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Teaching a Board Game: ChatGPT vs. Human

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2 people learn Brass Birmingham, in 2 different ways! One will be taught by the AI chatbot ChatGPT, while the other will be taught by a board game reviewer. Then they will both play this #1 board game on BGG, to see how well they understand the mechanics and strategy. Will a computer be able to parse a rulebook enough to teach a non-board gamer a complex Euro? Or will it fail to explain anything without diagrams or the human touch? Will they even enjoy this top game on boardgamegeek?

We used BoardGameChat for this video, which is ChatGPT fed popular board games’ rules!

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Table of Contents:
Intro – (0:00)
The Non-Board Gamers – (1:07)
The Teach – (1:49)
Post-Teach Interviews – (7:11)
The Victims’ Thoughts – (12:18)
Planet Trade – (14:02)
Final Takeaways – (14:37)

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  1. What a cool idea for a video : ) I hope you guys are doing well!

  2. "How do I consume the beer if I don't have a key to shotgun the can"

    Easy, just find a screwdriver or a pocketknife instead 🙂

  3. Interesting video, didn't think about using Chatbots for learning board games. I believe ChatGPT vs. Rulebook would be a fairer comparison, it's hard to beat an experienced gamer with patience as a teacher. Otherwise, AI is progressing so fast, maybe it'll be an alternative sooner than later…

  4. I think maybe the chat bot is sometimes referring to an older version of Brass, with the "coal market beside the board type" mistakes.

  5. Interesting video! I think the ability for you to specifically point to components helps a lot, so I would be curious to see a comparison between chatGPT and you teaching the rules over the phone maybe? 😂

  6. TheDrotUA Настільні ігри українською says:

    The moments when he tries to ask ChatGPT something are amazing!

  7. Brass Birmingham was my first instructional video, bc I love this game and really wanted to make it easy to learn for others. Unfortunately it's totally useless if you don't understand german 😛

  8. I'd like to see what's to play against a capable AI and and not just some bot

  9. What an awesome video! I appreciate the effort you guys put forth to try something different. I think the board game enthusiast side of YouTube could use more innovative ideas like this.

  10. That mention of Rodney Smith was great comic timing!

  11. You can't play Brass with chatgpt. It gets confused even with much simpler games, and besides, it likes to break the rules and cheat.

  12. This was a cool idea to try out. I felt so bad for Adam!

  13. This is the most entertaining thing I've ever seen chatgpt used for I'm so here for this LOL

  14. I think this tool will be useful for quick rules referencing but not for learning the game. Just read the rule book.

  15. The canals always looked like some blue spiny dial to me.

  16. I would recommend with any teach, just explain the goal, the basics and rest as you go. 17-21mins before playing is bit overkill.

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