The 10 Hottest Games Right Now 🔥 - Dec 2022 -

The 10 Hottest Games Right Now 🔥 – Dec 2022

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Time Stamps
1:08 – Undaunted: Stalingrad
2:46 – Dune: Imperium
4:19 – Flame Craft
6:04 – Endless Winter
7:55 – Frosthaven
9:27 – Ark Nova
10:39 – Heat: Pedal to the Metal
12:07 – Aeon Trespass: Odyssey
13:55 – Pax Hispanica
15:12 – My Lil’ Everdell


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  1. New subscriber. Parents be like I got you this game my lil everdell your going to love it 😀kids be like eh no thanks . Parents , that’s ok I really bought it for me. Gloomhaven series so high how. Not that fun and really long. Ark nova. Please trade me a game for this overly long and overly hyped game people probably already are barely talking about anymore. Endless winter and flamecraft easy must haves. Some of these other games on the hotness seriously wonder how they get up there especially when thier not even released in Northern America. Not trying to sound negative just realistic with how some of these lists are generated . Thanks for highlighting them. 😀

  2. Monolith Acquires Reichbusters and Solomon Kane from Mythic Games.

  3. lol agree with the box for Aeon Trespass. Not sure what they were thinking. Lol Could be a future contender for worst box covers in a Dice tower video. Very excited to play the game though! It’s been my number two most anticipated game for years now!

  4. ATO and Frosthaven are two I really really wish I had backed right now..

  5. Haven't gotten my copies of Frosthaven or Aeon Tresspas yet. Excited to get them, but going have to wait to play them.

  6. Regarding Aeon Trespass's "ugliest box" title. You'll have to pit it against "The Sator Box" (Black Rose Wars) and "The Ice Box" (Frostpunk).

  7. Hi! F1 board game Pole Position is now in Kickstarter…can you tell us something about this game? Looks awesome!

  8. My friend is receiving his copy of Frosthaven today. I'm not sure I have it in me to commit to another epic campaign like that. After spending the better part of 2019 playing through the entire Gloomhaven campaign, I couldn't wait for it to end. I think I prefer playing a different game at almost every session, rather than getting engrossed in just one game. I regret not following through with my pledge for Endless Winter. That game looks perfect for me. Great video!

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