Sullivan's Top 10 Board Games Of All Time -

Sullivan’s Top 10 Board Games Of All Time

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0:00 – #Intro
1:04 – #10 – Telestrations
US: // UK:
1:46 – #9 – Chinatown
US: // UK:
2:45 – #8 – 6 Nimmt
US: // UK:
3:36 – #7 – Mysterium
US: // UK:
4:41 – #6 – The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31
US: // UK:
5:44 – #5 – Whitehall Mystery
US: // UK:
6:39 – #4 – Shobu
US: // UK:
7:37 – #3 – Unmatched
US: // UK:
8:31 – #2 – Cosmic Encounter
US: // UK:
9:35 – #1 – Blood On The Clocktower

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  1. Great list Sully! Mine is very similar, but Everdell is my number 1 currently! 🙂

  2. Loved this video! Also I once did a game of clocktower where I forgot what script I was on and bluffed as something from a different script, but like sully said, every game is the best 🙂

  3. Please more lists with Sully!
    He is such a fun personality,
    And is always effortlessly funny and adorable.

  4. Beautifully done, Sullivan! Look forward to more lists from you.

  5. Sully has such a good voice, more lists with him

  6. I recently watched the Adam, Laurie, and Luke best 10 board games lists and thought we need some of these from the other cast and characters on the channel

  7. More of these please, more of sullivan doing a list, explaining the rules or hell just more sullivan please and thank you

  8. Finally, someone sticks BoTC on their list

  9. I wouldn't be mad if this channel became 'No Sullivans Barred'.

  10. What’s this, a Sullivan list? Thanks for the early birthday present! 😁 Also very stoked to see The Thing on his list when it hasn’t even been played on the channel. As if I needed any more reasons to love him!

  11. Sullivan! You're my favorite person on NRB it wouldn't be the same without you. Nice list.

  12. Good for you Sully! Love NRB, always great content that always makes you want more.

  13. Awesome list Sully! All these good videos make me wish that if I got any of these games I would have someone to play them with.

  14. I really like Sullivan emerging as a new voice on NRB, I really love what you guys have been doing 🙂

  15. Watching this just after I watched Sully and Rosies show at Brighton. An unrelentingly charming man

    EDIT: 7:59 He said grubby little mitts!!!

  16. Now that Sully has stolen Adam's List series from him, we're one one step closer to Sully's twist on Board Game Cosplay that was previously teased on the Pandemic episode of Board Game Club last year.

    It was around half an hour into the episode and based on his ideas, he should be supervised by medical professionals if he does attempt it.

  17. So happy Sully is more involved. COME ON CHELSEA 💙

  18. Anyone else get Mark from peepshow vibes slipping in and out of Sullys monologue

  19. Sully is the best boi.. also just come back from Brighton and saw Him, John and Rosie after “Nichols & Brown: Gubby Little Mits”

  20. A fine addition to the collection. Who's next to share their top tens? Blair? Tom? Rosie? Dom's is sure to be a riot.

  21. I really wanna get Blood On the Clocktower for me and my friends to play. it looks like such a joy to play. Such a maddingly frustrating joy.

  22. Yay! Love that Sully is a full-time member of the team now across all the channels, and doing more things, like this list video. He’s genuinely the most delightful dude.

  23. There's a game releasing call Eleven: Football Manager Board Game. I hope you can try it one day Sullivan

  24. I know Sullivan can’t read, but I wonder how he feels about Liverpool beating Chelsea 6-5 in penalties to win the FA Cup? Or how he felt when Liverpool defeated Chelsea 11-10 to win the EFL Cup? To be fair though, Chelsea has been doing terribly lately, losing to Arsenal and Leicester City in 2020 and 2021 respectively in the FA Cup final.

  25. I could listen to sully for days. Happy to see him on more videos

  26. Telestrations, Unmatched, and Blood On The Clocktower – enthusiastic thumbs up! Chinatown is pretty good, but I haven't played the others. Shobu looks good. My favorites also include Just One, Lost Ruins Of Arnak w/ expansion, Night Of The Ninja, Camel Up, Arboretum, Castles Of Mad King Ludwig, Pente, and the original Libertalia.

  27. One of my all time favorites is a port of a Japanese game called "Shadow Hunters". It's a deduction game with a combat element. In my experience somehow it's because my go-to for bringing new people into board gaming that may not have been previously. I would love to see you guys play it on the channel

  28. "Love WINS again!!" is one of my favorite quotes from this entire channel as I picture Sullivan's horrible alien bride sending a bombing run to her new husband's planet.

  29. Of course we need more lists with Sully. He could list his favourite cereal brands for what I care and still I'd watch it right away

  30. I can never find Cosmic Encounter, I found CE: Duel… But I'm wondering if it's worth a look

  31. … I need more Sullivan lists.

    And then maybe a couple more.

    And then, if they stop, I’ll unsubscribe.

  32. Fun video. New subscriber here. Cosmic encounter was one of my gateway games. Wonderful game I fully agree

  33. And sorry for the second comment, but if you’re looking for a game uniquely badass and meant for families with kids 6+, do Dragonwood.

  34. Absolutely love Sullivan's chaotic energy. Great job and great list!

  35. Really refreshing to have Sullivan do a list! Would absolutely love to see him do more! 😁😁

  36. Great list and vid, Sully! My comment made the video too! LOL!

  37. Wow I think I'm having whatculture flashbacks with how this video is setup.

  38. Has Infection at Outpost 31 been played on this channel? I love The Thing and I love hidden role games so I’ve always been interested in giving it a go. I’d love to see these guys show us how to play (or how not to play)

    I hear there’s also a new version just called The Thing that may or may not be even better?

  39. Sully vs Adam in a Lists on a pole match, BOOK IT OLI!

  40. Great list. I hope Adam let's Sully make more of these

  41. 8:29 Sully wasn't kidding when he said he can't read, he can't even read numbers!

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