SURVIVE this Extreme BOARD GAME Challenge w/ Fun Mini Games Battles IRL -

SURVIVE this Extreme BOARD GAME Challenge w/ Fun Mini Games Battles IRL

Vy Qwaint
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After Chad Wild Clay made “My NEW HOUSE is HUGE… but there’s one problem”, Vy Qwaint created “TRAPPED in a SCHOOL and Spying on Hackers”, Daniel Gizmo uploaded “This YARD SALE is SELLING MY STOLEN STUFF!”, the Safe House has been taken over by PZ9 and his hackers! Now The Spy Ninjas won the warehouse from Agent Peters and they want to convert the warehouse into the new Spy Ninja Training Center! But the Spy Ninjas can’t agree on what the first floor should be. Chad wants to make the warehouse into a trampoline park, Daniel wants to make it into a Gizmo lab full of gadgets and gizmos, Vy wants to make a playground, Alie wants to make a rock climbing wall and Agent Peters refuses to give them the keys to the building. To make things fair and square, Vy invites the Spy Ninjas, Alie and Agent Peters to play the world’s largest boardgame in real life to compete for the right to decide what to make the warehouse into and to get the keys from Peters. They compete in challenges and suffer punishments like water balloon fights, huge hamster ball wars, prank calls and more. Who do you think will win? Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog video in 2022!

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  1. Hello spy ninjas I love your videos I have got you spy ninja box 😇😇😇😍😍 I hope your okay 😇😇😇

  2. Daniel is so funny lol
    🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 Regina is trying to do something with the pod it’s working and I hope you guys are okay ✅😘😘😘

  3. I like vy idea because lm shot like vy

  4. I love football ⚽️ I live in the 🇬🇧

  5. Ily guys and I danced mambo number 5 in front of 150 ppl

  6. i have a thought it may be wrong dont argue about it chad and vy but i think chad made a weird eye contact at alie

  7. I love the spy ninja videos they ate awesome

  8. I love all your videos when I was 4 I started watching you now am 8 and I watched all your videos and never missed them this is a question: where would you sleep if you had no house or the warehouse/spy ninjas head quarters I love you all and I love all you videos chad my birthday month is march

  9. Charls Benedick Lagua Love You Regina Ginera Like Daniel Gizmo Melvin Ginera Bro 😎

  10. Spy ninjas I live in Perth which is in Australia can you please come to Perth I would really appreciate that

  11. Spy ninjas can you please please put me in a shout out

  12. Is someone know alie can speak Philippines number

  13. You should make a jail cell with escape spaces and have clothes on it to try and escape like another scape room

  14. Dude Peters is rude to Alie

  15. hey spy ninjas I love u by. the way I watched u since u got married

  16. hey by the way i found out that you pretended that it was a McDonald's person but it sounded a bit like alie

  17. Me: if it was me who won I would put everything the spy ninjas like exept for agent peters things
    Chad: we’ll put everything so climbing walls gadgets trampoline and Vy stuff ( lol I can’t put vas thing bc it turns up as pancake)

    Love you guys❤️

  18. I think you guys should have a room of gadgets and another room of a trampoline place and then arcade games 🕹 I’ve also been a fan for 4+ years

  19. Hey chad Vy and Daniel sorry I was late for the video

  20. Your video are so great and wonderful 💖🙂😆❤

  21. You guys are bad people you almost killed pz9

  22. My79 year old grandpa like watching your videos

  23. They're not bad people k they did it for a reason to protect the spy ninjas

  24. the mcdonalds person sounds very familiar i wonder who it is hmmm…

  25. This question is for chad if you could choose someone to come back to the spy ninjas who would it be

  26. Hi guys I think all your ideas are amazing couldn't you combine all your ideas together

  27. SPY NINJAS DANIEL VY CHAD READ THIS OH AND YOU TOO REGINA: Hey spy ninjas I think I know information on what the briefcase and the pod are doing to stop your tour and overall make PZ9 and Zorgo the winning team you need to stop them now they are destroying the wifi and it's happening quickly and if you don't stop them you won't be able to make any videos Go on tour ect. No wifi=no tour website=no fans at tour=no tour=no spy ninjas

  28. I’m happy there freinds. Now with peters

  29. You should actually build a comfy bed for chad and vy,they didn’t have a room in so long,and make a gaming room,you could make balconies,and things like that,so maybe a comfy and cool house,like a little adult room that’s pink for vy,and an all red room for chad,an all blue room for Daniel,an all yellow room for Regina,if she comes back,and an all green room for Melvin if he comes back to the spy ninjas,and make a very comfy living room for all the spy ninjas!!thank you for your time,I hope you can respond! 😉

  30. And maybe a pool with rainbow lighting!!

  31. Spy ninjas upload schedule: Wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, Sunday.

  32. I Fell Bad For Peters Even his not a Evil person I still fell Bad because he kept getting roasted by the spy ninjas I'm not being Rude

  33. You should have pranked called regina and said you wanted to join project zorgo

  34. I wish I could go to the live but I live in Ireland 🇮🇪 😢

  35. That looks so fun You guys are amazing and WE ARE THE SPY NINJAS and I love your video’s soo much💞🦋

  36. Hey Chad I like Spider-Man 2 Iron big fan on YouTube and look I have a Ninja Turtle blanket I don't know but you can come to my place and I don't know but maybe show this to Allyson Street it's in house number one and bring the doorbell the first one please book out of your biggest fan I saw your first video

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