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Ten of the Best, New*, Small-Box Boardgames!

Shut Up & Sit Down
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0:00 Oooo… This looks like a VERY fun video!
1:56 Spots
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4:12 For Sale
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6:42 Yokai Septet
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8:13 Hungry Monkey
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10:11 Twilight Inscription
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12:01 Worldbreakers
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13:57 Voyages & Aquamarine
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16:05 Trek 12
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18:04 Trailblazers
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20:14 For the Queen
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22:34 What have YOU learned?



  1. I laughed Soo hard great video but why the hate on Twilight Inscription haha, we love this game so much in my group 😅

    Anyway thanks for the laugh

  2. Tom! Have you played Hadrians Wall, is it good?
    Also, do you have other music gear like the Model:Cycles? What do you use it for?

  3. This video was hilarious! Tom and Quinns' chemistry is really growing. I honestly spent the whole video laughing.

  4. I thought the energy from the "Oath" review could not be replicated. But Tom really do be like that all the time.

    Good stuff. Keep it up.

  5. Fun, chaotic, and enjoyable as usual, thanks!

  6. I love the chemistry between you guys. Including the parts in which the chemistry is nitroglycerin

  7. I think we needed one millisecond of Quinns screaming in a dungeon at the very end of the video, but otherwise a perfect video. Spots is the one I wound up wanting the most. For Sale is already in my collection, and I love it. Also, I dislike Magic the Gathering and Worldbreakers looks boring to me, but I LOVE Radlands. So what does it all mean? Something very, very significant, for sure. Absolutely.

  8. I thought the tone of this was weird, like you were playing parody versions of yourselves but sufficiently close parody versions that it felt deep in the uncanny valley. Please let this be an experiment that you don't repeat.

  9. Is the for sale a new edition? The cover looks different

  10. I know without looking it's already been mentioned, but I've just rewatched the Twilight Inscription bit and it's my current favourite thing thank you SHUT UP & SIT. DOWN. and tom

  11. 1:16 you're editing your videos with DaVinci Resolve! respect!

  12. Tom and Quinns are my absolutely favourite duo of the show. I also didn't know Tom was so young!

  13. I'd like to listen to the podcast you keep spruiking and it would be so much easier for me if you stuck it on YouTube, even if with a static splash image

  14. One of the best reviews I have watched on the channel.

  15. I never see Matt and Quinns together anymore 💔 did something happen?

  16. That. Was. Gold.

    Great work. Really great stuff. 🎉

  17. I was expecting the air horn again at the end, but the psychological horror element being open ended is definitely more threatening

  18. I'm here for the expanded Tom & Quinn Cinematic Universe lore

  19. Not available now, how to be ten of the best? 😅

  20. I actually really love the Ketchup Mouthwash game, but can see how its not for everyone. Great vid lads

  21. Your interaction with each other in this video was really fun to watch, and the games look great!

  22. Tom does it again. This one has a Peter Serafinowic sketch show energy

  23. Always such a delight 😀 thank you so much <3

  24. Where do I find that jazz cat t-shirt? I need it!

  25. As a Brit i feel like Shithead was the first card game everyone learns (after snap…and cheat) i remember people having to write a little cheat sheet of the cards and their powers for new players. And people arguing over the difference between 2&3. Ahh Times. My dad still refuses to understand it for some reason.

  26. Spots is great! Hope more people discover it. Perfect to play with anyone from 5-99.

  27. Hmm, some games are worth another look, unlike this video.😢

  28. This was such a brilliant video. It made me laugh out loud so many times and made me want to buy so many games. Love this channel!

  29. First revolutionary then Napoleonic and finally civic right?

  30. I would add in Scout. It's really good.

  31. I don't see the appeal of buying a game like Hungry Monkey when you can buy a normal deck of cards and play the same game, plus hundreds more. (Also, I thought that was one of the basic first games you learn to play with cards.)

  32. Great chemistry on screen. ❤
    As an old man in my gaming group myself, I can relate to Quinn's mocking the youngster Tom. 😂

  33. I have the same headphones as Editor Tom and want to say he is a classy guy and Video Tom and Video Quintin could learn a lot from him.

  34. Ten* of the Best*, New*, Small-Box* Boardgames!

  35. This was great! Definitely gave me several games to keep an eye out for.

  36. i get the vibe that Quinns would really like the Gmless, worldbuilding RPGs Microscope by Ben Robbins or im sorry did you say street magic by Caro Asercion

  37. Played Yokai Septet at Dice Tower West. It was awesome!

  38. Henceforth, all hotness will be measured against the standard of Quintin "Regulation Hottie" Smith

  39. Twillight Inscription is not great?… Yes tell me more about how great your favorite brown boring euro game is instead

  40. The new dynamic is so out of balance for me, it's not like Quinns and Matt used to be. Quinns is at his best when he is enthusiastic and confidently quirky or serious about a game, seeing him constantly put down as the sad clown or weirdo is just depressing and makes me cringe. And I don't know why everyone is going crazy for Tom, his brazen randomness has just become tiring and distracting to me, even though I see his good qualities. I used to savour and rewatch SUSD videos, these days I often don't even finish them. Do with that what you like, the channel obviously has lots of fans of this style and I hope that means the team is succesful, even if it has turned me off. It sucks having to write such a bitter message, please feel free to ignore it, if you feel differently. I wish everyone happy boardgaming, nonetheless! 😉

  41. I assume Tom does all of the video editing. I can imagine it is a thankless part of this job. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you Tom. I love your little gags. Keep it up!

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