Star Wars: The Clone Wars - How To Play -

Star Wars: The Clone Wars – How To Play

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In this video, we’re going to learn how to play Star Wars: The Clone Wars! If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to post them in the YouTube comments below, ensuring you abide by our Code of Conduct: .

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  1. What scale are the miniatures for the Jedi and Sith? I wonder if I could have some of them stand in for Star Wars legion models 🤔

  2. The art on these cards is just stellar!

  3. Great video. My wife and I just played it last night and love it. One question though. Let's say I have 3 droids and 1 blockade on a planet and my invasion action calls for another Droid on that planet. Does that planet get a second blockade with still no further droids?

  4. Would you say that the game length of 60 minutes is accurate- even with 5 players or is that a bit of a stretch? For our family, under an hour is that sweet spot, but I would be afraid this one might push into the 90 minute territory pretty easily.

  5. Rodney, my dude!!! Thanks for this awesome "How To"! Before I watched this vid, I had no idea this game even existed! I'm a huge Star Wars fan, so yeah… I'll be picking this bad boy up. Thanks again… I always love your videos!

  6. It would be really cool if they released an expansion with two or three new villains and three new jedis.
    I'm thinking of Cad Bane and Pre Visla as villains you can fight and Plo Koon, Kit Fisto and Ki-Adi Mundi as playable characters.

    It would also be really cool if they included Palpatine as a villain and his ability is that he turns all your squad Cards against you, just like Order 66!
    But before that maybe he could give you extra missions or helpful bonuses and order you around the board, simulating that he's playing both sides of the war and is distracting the Jedi.

  7. I'm confused with obi-wans free action card could u help me understand it?

  8. Excellent video, and a really fun game. Hopefully we get a Rebel Alliance v Empire edition.

  9. When does the invasion tracker increase?

  10. Just need an empire ve rebel alliance one now varient

  11. I have a question about this game, when you reach the finale stage. Do you still continue flipping over cards from the villain deck? Such as Asajj Ventress. She just tries to move to the mission marker that she is already on. I'm looking for clarification from someone?

  12. This totally explains what my local game shop was talking about when I overheard them say Star Wars Pandemic! This plays similar to Pandemic 🤣🤣🤣

  13. I wonder if the fact that the two missions are different only by color would be a problem for colorblind people…

  14. My package was missing both Mission Planet Cards, could you drop an imgur link so i could print that out (Might go against copyright if so its fine)

  15. Brilliant how-to video, as ever. Your relentless cheerfulness is infectious! Thank you!

  16. I’m convinced Rodney could explain just about anything to about any group to make the world more prepared for new things.

  17. Great video! I had a quick question regarding taking damage. The rule book mentions under the attack action that the Jedi takes damage equal to the enemies still on the planet after the attack. Do you still take damage if you're on a planet with droids but did not engage them in an attack? Thanks so much!

  18. The villain turn is in between player's turn or after all the player have donde their turn?

  19. Stellar “How to Play” Rodney, you are the best at what you do!

  20. I would really love it if, in the corner of the video, you listed how many takes it took you to flip the game and catch it in the right orientation. 🙂

  21. The game is amazing :). If you like the theme, this might be the best Pandemic game to date in my opinion.

  22. This games looks very good! I really like the Pandemic system and I like Star Wars so this sounds like it'll be a hit with me

  23. Bought the game and started sorting and admiring the pieces and cards, as is tradition. My absolute biggest surprise and excitement so far is the fact that all of the miniature heroes and villains were not only extremely detailed, but most importantly, NOT A SINGLE BENT LIGHTSABER or limb. This is my first "retail" game that includes plastic miniatures that don't include warped or droopy parts and limbs. Must buy!

    And of course, another great how to play vid 🙂

  24. never played a pandemic game. this one looks interesting though

  25. The box flip was insane this time 😱.
    Thanks for this video Rodney! I thought the rule book wasn’t that great for this game.

  26. I've been dropping hints to my wife about this one since it was announced. This how to play video will have to feed my Star Wars hunger. Oh and Rodney, may the force be with you. Love your videos. Keep up all the amazing work. This is the way.

  27. Played it last night, awesome game. We won just before the game would have defeated us during the next turn. Multiple villians, Jedis and missions make the replay ability really nice.

  28. I sure hope JarJar is in this one. I know, I know. I'm the only one. XD Anyway, can't wait to watch this later! 🙂

  29. It's like eldritch horror but with Star Wars. Sign me up!

  30. Great Video! It’s very refreshing how they are finding clever ways to utilize the pandemic system.

  31. I'm not so good at Pandemic, but I'm a big fan of Star Wars and this game sounds awesome! So I want it! 😀 Great video by the way! 👍 Thanks!

  32. Already know how to play, but imma watch anyway ^^

  33. Nice video as always! Can you do a video explaining how to play King of Tokyo by Richard Garfield? Thanks again for the good videos!

  34. This looks exactly like Horrified, plus with Darth Maul… Sign me up!

  35. "I'll leave them to discover on your own"……..Paula! Where are you? 😉😀

  36. Rodney, you're amazing, or at least a mind reader. I just started hearing about this game and then BAM your video pops up!! Great review(as always) and now I can wait to get my hands on it.

  37. It seems that everything bad advances the "Threat Meter"…

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