Sullivan's Top 10 Board Games Of All Time -

Sullivan’s Top 10 Board Games Of All Time

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0:00 – #Intro
1:04 – #10 – Telestrations
US: // UK:
1:46 – #9 – Chinatown
US: // UK:
2:45 – #8 – 6 Nimmt
US: // UK:
3:36 – #7 – Mysterium
US: // UK:
4:41 – #6 – The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31
US: // UK:
5:44 – #5 – Whitehall Mystery
US: // UK:
6:39 – #4 – Shobu
US: // UK:
7:37 – #3 – Unmatched
US: // UK:
8:31 – #2 – Cosmic Encounter
US: // UK:
9:35 – #1 – Blood On The Clocktower

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  1. Sullivan is such a lovely boy. We all need a Sullivan as a friend

  2. How dare you disrespect the Chef like that? Chefs solve games!

  3. I've just found this channel. Immediately a Patreon and have watched 6 blood on the clocktower playthroughs already. Can't get enough!

  4. Great list to fill up mine. It's nice to see each and every one's favorite games, heading us to know this awesome community of No rolls barred a little better.

  5. Oh the suspense on which game is his favourite, whatever could it be, maybe its the one he plays once a month and was actually ranked as the best in the game? Nah that would be too obvious

  6. Need more of Cosmic Encounter from NRB✌

  7. The Problem with BotC is the fact, that you need Friends to play it. I dont have any Friends 😭

  8. I was so unprepared for the f-bomb in his bit on The Thing, I laughed out loud. Nicely done, Sullivan!

  9. "Number 3 – Cosmic Encounter" – this is why Sully needs a prompter to remind him of the lines (especially the number-based dialogue). He's such fun!

  10. Sully continues to be a better and greater addition. Very well made list, good games – some I haven't played but want to try and great jokes.

  11. A wonderful list from a wonderful baby boy.

  12. I feel the same way about Unmatched. I got introduced to it a couple months ago and I’m obsessed 🤩

  13. Omg Sullivan's list is great ! Like sully! Now waiting for Tom's, Jon's and the rest of the crew top games

  14. I absolutely love the facts that, for the ost part people are so loving and so supportive of the idea of having Sullivan making a list and the possibility of making more lists, almost no one is paying attention to the fact that Sullivan said number 3, when he should have said number 2 for cosmic encounters.

  15. Yes. More Sully. More lists. Why not some BotC specific lists, with his 10 favourite roles or something? 😀

  16. Very solid list. A+
    Excellent video, thanks Sully 🙂

  17. Damn, Sully is so amazingly funny man 🙂

  18. Please, World? We all need more Sullivan Beau Brown

  19. I agree with everything except Spurs are a much more likeable club to me

  20. More Sully? What do we have to do to convince them to let him keep making content.

  21. Great list, Great guy, Great reference to Grubby Little Mitts, Rosie and Sully’s Fringe Show I’m seeing, Today! 🎉😊

  22. Great list, Sully, loads of my favorites on here – Mysterium and Whitehall are always a good time.

  23. No need for the Tottenham dig mate, no need 🤣

    Great list though 👌

  24. Whitehall Mystery isn't actually about catching Jack the Ripper, it's about catching The Torso Murderer, a guy who dismembered his victim and left their body parts all over the city.

  25. Fantastic list, Sully! Your love for Unmatched has clinched it; you are officially my favorite member of NRB.

  26. It's always great to see sully but I think what I liked most here was that this didnt come off as "Presentator voice" not that silly didnt do great in his voice work, but this genuinely came off more as someone talking WITH you about an interest, as opposed to, talking TO you about a series of products, I dunno, I still like the informative tones of Adam and laurie who've clearly been doing this list thing awhile, but there is something about just hearing some just talk in their natural flow of voice

  27. Turns out Sully is actually Mr McMahon character. Pretends he is just some run of mill low level character but is secretly the person calling the shots… he has been telling Adam what games to play…

  28. I'm not the only one who bloody loves sully.

  29. Now the question is… what are Sock Sullivan's favourite 10 games?!

  30. I love this he’s so funny . Really enjoyed watching this video .

  31. Bloody good list Sully. One day I look forward to playing BOTCT but one thing you are so wrong wrong wrong about is Tottenham are so much better than Chelsea not the other way round silly!!! COYS!

  32. The new The Thing board game combines what made Outpost 31 so good and added so much more chewy mechanics. Check it out

  33. Sullivan. You'll probably never read this, but it's 2am, I'm drunk on Jameson's, and learning that our game is your favourite of all time has made me happier than a pig in poop!

  34. I remember Sully making his debut on Quizzlemania, now's he's hosting his own lists. More Sully in the future lets go!

  35. Not even a minute in and I'm cracking up. Thank you Sullivan.

  36. Sully You are The best med my Day all bette

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