Straight Flush Victory! | U.S. Poker Open -

Straight Flush Victory! | U.S. Poker Open

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Jesse Lonis took down Event #2 of the 2024 U.S. Poker Open with a straight flush!

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  1. What's the loser's rationale for going all in? I just don't get it

  2. Wait. How is that a brutal " cooler " when dude shoves he literally has a pair of 10's. Unfortunate yes, cooler no.

  3. I’m pretty sure that white hat is a women’s hat on one of those players not gonna judge though..

  4. To be fair it was all going in on that river anyway

  5. acting like they never seen a straight flush before 🤣

  6. A high number of middle east people marry their 1st cousin… bad IQ stats

  7. is zobian supposed to be a pro i hated every part of that

  8. Trying to bluff someone who has straight flush is suicide. 😂

  9. Terrible play by Q10. Fold to the 1.1 mil 4 bet

  10. Sees : straight flush
    Hears : All in

    Doesn't need to wake up!

  11. Loser even hit the Q high straight to make it hurt even more. Wow…

  12. Wow did Zobian looked like an absolute f'ng moron here. Probably the single worst line that I have ever seen a poker player try to put themselves on as far as I can be able to recall throughout history.

  13. I think commentary booth prefers a different kind of flush

  14. That guy lost as soon as he put on that headgear that day

  15. Imagine sitting there with a straight flush, knowing you're not gonna get action heads-up, and your opponent shoves into you😂

  16. In what world is that a cooler? The 9 7 had way more outs against a gut shot and 2 overs. After the flop the 9 7 has way better odds of winning. You don’t go all in there when the diamond comes. Terrible all in.

  17. "Unbelievable!!"
    Right after seeing it live…

  18. Even if he didn’t push the turn he woulda shoved the river.

  19. Should have went 1/4 of his chips at time turn, then all in. Would have gotten at least SOMETHING.

  20. The announcers act like they've never seen a straight flush before.

  21. That guy played that hand horrible
    Trying to bluff with nothing!

  22. Q10 doveva passare gia al flop ..fa un megaraise con l aria fritta sperando nel miracolo, è giusto che abbia perso

  23. Sickest part is he got there on the river whole drawing dead. 😂

  24. wouldn't consider that a cooler. That one dude only had a pair on the turn with options on the river sure.

  25. One guy has a giant condom on his head 🤦

  26. i have had only one straight flushhhhh in my life, but i have only been playing poker for 5 months 😊

  27. Serves him right for floating that reraise on the flop, you tried a bluff and got caught with your hand in the cookie jar, give up

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