Stationfall Board Game Review -

Stationfall Board Game Review

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Join us as we take a look at the hidden role game Stationfall published by ION Design.


  1. бля как сложно тебя слушать мужик

  2. This would be awesome on boardgamearena but so big doubt that will ever happen

  3. Sounds like SpaceStation 13: The Boardgame. Can't believe that I have only just learned about it.

  4. I love chaos and I hate this fucking game for exactly the "unfair" reasons you mentioned in the cons. It really feels like bad design.

  5. "It's no good putting less on because you won't be able to do fuck all with'em." This might just be my new favorite board game channel. 😂

  6. Absolutely amazing. Also beast to teach, I did only once and unfortunately everyone else got overwhelmed by rules.

  7. Fantastic game! But a beast to teach and the "how to play" manual is (as mentioned) rubbish..

  8. Looks clever and all that, but I am with your missus and the other refuseniks.

  9. Another great review – one of my favorite channels on here. Keep it up mate. And RIP to the run-up-the-stairs intro 😂

  10. Thanks for a great review, will have to get this game! A question for you if you don't mind – what channels do you watch/recommend for board game reviews? Thanks a lot

  11. It might a great game, but it’s the kinda game where you need the right group of people and at best lots of people to really empower what this box has to offer… not something I have!

  12. Have you played any other Matt Eklund’s games ? Porfiriana, kriegbot, transhumanity, etc? If not you should

  13. I wish my group could play heavier games

  14. Like others have said, love these videos!!!! You are definitely my favorite reviewer! Keep it up mate.

  15. Good to hear the high praise for this one. It shot up my wishlist after watching Heavy Cardboard do a few playthroughs. Comes across like the dynamic storytelling of Nemesis meets the hidden roles of Discworld/Nanty Narkin

  16. Speaking of Matt Eklund, have you played Pax Transhumanity? I'm still struggling to wrap my head around the rules after attempting a couple solo plays, but I'm fascinated by it.

    Great review btw, looks like I'll have to hunt down a copy of this one too

  17. “This game is too much for my wife and most of my mates. So my mum was playing the other day and…” 😂

  18. Great video, mate, got me wanting this game! You got a new subscriber, love your style, man. So different, so real, so refreshing. Nice one, geezer 👍🏻

  19. Thanks for the great review. Sounds interesting, unlikely to find anyone to pkay it with.

  20. Think I need to try and pick this one up, sometimes you need that chaos on the table. Great channel.

  21. Another strong review. Definitely has my attention. Btw, Love the format you use. I hate it when there's a 10 minute introduction to the channel before you even get to the game. With you. Direct, consistent, no nonsense bollocks.

  22. Totally agree this is a great game. Once you get past the steep learning curve after a few turns it really comes to life. Definately needs a second play as you really have to optimise your strategy from turn one.

  23. We want run up the stairs back booooo!!

  24. Playing it this weekend and I'm looking forward to the chaos. I don't care if I win or lose, it'll be my first game so whatever, it'll just be a riot, I'm sure.

  25. The best thing is you can play a Chmip in this game and say things like "I Chimp Out", and fully realize your Chimp potential.

  26. Thank you for this delightful review! Insightful, thorough and funny as heck.

  27. "If you don't like chaos, then f-off and play something else." Such a refreshing reviewer! Subscribed.

  28. Going through the tutorial mission was a good idea. It gave you the chance to get familiar with the actions. I assume that this game changes alot depending on the number of players. When there were only a few players, Engineer was able to absolutely dominate and destroy the station quickly. Other characters did not have the actions to prevent it. With more players this dynamic probably changes. More people are trying to make sure that officers do not get to the bridge or close to the reactor.

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