Ten important news of the board games industry from 2021 | BOARD GAMES VLOG 15 #boardgames - cutlassboardgame.com

Ten important news of the board games industry from 2021 | BOARD GAMES VLOG 15 #boardgames

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It’s time to summarry board games news from 2021! For sure that year gives us a lot of information about our board games industry!

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  1. It's crazy to think that Gamefound has only been crowd funding games for 1 year! It already feels like a staple of our hobby. Congrats to them and I wish the all the success for 2022

  2. Ignacy, I always looked forward to your Monday afternoon livestreams. Please do them again.

  3. I appreciate how informative your videos are.

  4. Great content, hoping that you continue even after you finish your countdown!

  5. As for the the statement of competing against bigger companies I have an opinion. There will always be fans that respect and appreciate smaller companies. I bought a copy of Imperial settlers nearly 3 years ago and have been looking forward to playing another one of your games. I recently bought Detective: A modern crime board game and was immediately hooked (as a student of forensic science I love it even more, you really did capture the actual feel of the job field). Because I was hooked after the first case I now have every game in the detective series apart from the Petty Officers expansion as Its currently out of stock! Keep making these absolutely stellar games! I couldn't be happier with every one I own.

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