Squirrel Family HiDE N SEEK 🥜 Board Game Morning with Mom and Dad! playing dinosaur & pirate games! - cutlassboardgame.com

Squirrel Family HiDE N SEEK 🥜 Board Game Morning with Mom and Dad! playing dinosaur & pirate games!

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load the cannons! we’ve got pirate ghosts!🏴‍☠️👻


HEY EVERYBODY!! We just got a BUNCH of new board games that we have been super excited to play! But we had to decide what game to play first, so mom and dad turned me and Niko into toy robots! They used our arms to wind us up, then they programed us to go hide the games inside our house. Then dad used my arm to wind me up again so that Robot Adley would go find one of the games to play. The first game that I got was a dinosaur bone game! In this game, there is a dinosaur that won’t wake up! And you have to very carefully stack bones on his back, but if accidentally wake up the dinosaur you lose and he might eat you! The next game we played was a spooky pirate ghost game! We all had to play as pretend pirates, and Captain Adley is the boss! Ghosts started to pop up around the room and we had to fire the cannons and get rid of them!! When we got rid of all the ghosts we got a bunch of gold pirate treasure!! The last game we played was super fun! Our whole family turned into a family of SQUIRRELS! Mom was the momma squirrel and she hid all of her acorns around the squirrel neighborhood while me, squirrel dad, and squirrel neighbor Niko were sleeping. But when we all woke up we could smell the acorns around the pretend town. We started to find all of the acorns until mom woke up and scared us all away! We had so much fun playing the new games we got!

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Bye vlog *pshhhhh*

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