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Splendor – How To Play

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In this video we’re going to learn how to play Splendor! If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to post them in the YouTube comments below, ensuring you abide by our Code of Conduct: .

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NOTE: If you get a tie and are looking for additional tie-breakers beyond what you find in the rulebook, you can use these measures to break the tie, which were proposed on an internet forums, that supposedly came from the people behind the game:
– The player with the less number of development cards (already there, and official)
– The player owning the most nobles tiles
– The player owning the most gems (chips)
– If you’re still tied (highly unlikely !) : the last player in the order of play.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:38 – The Setup
01:32 – Game Play Overview
02:14 – Taking Gems
03:05 – Gem Limits
03:30 – Purchasing Developments
04:10 – Bonuses
05:04 – Getting Prestige from Cards
05:53 – Reserving a Development
06:38 – Gold
07:08 – Attracting Nobles
08:00 – Ending The Game
08:14 – Declaring a Winner
08:27 – Conclusion

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  1. Thank you soooo much for that video.
    In polish instruction rules are so chaotic and unclear, your guide literally saved our evening.

  2. Can I take 1 or 2 tokens of different colors (instead of 3, even if there are 3 available kinds of colors)?

  3. How do you count the prestige point’s

  4. So just to clarify, you can take only win 1 noble card per turn, even if you qualify to win more than 1?

  5. What are some ideas to store the game instead of the box it comes with? There is so much empty space….

  6. Hi, can you please explain the claiming gold tokens rule?

  7. what confuses me is I don't GET why I should get one card over another, to me it's not clear

  8. Do you have to keep the developments to keep the noble’s attention?

  9. Is there any downside to reserving developments?

  10. Excellent tutorial. I feel confident I could play the game now. Thank you for making this.

  11. That was a splendid explanation of how to play Splendor! Thank you for the video!

  12. This really is my go to channel when I need rules explanation for any new board game I'm picking up

  13. When and How do you use the gold Token as a wild gem as part of currency to buy development card.

  14. Can you only collect one noble tile per turn then?

  15. Do reserved cards that haven't been bought count against the player?

  16. I made a resolution this year to actually learn to play the board games I have never tried that I own.

    I own around 70 but haven't played 38 of them.

    Splendor is the first I am doing!

  17. One of the turn is reserving a card , we are allowed to reserve only three cards maximum right?

  18. If we already hv 10 token, can we take another then discard at the end of turn?

  19. Thanks for this video it was helpful and easy to follow!

  20. Let's say there's a stack of 4 black and 3 white gem, and that's all. Can I take 1 black and 1 white gem , even if there is no third color available? Or am I obliged to instead take 2 black?

  21. I don’t blame you if you buy precious stones or gems. Jesus tells you about your worth.
    Gems are gimmicky products and services you buy in ignorance. Gems are very unprofitable. Many kinds of consumers will go for the best quality purchases and investments. Gems are actually terrible investments in the long run and lose their intrinsic value. Gems in actuality are purchased with credit cards. They have negative yields and keep you in debt. There is a difference between debit vs credit. Credit means you are borrowing from another institution.

    Proverbs 22:7 ►

    New Living Translation
    Just as the rich rule the poor, so the borrower is servant to the lender.

    Gems look like they bring happiness but give you no true feeling of satisfaction. Many people use fake gems to portray an image of success to ignorant people when in reality are just in a temporary business gig. Many people rent gems and don’t own them anyways. No one owns Ferraris and expensive cars. They just rent them to show off a false sense of success. Gems and gold have a big psychological factor. When you can deceive someone’s mind, you can trick them into thinking you are a powerful person. You have to balance the budget or you won’t give your investors a return. This is how a Manager thinks.

    Isaiah 48:17

    Thus says the Lord, your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel. I am the Lord your God, Who teaches you to profit, Who leads you in the way that you should go.

    Israel had the history of many good stewards and teachers since the beginning of time. They themselves learned from Lord Yahweh and profited from not choosing the world. These are very classic proverbs and teachings for true contentment and prosperity. Israel made many mistakes with people like Solomon. Their wisdom is remembered still today since ancient times. Israel left Egyptian, Babylonian, and Mesopotamian Captivity a long time ago. These kinds of countries chose gems and riches. Some people in Israel sold out to the world and Lord Yahweh taught them wisdom and understanding.

  22. I just got this game and your video was so much better at explaining how to play than others. Thank you!

  23. Thank you for you for the explaination. Question, what happen if a player already has 10 color jam but cannot play anything ?

  24. Such a great classic! And it's very satisfying to build up the engine.

  25. hi. Can you still buy development cards even if you have a reserved card. Do you have to buy the reserved card first?

  26. Hi! It is considered a cheat, if you refuse the visit of a noble?. This because if in your turn a noble visits you and this gave you the 15 points that trigger the final round BUT no one notices this, you skip the noble visit and instead purchase one development card with higher points and with this nobody reaches you.

  27. Question please:
    1) If you are the 1st player to get to 15 prestige points, but you have reserved cards in your hands, do you get penalized for not having gotten the chance to purchase those reserved cards?
    2) When it is your turn to take action, lets say you want to take 2 tokens of one color, does there need to be 4 tokens each of at least three separate colors simultaneously available? For example, let's say it is a two-player game and there are currently 4 white tokens, 3 blues, and 3 greens and 3 browns in the available supply, is it okay to take 2 whites and only one other color for a total of 3 tokens? Or only one white token can be taken, and one single token of any 2 of the other available colors? T.I.A 😊

  28. Can anyone answer this? Let’s say you “reserve” the face down card but you have the gem cards to play it. Can you play it or is reserving simply your turn and you can’t play it? Thanks!

  29. This is by far the nerdiest game I’ve ever played….and I loved it!!

  30. Great video! Could you make one for the Cities expansion?

  31. Are we allowed to buy multiple developments in a turn if we have the required tokens??

  32. I just got this game. Looking forward to figuring it out!

  33. I'm totally new and just trying to wrap my head around this but your clear and deliberate explanations helped a lot for a somewhat confusing game. I was surprised that if there were a tie at the end of the game that the player with the FEWEST developments wins — that seems counterintuitive only because it seems that acquiring developments and ultimately prestige is the whole point of the game so in a tie it would make sense for the player with the most developments to win at least as far as I can seem to understand the logic of the game. Please help me to understand that rule. Thanks so much!

  34. What happens if i cant or dont manage to buy a reserved card till the end of the game

  35. I just started playing Splendor! Question regarding Nobles. If you earn enough to be visited by more than one noble, does this mean you would have to completely fulfill each noble independently? Meaning of 1 noble requires 3 blue, 3 red and 3 brown. And another noble requires 3 blue, 3 white and 3 green… does the 3 blue in your hand count twice? Or would you have to have 6 blue in total? I feel like it's the latter but I can't find confirmation anywhere.

  36. I love your smile, man. Nice explanation.

  37. Hell yeah. This guy is a good explainer. I get it!

  38. Can u use the gold token as a wild gem if u have not bought the reserved card?

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