Table/Board Games in How I Met Your Mother -

Table/Board Games in How I Met Your Mother

Oscar Stinson
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  1. 0:17 The boy is so strong, he didn't even have to slap the girl, in order for the girl to feel pain.

  2. Day 74 of telling Oscar that I love him more than Lily's dad (and Marshall) love board games

  3. I feel like we have been playing diseases for a year.

  4. Hi Oscar ur my fav himym YouTube

  5. Oscar Stinson is Legend wait for it dary…..

  6. The Atlantic city chinese guys casino game deserves it's own casino .

  7. must say chris elliot does make a good creepy disgusting guy

  8. If Mickey was a good father to Lily and they kept in touch well into adulthood I feel that Marshall would be good friends with him from the start of his relationship with Lily.

  9. I love how Marshall laughs at Lily’s dad Diseases joke and then just turn back serious like he pretended the laugh.

  10. Missed Robin bringing battleship. 😛

  11. "You're bluffing robot man…"- sadly Ranjit was not aware Marshall was invincible in board games.

  12. What episode was that when Mickey found that lily was pregnant?

  13. you should do a video with all of the iconic moments, like the clips that they always reference and pan back to. y’know like ‘i think i’m in love with you’, Marshall shaving his head, murder train, the goat. i think a compilation of these would be, dare i say, legendary

  14. I always look forward to your edit at the end of the video, such a unique and creative idea!

  15. pets and animals of himym? like Tugboat and all the dogs that loved Lily's paintings lol

  16. Video suggestion-Whole Barney backstory

  17. 0:33 As a Mexican, i laugh cause in Mexico city its ACTUALLY a thing, yeah the car batery. pov: you are eating in the street with friends and a guy with a stolen car battery pases to offer electrocutate… and the one of the group who resist longer wins….
    What? Nothing, just be the """"coolest"""" guy on the table.
    Sounds stupid… but thats my country 😅😂😂😂

  18. I like how those casino guys are speaking Cantonese and Barney is speaking Mandarin lol

  19. All the episodes with Lily's father are the worst

  20. "We built chip city" hahaha Classic schmosby.

  21. What about Lilyal Pursuit, where Amanda (Ted's skunk) had to guess Lily's favorite color on her birthday? xD

  22. 00:02:38
    You know butterfly knife, I’d expect this from face tattoo or jagged cheek scar, or Larry but not you

  23. Why don’t you do the whole origin story of Ted’s boots?

  24. thanks to Cultural Toast and Oscar for this video.

  25. I love how Barney is the only one getting Marshgammon

  26. 2.45 Translation: Everyone sit I am going to Rob this IDOT later.

  27. What about in 4×13 when Ted has a flashback to the time he and Barney came up with an idea to buy a bar while they were playing Monopoly

  28. I just noticed that both casino scenes they're playing the same game.
    When they went to AC to marry; Marshall was the only one to understand how to game is played.
    When they went to AC as a 'vacation away' and then Lily went into labor; they're playing the same game.

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