Stardew Valley: The Board Game - GameNight! Se9 Ep5 - How to Play and Playthrough -

Stardew Valley: The Board Game – GameNight! Se9 Ep5 – How to Play and Playthrough

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End Game Discussion: 3:01:36

Tonight on GameNight! Nikki, Aaron & Lincoln teach and show you how to play “Stardew Valley: The Board Game” designed by Cole Medeiros & ConcernedApe & published by ConcernedApe.

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  1. I absolutely love the design on Nikki's shirt.

  2. Nothing more rewarding than winning a long game with a tense moment at the end! Thanks for the video!

  3. I liked how Aaron looked into the camera during explanation. Great to have him back. I enjoyed watching this.

  4. I was one of the lucky people that managed to get a hold of the first print of this before it sold out, and I've been enjoying it for months now. I'm so happy this is three hours so I can get even more enjoyment out of this game 🙂 So happy to see more videos with you guys back at the table!!!

  5. Oh man! I’d love to have this game! I love playing Stardew Valley and when I heard about the board game I got so excited!!!! Unfortunately, Brazil’s industry for board games is not so big, so I don’t think I’m gonna be able to have this game for me in a long time…. I googled and it’s only sending to USA. Feels so sad… 🙁 😢

  6. After seeing Aaron here and in The Loop GameNight videos, I was thinking, “Man, there’s something about him that reminds me so much of that one guy from the Istanbul GameNight video. I wonder if they’re brothers or something.” After rewatching the Istanbul intro, I discovered the truth! 😃 (The Istanbul GameNight was posted in July of 2014– almost seven years ago!)

  7. Another fun video game inspired game is Binding of Isaac 4 souls, it currently has a kickstarter right now for a large expansion!

  8. I laughed at the most randomest thing ever. when Lincoln receive a forgeable that is an Artifact @ 2:33:30 , after being explained to he proceed on to say " its Ancient that sword" @ 2:33:55

  9. I really love watching this gaming group's GameNight! I bought Wingspan last year after watching you guys play. Great job on that one! May I make a special request for Isle of Cats to be played "competitively" by 4 players on GameNight? There is a demo of the game, but the creator Frank West was playing for both players and that was already a lot of fun. Would really like to see the group interaction with that game here.

  10. It feels like a good time to start in-person game nights up again!

  11. Nikki and Shane…Sitting in a tree… 😉

  12. Lincoln has an awesome shirt! Gah! I want it!

  13. My No.1 game, from my favorite team. This game never makes me feel bored or tired; either as a player or as an observer. Although I'm a (exclusively) solo player, I watched your session and I really enjoyed it! It was such a pleasure! Thank you for letting more people know the delight named "Stardew Valley"! 🙂

  14. So Aaron, at 19:55 you were saying that you cannot give Harvey Milk? 😋

  15. they keep forgetting to use the silo thing to store unused things

  16. The actual location where grandpa left you his farm is actually called pelican town, stardew valley

  17. A game like this is a lot of fun for its theme. However I always deduct points for a game which can come down to if I lose to a single dice roll. It can be really thrilling in the event that you win but it can be very disheartening to the point of not picking the game back up again if you go through all that effort and and then lose anyway.

    Granted you could say a lot of games come down to a final dice roll but in a game like this it can feel like that final dice roll can make or break all the effort you spent.

    It still seems worth picking up for anybody who's a fan of the video game and likes board games which I am one of and there's a reason this thing is sold out everywhere. It's five out of five for theme. But I think mechanically it might be a 3 1/2 out of 5.

  18. 53:08 Nikki (about Shane): "He might have a little bit of a drinking problem…"

    Nikki, you've got no idea xD

  19. Grats great game. Made me load up Stardew Valley on PC which I never finished.

  20. Yaaaaay! Just saw that you won the game on that roll! I was very tense then, and got really happy Nicki got the roll you guys needed.

  21. I always imagined an episode where you guys bring wil wheaton on as a special guest to join you guys at the table. wonder what that would look like…

  22. Longest intro ever, haha. Great to have you back, guys, thanks!

  23. Wow that was intense. Maybe you could make it easier, by taking one more season card each season

  24. I'll be honest, Only Gamenight and Board Games can make Farming fun for me! 😀 Great playthrough!

  25. Wow, that came down to the wire! Congrats on the narrow win!

    Also, though it didn't really end up impacting the game, I want to clarify the Mixed Seeds item. You don't plant the two crops like you did; you just get them outright, so you could've just plopped two pumpkins (or whatever other crop you wanted) into your inventory for free.

  26. Continuity error when explaining how to play the game…we saw into the future.

  27. This looks fun! How is the replayability of this game?

  28. Stardew valley is one of my favorite video games. Please play more of this!

  29. With the second printing, the creator made moving down the mine easier, plus, getting hearts is easier because everytime you donate to the museum you gain a heart.

  30. 3 hours of game coming down to a single die roll. You should have just rolled that one roll three hours ago, and then go do other things 😉

    (Also Lincoln's "I need a friend" sounded very pathetic 😀 )

  31. That got really tense at the end. Looks like a fun game I should check it out some time.

  32. Nikki seems to be in such a goofy mood in this episode. I love it!

  33. I'm months behind in watching this, and I'm only half-way through the gameplay explanation at the moment, but this is giving me some Robinson Crusoe: Family Farm Edition vibes, at the moment.

  34. I'm not sure how often you do replays of a game, but it seems like this one is popular what do you think about doing a customized seasons deck to your liking, maybe pre-setting some Grandpa cards which have you not in the mine and do more museum stuff, pick different jobs etc.
    Surprised during the review none of you mentioned anything about length of play. I've seen three plays of this game which all finished with reviews and two review only videos and the top remark is how luck dependent the game is, quickly followed by the game length and everyone mentions they wouldn't play the game with more than two people because at three and then certainly at four the scaling the game makes you do is ridiculous.
    Literally never heard of this game (pc) and then decided to watch the game play videos mentioned above and this is quite cute. This game (board) seems more like an activity than a true game, but with that understanding still a nice time. Thanks for the play (and maybe another haha).
    Also, I cast a second thumb for a Star Wars: Outer Rim playthrough

  35. It feels like Uwe Rosenberg helped create this one 😄 Looks really fun!

  36. "You've got the cat, you make the rules".

    LOL, I see what you did there 😀

  37. Krobus HATES forageables…. I'm sorry but WHAT?! He loves Horse Radish! XD XD

  38. Watching this video WHILE listening to the Stardew Valley soundtrack in the background is peak living my best life. Great video by the way!

  39. The rule book actually does state that it is possible to catch more than one fish during one action if your roll matches up with the card icons. So if there was one fish that needed a junimo symbol and one that needed a heart symbol and you roll two hearts and a junimo you could actually take both of those fish. This is in addition to catching as many crab pot fish as you are able, so you could technically clear out the entire fish track in one action if you got lucky enough ! (And if you had enough inventory space) 🙂

  40. Can Aaron stop telling Nicki what to do. Like he keeps microing this whole video…

  41. 37:49 I'm gonna use that line on my wife sometime. lol
    42:25 "I've got wood for the fire" – haha, Robinson Crusoe reference, I like it.

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