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Splendor Duel – Board Game Review – Now You Have Two Ways To Play

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Splendor Duel – Board Game Review – Now You Have Two Ways To Play

Sorry for the audio everyone. The battery was low on the microphone so the input quality degrades. It’s now been replaced and future reviews are back up to speed. Just soldier through this one as at least I could salvage this one unlike the one I recorded afterwards! 🙂

Well 7 Wonders Duel was a massive hit, can Bruno do the same for Splendor when it was already decent at two players?

Confront your rival guild in a race for victory. Take Gem and Pearl tokens from the common board, then purchase cards, gather bonuses, royal favours, and prestige.

Discover new twists and strategic opportunities derived from Splendor, the original best-selling game. Acquire cards with impressive powers, take advantage of special Privileges, and fight over scarce access to Pearls.

Splendor Duel is a two-player only standalone game based on Splendor that retains some of the main gameplay mechanisms of that design, while being a bit more complex, dynamic, interactive, rich, tense, and mean.



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00:00 – Introduction and Promo
01:00 – Background and Overview
03:58 – 95% Familiar to Splendor Fans
04:55 – Produced Well But Fail On Sleeves!
06:06 – Did We Need A Duel Version of Splendor?
08:55 – Pretty Speedy Though Replenishment a Chore
10:10 – More Tactical Choices Than Splendor
12:58 – Summary and Verdict

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  1. Hey the cards do fit sleeved! Just takes some creativity. In the big well put them face down. Then I’m the tabbed well, put the bag/chips and some cards on top. Then put the cardboard boards on top!

  2. Shame to hear that it may not be colourblind friendly. First impressions watching your video, it doesn't look too bad. Sarah and I play and love Marvel Splendot as I can identify colours easier than the original. I'll try borrow it from the library next week at Gridcon to see if I can get on with it 😊

  3. I did manage sleeve them with thin sleeves and it worked fine. I put all of them in a stack instead.

  4. Two 9 and 10 in a row, (this and the next one) excited. is the tribe of the wind, elevated above this one or not?

  5. Yeah this looks great. Shame I’ll have to do a little bit of surgery on that nice insert for my sleeves.

  6. Always appreciate your insight on if color blind player will struggle with a game

  7. i LUUUUUUUVVVV this game, cant wait for my copy to arrive, played it multiple times at Spiel, such a great little gem (pun intended)

  8. I was lucky to get a copy on Sunday at Essen and we’ve now played it 6 or 7 times. We used to play 2p Splendor. Never again. We love Duel!

  9. Which sleeves did you use to sleeve your cards?

  10. Great review thank you. I am a fan of Splendour and it works well at two for me so great to see this option. Audio was slightly off from about 7ish minutes or was that my imagination?

  11. I am one of the innumerable people who actually likes 2-player 7 Wonders and has no use for 7 Wonders Duel. I think I am going to stick with the original Splendor as well. Thanks for the review, Luke.

  12. Wild guess: Luke should purge 40% of his game shelf contents.

  13. i very much liked playing this… while i reaaaally disliked Splendor. The communal board of picking gems gives this imo muuuuch more depth then normal Splendor (like you mentioned: not only the tactical puzzle, but also the 'tug of war' element). So i agree with your vid, except your statement 'if you don't like Splendor, your not gonna like this' 😉

  14. In a normal game night we usually have 4-5 people. Not sure if any duel game will make it on my game table. Splendor is good, but someone in my group like Spice Road and its variants (Spice Road 1+3 and Spice Road 1+2) much more.

  15. Great video. I've all Splendor games, base game, Cities expansion and Splendor Marvel. And I can't wait to play Splendor Duel. Firstly – because I play mostly with my 11 y.o.son, who is pretty good in this game. He wins quite often, even with adults. Secondly – because I agree with You, Luke, that everything, in witch Bruno Cathala is envolved, is just better. Twists added by him modify gameplay smoothly, in elegant way, no to ruin the base game, but to elevate it to new level. And once again he did it – i mean that he has created a new winner in competition for two player games in 2022, based on game out of 2013. What a year 2022 in board games we have, when old games like Splendor and maybe even Basillica which is only renewed, not transformed like Splendor Duel compared to original Splendor is, are candidates for Game of the Year in 2player games😉

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