Survive the Giant Trap Door Board Game! -

Survive the Giant Trap Door Board Game!

Team Edge
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Hey guys! In this video, Joey, Bryan, Jake, and Jeff face off atop a GIANT board game with hidden trap doors – last man standing wins the game! With challenges, perks, and punishments on each space, who will be spared from pealing fruit with their teeth? Comment down below with who you think will come out on top!

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Welcome to Team Edge!
Here’s 3 things we love!
-We love spending time with each other, creating crazy competitions, and having fun doing it! Thats all you’ll see on this channel every Tuesday and Friday!
-We love Jesus and believe it’s our purpose here on earth to spread the good news that he has saved us from our sins. Because we love Him, it’s our mission to provide family friendly content that glorifies Him!
-We love you. We hope you’ll be part of Team Edge and join us for the ride!

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  1. You can see the hinges on the ones that drop

  2. legend has it that joey is still being tormented with the stick

  3. I love these Team Edge videos, when they make GIANT board games. They are so fun to watch.

  4. Never discuss the rules I would of gave my turn to bryan there for he get a second chance

  5. Since I miss Bobby, I’m gonna buy a sushi burrito.

  6. No Bobby… :(. But I love these board game videos! Can you do more?

  7. Joey you getting the punishments just like Bobby did when you guys played that Edge Land game

  8. its definitely sad without bobby and we hope he would not get hurt or seriously get injured on his new journey

  9. I love bobby so muchhhh!!! He was my moms and my brothers favorite cant belive he's gone! He made me almost pee my pants like no joke. Although I'm happy for him, he needs some time with his family. We will always love you bobby 🙂 💕

  10. I already miss bobby so much, I always loved how he would always mess up on his line in the begining. I will miss you Boberto.

  11. ngl i thought the new guy was a girl until he spoke lmao

  12. Cam gets to annoy you with a branch might be my favorite punishment ever.

  13. I can see the hinges of the ones that fall lol but it's still funny

  14. you guys need to make a best of bobby playlist

  15. Already miss Bobby but love dangie jeff and video is still awesome

  16. Joey taking a bit of donut?!?!, but the hypoglycemia!!!! Hehehehe

  17. I don’t wanna be mean, but the haiku was not a haiku

  18. Y’all never fail to impress me with your guys ideas

  19. Day 143 of asking Team Edge to bring back the team edge intro, & unprivate the throwback/quarantine week videos.

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