually. Edit: found it: “The board game of the video game of the tabletop wargame arrived at Target stores in the USA earlier in the year – and it now comes to selected retail partners in Japan and Germany.” 26th august. I live in Japan and no sign of it yet though (they also said the kill team space marine heroes boxes were out here but they’re not so who knows when it’ll actually come out…)

  35. I ordered my space marine board game yesterday and the 2 combat Arena games too. 30€/game is fair. I want it for the game. The minis are a welcome bonus.

    It's not TARGET exclusive 😂 in Germany 🇩🇪 we got many markets how sell it.

  36. Good review 🙂

    I'm still astonished. 23 miniatures, one of them a 30€ character sprue and they still only charge 40$. And then we've got sprues that make 5 man squads for 50$ with 70-80% of the content go to your "bits" box and will never be used again.

  37. Nice review, also refreshing to hear someone who can pronounce the word Lieutenant properly.

  38. so where the hell are we supposed to buy this if we don't live in the US? xD

  39. I agree in putting the head on last so you can make him 'face' the right direction. Helps them look more focused and lethal.

  40. Is there any news about this potentially coming to Ireland or the UK?

  41. Damn! You had to find an affordable way to get Warhammer models, didn't you? Jumps in car, drives to Target

  42. This may seem a bit out of left field but how would you personally go about painting the Eldar Craftworld Mymeara? There's an old GW Duncan video that was really good but with the discontinuation of Waywatcher Green Glaze has caused me to struggle a bit trying to find an alternative that retains such a simple process.


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