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Spiel 22 Preview | Touch It! (Wonderful World Board Games)

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September Essen Spiel Spectacular Part 1:
Interview with Lenny from Wonderful World Board Games!

This September Cardboard East will be previewing dozens of board games from Asia on their way to the biggest board gaming convention in the world – Essen Spiel! Join me as I talk about all the upcoming games, what I think about each of them, and which ones I think might be best for you. Welcome to Cardboard East!

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0:00 – Wonderful World Board Games Interview
1:23 – Helppp Me (2020)
2:10 – Give Me A++ (2021)
2:42 – Loco Momo (2020)
4:20 – Touch It! (2022)
5:21 – How to Play Touch It!
6:27 – Touch It! Designer Diary
8:21 – Touch It! How are the three versions different?
12:53 – The Touch It! Controversy
14:09 – Lenny! I want to play your new game!
15:13 – Wonderful World Board Games
16:59 – Easter Egg

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  1. To add some thoughts here, I thought I was going to dislike this game as a "not for me" experience when I tried it. But I noticed a few things I quite gravitated towards: (1) a pretty brutal intensity. Few games make me lean forward for that extra level of focus like the first round of this "I thought was a relaxing party atmosphere" game. (2) it does a really great job of keeping the player on that thin line of "should I gamble with 'got it' a microsecond perhaps too early" or "risk it that another player is still struggling and wait" for those two points. My one major criticism is that this game feels like a solid experience to just show new groups. But the person doing the showing, ie the owner, is going to have to handicap themselves to give everyone a fair shot as you are much more familiar with the pictures. Many games have this issue, but it seems more apparent than most in Touch It 好樂牌.

  2. thanks for highlighting these games for us 🙂

  3. I really liked Loco Momo but still haven't picked it up. Maybe I will be at the Taiwan Board Game Expo (or whatever it is called) this month.

  4. "Lenny, I want to touch your game" 🤭

  5. Some awesome sounding titles!

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