Star Wars: Villainous - How To Play -

Star Wars: Villainous – How To Play

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In this video, we’re going to learn how to play Star Wars: Villainous! If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to post them in the YouTube comments below, ensuring you abide by our Code of Conduct: .

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00:00 – Introduction
00:36 – Setup
02:20 – Unique Villain Setups
03:00 – Game Play Overview
03:25 – Turns – Phase 1: Collect 1 Ambition
03:36 – Turns – Phase 2: Move your Villain
04:04 – Turns – Phase 3: Taking Actions
04:24 – Actions: Collecting Credits
04:42 – Actions: Fate
05:28 – Fate Cards: Hero
07:04 – Fate Cards: Fate
07:11 – Fate Cards: Restrictions
07:49 – Fate Cards: Vehicles
08:42 – Actions: Playing A Card
09:29 – Playing A Card: Ally
10:11 – Playing A Card: Item
10:44 – Playing A Card: Effect
10:55 – Playing A Card: Vehicle
12:53 – Actions: Ambition
14:00 – Actions: Maneuver
14:44 – New Use For Fate Actions!
15:23 – Actions: Vanquish
17:55 – Actions: Activate
18:09 – Actions: Discard
18:29 – Playing Conditions
19:25 – Turns – Phase 4: Draw Cards
19:52 – The Effects of Engaged/Unengaged Vehicles
20:50 – Continuing Turns / Game End
21:08 – Asajj Ventress Rules
21:29 – Mission Cards
22:33 – Pacing vs Playing
22:55 – Tips On Understanding Key Game Terms
23:11 – Missions Continued
25:00 – Conclusion

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  1. I expect an expansion featuring Jabba the Hutt, Nute Gunray and mother Talsin

  2. My dude! Thanks for the great video! Man, I didn't even know they made a Star Wars Villainous! I was thinking of picking up Marvel Villainous, but now that I know they have Star Wars, methinks I'll grab that instead. As always Rodney, love your vids and thank you!

  3. So can i mix and match from marvel or disney villanous?

  4. Are you able to mix this set with the other Villianous sets?

  5. I'm curious – do you have to get permission from the publishers to review and make "how to play" videos?

  6. Amazing work Rodney – thanks for making your how to play videos so easy to understand.

  7. Howdy Rodney I hope you are well. I love all of your how to play videos and was wondering if you could do one for spirit island. The game has alot of components and you explain everything to where I actually understand the rules. Thank you for your time and happy gaming.

  8. My mate just got it!!! I can't wait

  9. Is anyone on the back of the instructions? A tease like marvel and disney does?

  10. 3 awesome facts:
    – Villainous Star Wars is now available;
    – My FLGS is getting it in stock soon;
    – Rodney has done a video on it 😁 YAY!!!
    Thank you.

  11. So we had a game with grievous vs. Darth Vader.

    Grievous had his vehicle out that let's him defeat a hero when he moves to it (the ability). Would he be able to use that card to defeat a hero on Vader's sector and claim a lightsaber from it.

    Similarly, if Luke was conflicted and any hero is defeated, even on another board, does he move towards the throne room?

  12. Ventress feels like an odd inclusion here but a welcome one for sure. I'll definitely be picking this up at some point.

  13. It is better than marvel's and disney's villanous in your opinion? Thanks for the video!

  14. Hey there! We played the Star Wars version for the first time last night and have a couple questions:
    1.) if you run out of ambitions in the center, do you not replenish the pot?
    2.) to pay ambitions to win or remove a restriction, must you be on an ambition spot? (for example, Vaders payment for victory can that be done in the same move as playing Palpatine?/Kylos restriction removal)
    3.) In Kylo’s restriction fate, Heart and Strength, can you pay 4 ambitions INSTEAD of defeating Rey? Or must you defeat Rey AND pay 4 ambitions?
    Thank you so much for your help!!

  15. Because of your presentations I already bought a copy for Disney and Marvel Villainous. I'm heading for Star Wars now. My wallet wants to say to you:"😭"
    Enjoy gaming presentations my friend and the force will be with you . Always… 👍😎

  16. quick question

    disney villainous seemed to work best as a head-to-head game

    marvel villainous seemed to work better as group play

    (talking both from my experiences with the game)

    … how does Star Wars fare on this point?

  17. So do you HAVE to resolve the written action on the spaceship cards before doing the symbols, or is that optional? Cos I can see parts of Darth Vader's game (for example) where landing on the Executor and having to reveal fate cards to find a hero could be a hinderance, not a help. Thanks!

  18. I have a question about Revealing cards. If you had to reveal cards from your deck and the very first card you revealed was the required card, do you still have to shuffle the corresponding discard pile into your deck?

  19. I can imagine that if he were added in an expansion, Maul's objective would be to defeat Obi Wan.

  20. Rodney the I love the growing number of wargames on that shelf! Lol!

  21. How exactly do you collect ambition tokens for anyone that’s not ventress from her rewards? Sorry if I missed it

  22. I have several questions about the Kit Fisto Hero Card. The card states “When Kit Fisto is played, you may move ALL Heroes to ANY locations. When Kit Fisto is defeated, General Grievous collects one additional Lightsaber token.”

    The way this card is worded caused a bit of consternation in our first game, so we wanted to see if anyone can clarify:

    1. Does this mean that when Kit Fisto is played, that player can move Heroes out of General Grievous’ sector AND any other players sector and into any other player’s sector? Or does this card just apply to the heroes in General Grievous’ sector?
    2. Does this rule applying to moving heroes INCLUDING Kit Fisto, or does he need to be played into General Grievous’ sector?
    3. Does this mean that, regardless of which sector Kit Fisto ends up in, and whoever defeats Kit Fisto, no matter what, General Grievous collects one additional Lightsaber token? (This question also applies to Ashoka Tano in regard to the extra lightsaber)

    Please help! My son loves playing General Grievous, but we are struggling with this one question!

  23. See a lot of war games in the shelf… hope one day we can see a how to play video with them!

  24. Small question about vehicle movements: Can I swap vehicle engagements? Meaning, can I:
    A) Move an engaged friendly vehicle to another enemy vehicle
    B) Switch a friendly vehicle in for another currently engaged friendly vehicle
    C) Switch an engaged vehicle with another engaged vehicle?

  25. Now we need a Star Wars booster boxes! Dooku, Jango, Boba, Jaba the Hut, Darth Mawl, or Admiral Thrawn

  26. Could you clarify the Vader restriction card that requires Vader to discard his entire hand to remove it? Can you play a card and then discard “your entire hand” of three cards or does it have to be a full hand or 4 cards (or three if vehicle etc.)

  27. Hi! Our son loves Villanous games and he loves Star Wars even though he has not yet seen the movies, he is 7. He has seen some Lego Star Wars shows. So the question is, does Villanous Star Wars reveal the relationship between Darth Vader and Luke?😅 I know, it sounds ackward at this point in time, but I should not want to spoil it for him

  28. Grievous has a fate-countering condition that forces fater to "play a hero from fate discard pile"… does that mean they get to just peruse the whe pile and play whatever hero the fater wants?

  29. We have a question about the mission cards in Asajj Ventress' deck. For example, if I have the Clone DNA mission card and I have a Villain Vehicle in play and I completed "defeat Anakin Skywalker", am I able to complete "defeat Anakin Skywalker" a second time to gain an additional ambition and finish the card? If not, how do I keep track that I defeated Anakin and not Obi Wan as the game progresses and I forget which one of them I've completed? Thank you. We loved the game and your tutorial really helped us out.

  30. is it possible to play it with 5 players?

  31. my family are huge star wars fans – we're seriously thinking about picking it up

  32. Love your channel. I’m just getting back into board games after a while. I recently picked up Star Wars Villianous and I want to get the cards sleeved including the reference cards Do you know the card size and have any card sleeve brand recommendations? Thanks!

  33. My wife and I are finally going to tackle this game while we’re iced in here in Central Texas. Thank you for the tutorial!

  34. Another great video! I'm a huge fan of the Villainous series and your videos make it very easy to jump right into playing the right way.

  35. Just played it with my cousins for the first time and we watched this video right before. Made it easy and the game was so much fun. Had lots of fun as Moff Gideon

  36. If the card "May the force be with you" (All allies in Moff Gideon's sector gets -1 Strength) from Moff Gideon's fate deck is played, and "Doctor Pershing" (Who is a 0 strength ally) is in play, would that make it so Doctor Pershing is discarded? Or would that affect card have no effect on Doctor Pershing?

  37. Hi, thanks for the video! I have à question, how can you have more than 4 cards in your hand, if you can only draw up to 4 At the end of your turn.. ? Thanks again!

  38. You are so good at explaining how to play games and do it with such a happy spirit! Thanks for the great video 👍👌🙏

  39. DUDE! THANK YOU! I never knew how to play this game correctly!

  40. 24:55 do you do the "find" effect even if anakin is already placed from a previous "find "effect on a mission or can you wait until hes defeated to find him and play it for the next mission in this situation?

  41. Awesome video that makes me want to play the game. Thank you Rodney!

  42. During the optional mission to 'find' anakin and obi, the symbol says zero ambition? Why are you paying ambition to use this optional action?

  43. Can you cross play star wars marvel and Disney villainous?

  44. So the game relies on your opponent to use fate actions for you play the game, and you don't have to take fate actions?

  45. 10:13 – Am I right in thinking that this item card can't be played during a "Play A Card" action, but only during the 'Ambition' action?

  46. Thank you for this. I've watched a few tutorials and was still so confused. Yours was very clear. Thanks!

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