The 10 Best 2 Player Games - with @Board Game Spotlight -

The 10 Best 2 Player Games – with @Board Game Spotlight

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Time Stamps:
00:00 – Introduction
01:10 – Who is Board Game Spotlight?
02:50 – Dice Throne
05:00 – Duelosaur Island
07:02 – Unmatched – Buffy the Vampire Slayer
09:27 – Imhotep
11:20 – Watergate
14:00 – Scarlet Pimpernel
16:40 – Undaunted
19:10 – Kohaku
21:46 – Star Wars Rebellion
26:20 – Orléans
28:39 – Wrap Up

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  1. Funny, My copy of Orleans look just like yours. Need an Orleans bog box upgrade. One of my favorite 2 player is 7 Wonders duel and Targi. Quick and fun.

  2. Hmmm, this list is way off mine. Just to mention a few.
    Mandala, oh my goods, castles of burgundy, gloomhaven.

  3. Dice Throne is so great. and yeah, Adventures takes it over the top.

  4. I play rebellion with 4 and I actually prefer that. Excellent game wish I can get this to the table more

  5. Great watch! Need to try Dice Throne sooooon! 🙂

  6. Finally in Illinois! Come play with me and my collection too! 😃

  7. Second 2-player only games list in two days. Awesome. We have a large 2-player only subsection, a few still to be played, and it's hard to narrow down. But our favourites are:


  8. Undaunted has layers you just don't know until you drive deeper and deeper. Amazing game, amazing.

  9. Much different list than most, lots of games I don't always see on the list.
    Love that Watergate and Rebellion made the list. Both are so great.
    Never seen that cover of Watergate, only the shattered glass version.

  10. Of COURSE the Funkhousers are celebrities! And so are you!

  11. Dice Throne 👍😁
    Dice Throne Adventures 👎😕
    (I have the all in from the KS, and DTA was not for me, at all. Beastie Geeks have a good review for it that I pretty much agreed 100% with. That said, some people love DTA, so maybe you’re one of them.)

  12. Quack! So fun to see y'all collaborating together.

  13. Dice Throne and Undaunted are in my top ten also.

  14. "This game is not apologetic for being 2 player" that perfectly describes Targi… also produced by Kosmos. And perhaps the GREATEST strictly-2-player game of all time!!! 😀 For shame it didn't make this list!! 😀 haha

  15. I own Scarlet Pimpernel but haven't played it! Seems like I need to pull this out.

  16. My GF and I bought the Buffy Unmatched set, and after one night of playing that we went to our FLGS and bought every other set…it is our obsession now haha.

  17. I'm planning to pick up my first Unmatched set when they release the Marvel ones later (finally a theme I like!). Dice throne is something I definitely need to give a shot

  18. Haha my first thought after the initial intro have a toddler running around…I hope someone's with them! (Such a parent comment!)

  19. Excellent list! Also really enjoyed the back and forth banter in the video haha

  20. Wait. Scarlet is not a 2p only game. It plays amazing at 5-6. We didn’t like it with only 2.
    Really good game though

  21. I found it interesting that the list heads to competitive games where I tend to look at cooperative when i think 2 player. Our current favourites being Arham horror LCG and Micro macro crime city. We are about to launch into destinies which I guess is a bit competitive but not really head to head. I suppose coop evens out gaming experience and skills a little (and avoids family falling out lol)

  22. Great collaboration! I've only played Imhotep: The Duel from this list, but my wife & I play 2-player 90% of the time so it was great to hear why you liked these games. I also subscribed to Board Game Spotlight today! Thanks!

  23. With Orleans, I couldn't tolerate the lid lift.

  24. Dice Throne is my pick for what you need to get as a 2p game also.

    My other favorites are: Dual Powers – Shards of Infinity – Fluttering Souls – Lost Cities – 7 Wonders Duel

  25. I was cracking up with the "I still have the child guys."

  26. This was interesting, very different list from others I have seen. Will give a try to a few of these games. I would suggest Hanamikoji

  27. Enjoyed Dice Throne and Unmatched. But for something longer with more depth: Judgement Eternal Champions

  28. Fun video. I haven't played Scarlet Pimpernel but the book and movie are favorites, so might have to try the game.

  29. What are they using for a playmat rack against the wall? It looks awesome, I’ve been trying to figure out a good solution for all of mine as of late.

  30. Thanks for the content.

    Some constructive criticism. Many of the games you talked about you didn’t really talk about what the games are, you just told me you like them because they are like another game, or you like a little mechanic in them, but failed to tell me what the essential of the game is.

    Anyways thanks again for the content.

  31. We love Orleans Invasion, because it is a great co-op.

  32. On the question of if Watergate is for new players, in my experience the theme has been a big boon. I have a family member who isn't a big board gamer, but is a Watergate nerd. It took a lttle bit for the rules to click, but we played 3 games in an afternoon. They refused to play Nixon for personal reasons but it was a great time. I definitely agree with swapping if possible, but you can definitely get a feel for the powers of the other role even without swapping. For experienced gamers, the more you play, the more metagaming comes into play. It becomes a game of learning your opponent's patterns and predicting their plans. It's built around this amazing theme in which the Nixon player doesn't feel bad for being ruthless and conniving because they're both playing the character of Nixon and everything about the game forces them to be ruthless and conniving. And the journalist, as you said, is frantically trying to outthink Nixon. It's just such an amazing tie between theme and gameplay/gamefeel and it's a game that rewards a lot of experience because it is always about beating your opponent. Cannot stress enough how much I enjoy this game when in the mood to be ruthless.

  33. While casually watching this vid and browsing the background i think: wait a minute. What is this Lawyer Up doing there? I got mine just 5 days ago. How old is this video? I thought this would be some months old. Seems like it isn't. 🙂 Great content, keep going.

  34. Amazing stuff! We've glad you enjoyed Undaunted. We're looking forward to hearing what you think about Undaunted: Reinforcements (which mixes Normandy and North Africa!) later this year…

  35. Imohotep duel I heard a friend saying that its possible to going for one thing and that other person countering that one thing. I prefear the original Imohotep, its much prettier and interesting.

  36. Love the energy. If you haven't tried Wir Sind Das Volk as a 2p game… Highly recommend it. I prefer it to Twilight struggle.. Which it's kind of an evolution of… No wargames on your radar, but I also give a nod to Hammer of the Scots (see my avatar) and most any Commands and Colors games as terrific low complexity H2H classics. See Commands n Colors Ancients or Battlelore 2ed or CnC Samurai Battles, there's lots of different settings

  37. Have not seen them on board game spotlight before … gonna check them out for sure … great video …. Love every game on the list

  38. Yeah, Star Wars: Rebellion is a two-player game… don't listen to the box that says it can play four. 😉

  39. No Targi? Destinies is also GREAT at 2 (though 3 is best).

  40. Haha! In the first 5 seconds of the video I realized who’s gonna feel awkward like a third wheel for the next 30 minutes!

  41. Audio needs work; not a good room for it.

  42. Do you play Rebellion with the expansion? I've heard it greatly improves the base game's combat.

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