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Monopoly, ruining friendships since 1935
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  1. To make a Pokémon deck u need to have 60 cards u need 10 player cards 10 item cards and if u don’t have unuf energy’s then u can’t attack

  2. What is this insane monopoly madness

  3. I actually know how to play Pokémon and you can buy decks with 2 main types
    It’s actually pretty fun

  4. Wait, so now Ik where that tiktok sound came from😂😂

  5. The game sorry in Hungarian is “ki nevet a végen” which literally means who laughs at the end, odd translation but ok😂

  6. The fact that his gf likes snakes is hilarious

  7. 3:47 what I tell my friend when he does something stupid to me

  8. "and if you loose….. Cut them out of your life forever 1010

  9. its crazy to think that one of my favorite memes came from this single video

  10. ummm James…. The captain part he has no sunglasses and then has them on weird…….

  11. I know how to play Pokemon I can teach you….

  12. looking at this 3 years later. i realize that none of the pieces on the board where in jail tile i know this is a funny animation but THERE WAS NOT EVEN 4 PIECES FOUR THE 4 PEOPLE PLAYING THE GAME

  13. I will challenge you James for chess boxing

  14. "And if they beat you, *gasp, cUT tHeM oUt oF YOuR LiFE fOreVeR👿"

  15. Where is your dad in all of this (sorry if it’s rude)

  16. Baby: mommy why is brother screaming
    Mom: shut the f**k up sally
    Me: 😂😂😂

  17. The green pig keeps disappearing when switched angles At the start of the video

  18. When my fam plays monopoly im in WW3😅

  19. i have one rare pokemon card i do not know how to play

  20. As I have had monopoly for 4 years, I can confirm that the intro is exactly what happens

  21. I know how to play pokemon cards and im pretty good at it

  22. The Game of life is stressful so is jenga

  23. Eh, I dunno, I'm pretty sure that my levels of cringe levels are higher than the levels of global warming melting the ice caps.

  24. You might think that's the best buy take it to the rainbow rare shiny Charizard and the rainbow rare shiny charizard GX rainbow rare shiny charizard has $3 but the rainbow rare shiny charizard GX is $500 so I'd say by the regular rainbow rare shiny Charizard

  25. Am I the only one that don’t have a game night

  26. Family game night can be terrifying, but the best part is that you’ll “always” get along

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